DJ Pirupa remixes Lifeline

Added on Thursday 06 January 2011, 21:49 (GMT)

Thanks to 'Fresh Era' for posting this comment on the previous news item...  Italian DJ/Producer Pirupa has announced on his Facebook page that his 'Pirupa Deadline Remix' of Lifeline is to be released by Universal.

Hopefully we'll get to hear this (and no doubt some of the other remixes) over the coming days.  I know many people don't like the inevitable house remixes of the tracks but time and time again they seem to go right to the top of club/DJ charts so this is all more exposure (whether good or bad!) for the band.

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Ok ok oky

Lets hope its good......


Argh... From Jamiroquai to DJ Pirupa : Hero to zero...

People wouldn't mind the house remixes so much if decent house acts were attached. What I wouldn't do to hear Simon Grey or Pezzner have fun with a Jamiroquai tune!

Remixes? What a surprise...
I guess there won't be any physical release with interesting tracks this time again... What a pity...

Hopefully this is a decent mix.

Too often Jamiroquai have awful DJs remixing their songs is stupid.

But I still hold high hopes as the Blue Skies remix on the deluxe edition of the album (cant remember the DJ) is amazing :)

Please be good!


And .....wowwwwwwwwwwww an italian DJ for scratching Jamiroquai!!!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!!

They need to have more B-Sides (I'm assuming that's what Vezi was talking about). Jamiroquai said they recorded a bunch of tracks. We want to hear them guys.

Absolutely agree; More b-sides / instrumnetal tracks, just like back in the day. Wolf in sheeps clothing, Space Clav are classics in their own right. The remixes today, just seem like a jump on the bandwagon for some DJ to extend his resume. Unfortunately, the result has been too often utter crap. To this day, I still haven't heard the Blue Skies remix from the RDLS album. I remember hearing the first 10 seconds, and just switched the whole thing off. Lifeline on its own, doesn't need any remix in any shape or form what so ever. DJ Pirupa... I will not be listening mate to your 'dead' remix.

What they said. B-sides used to be the standard and with tracks like Bullet (to name just one), it was a great concept.

Question, has there ever been a non-instumental/non-remix b-side on a Jamiroquai single?

Re: Jamiroquai Remixes. Here is an edited version of the post I wrote in the 'Blue Skies Gets Remixed' thread in October. If anybody's reading, it's not so much an Emergency On Planet Earth, rather a recommendation of people for the remixes.

I am a huge fan of house music (it was a natural progression from AFO), and loved the Knee Deep remixes - For more of their work, check out their mix of Afro Medusa's 'Pasilda'. Also, Roger Sanchez on Deeper Underground is EPIC. It was around that time that I got into club music, and after Jamiroquai, there's nothing like a good house track, accompanied by some percussion!!

Seamus Haji has a mix of White Knuckle Ride, but to retain a disco/funk element, he would have to look again at his mix of Tweet's 'Boogie Tonight'. I fear that he's too far away from that sound now, and moved towards full-on electro since around 2006. He also does a good job of remixing Belezamusica's cover of Roy Ayers' 'Running Away' (in that he does enough to make it a house record on its own, but is as true to the original as he can be).

Of producers and DJs, I could list loads of others I'd love to see, in some cases again:
Masters At Work
Knee Deep
Moto Blanco
Kid Crème
Junior Jack
Roger Sanchez
Sandy Rivera (Kings Of Tomorrow)
Eric Prydz (Loved this guy until Call On Me and Pjanoo)
Ian Carey
Raul Rincon
Bini and Martini
Grant Nelson
Warren Clarke
David Morales
Reel People
Joey Negro (how has he been overlooked? Check out The Sunburst Band, if you can)

Most of all, Rasmus Faber - If you can, listen to the tracks 'Get Over Here', 'Ever After', then his mix of Dubtribe Sound System's 'Autosoul'. I would love it, if he was on the production team for a future album.

I recommend his track 'Get Over Here' to Jamiroquai fans especially.

Sadly, the word 'remix' these days is associated too much with the tripe that certain rappers churn out. It's an art form, and done correctly, it can be very good. People often forget that Jamiroquai have had #1 songs on the club/dance floor charts, and are highly loved and respected in that scene by DJs and producers; That point is reflected by the fact that they headlined the Ministry Of Sound Festival in 2001, which had received worldwide praise.

It's not a question of remixes VS B-Sides and instrumentals, or new style VS old style. I feel that the physical single has been dying for about a decade (unless you're an X-Factor winner), and that is why we probably won't hear many from now on. This is why only ROTSC and Travelling Without Moving pass the 60-minute mark, and since then, the tracks rarely pass the 6-minute mark. If you have been lucky enough to hear the live shows, you will see that the tracks are often longer than the album recording; Certainly, this was true on the AFO tour, and with some tracks on Synkronized. With singles in general, I think we probably should accept this sad reality, and hope that we get an album of B-Sides for the fans. Failing that, they could put the B-sides, full length remixes and instrumentals on download for for sale on the official site. It would be a nice touch. The lack of B-Sides and instrumentals is not something that's happened to Jamiroquai alone; It tells you a lot about the nature of today's charts.

@ One Winged Angel ... couldn't agree more, mate. I'd also like to raise my hand in favour of Reel People. Would also love to hear what Richard Earnshaw would do with a Jamiroquai tune.

@ everyone else, also couldn't agree more in favour of actual, proper tunes as b-sides.

Here we go again...

@One Winged Angel I think the problem is that there is a lot of crap remixes out there, especially due to youtube and other sharing sites. So the idea of remixes automatically shuts down the caring part of people's brains. I'm cool with remixes, the problem is that the band says they have a bunch of tunes, and singles are where you put the tunes that aren't great for the album... yet we receive remixes, which is fine, but b-sides (or the extra space on the cd nowadays) should have a mixture of both.

@B-Side ...not really... Bullet has lyrics, but they're still under debate... Titan is the instrumental version of Everybody's Going To The Moon and Slipin' 'n' Slidin' has a lyrical counterpart that was only played live sadly... Same story with Space Clav. Live with lyrics.

BTW, Lifeline videoclip is online:

Oh dear, here we go:

Well... I'm glad I don't go to night clubs any more!

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