Lifeline added to BBC Radio 2 playlist

Added on Sunday 02 January 2011, 09:28 (GMT)

Forthcoming single Lifeline, taken from the album Rock Dust Light Star has been added to the BBC Radio 2 'C' playlist in advance of the singles expected release on 23 January.

Credit: Sheereen Usman

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I love this track.
Hope everyone had a fun filled cheeba New Year. Keep up the high times. Cheeba x

Great news!!

Think this is an awesome single choice.



Great song.



Boo,this is the least best song on the album

that honor goes to 'never gonna be another.' it's not my favorite track by them, at least lifeline feels fully developed and isn't quite as cheesy.

Love this fact, love them all!! Can't wait to the concert...wahooo. Happy New Year all - peace an love xx

Lifeline -Awesome song! When is RDLS to be released in the U.S.?

Video???? (hopefully better than wkr / blue skies videos)

F*ck yeh!

We need more exposition here in America: here in Mexico I´ve barely seen a thing bout Jquai!
Looking forward to see you guys down in coachela! (let me dream!!!)

They're stretching this RDLS album out a little too much. It feels like overkill. Haven't we already heard all of these songs by now?

In general I think that the entire business model & same old, tired strategy of the music industry is antiquated.

Lifeline was an immediate fave of mine as soon as I played the album. Eventually, I hope She's a Fast Persuader is released as a single. That tune is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!

If they want to get some attention then they have to release SAFP. It's riské, a bit dark, and funky.

Lifeline, while a nice tune, just doesn't make much impact on me in a positive or a negative manner.

SAFP for the 4th and final single please.

Yes PLEASE. SAFP would make a real impact.I am tempted to start a petition

Smoke And Mirrors next please! This is good too. Grower.

Good choice guys! Like it!
Fast Persuader (for me) is a summer track,long hot sunny days, long empty roads,fast car..

Is there any way of emphasising the saxophone break on SAFP as its a bit lost in the overall sound. I like to follow just one or two instruments aurally. Its begging for a live improvisation..cant wait to hear it live.

In a way the sax on SAFP reminds me a little of the sax break on "Baker St" by the late great Gerry Rafferty.

Jay - 2011 am sure you will learn how to break the chain

Take care!

The singles, who cares ? Bad video and short version... However, the album is just killin' me. Excellent work gentleman.

Great track, great album, great band. Cheeba. thought this was cool...........check Rob Harris!

FYI, Universal is releasing DJ Piero Pirupa's remix of Lifeline, Pirupa's Deadline Remix. Sounds interesting! Just saw on Pirupa's Twitter account.

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