Christmas Greetings from Paul Turner

Added on Saturday 25 December 2010, 19:53 (UTC)

As it's that time of year, here's a little message from Jamiroquai bass player Paul Turner...

Hi everyone

I'd like to wish all fans and friends of the band around the world, a Merry Christmas (or whatever is your thing) and happy and healthy new year.Thanks to all of you who've supported us, especially over the last few months with the release of RDLS.We're all really excited about a busy year ahead and hope to see you on the tour next year.I also want to send you this eCard:No comment on the hairstyle please LOL ;-) of lovex Paul

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Merry Christmas everybody. Hope you have a good chebba xmas, keep the good vibes coming... Much love Falco.

Merry Christmas Paul! & the rest of the band! & everybody on here...hope Santa brought you what you wanted!

And a very "Merry Christmas" and"Happy New year" to you Paul! The new CD is simply amazing! Thank you! And to Jay, Matt, Derrick, Rob, Sola and the entire Jamiroquai Family- who keep us so well informed, all the fans around the world...I wish you "Happy Holidays!" and a "Happy& Prosperous New year!"

Merry Christmas to you Paul and all the band!! I love you so much!! I'll be there for the RDLS Tour in Paris and Lyon in March! Can't wait!!! Lot's of love

Dear Paul & the rest of the amazing Jamiroquai family and all the fans around the world. All best wishes, the best present was ofcourse the new CD RDSL!! We're all looking forward to next year. I'll be attending te Rotterdam gig!
@ David, many thanks for your efforts on this website! It's really fantastic how you bring us all together in sharing the actual news and our comments about Jamiroquai!

Merry Christmas Paul! Thanks for the new tunes this year. I hope to catch you live next year! Seasons greetings to everyone connected to the Jamiroquai family!

Paul you legend, Merry Christmas. See you, Jay and the gang in Manchester. Love and prosperity Jay Cochrane x (Manchester is absolutely pumped for the 19th)

There is only one event in April next year that is getting me excited and it's not Prince William's wedding.A Merry Xmas and prosperous new year to everyone here on Funkin,David and the legendary bandmembers.Roll on the Birmingham gig.

Paul you killed it on this album thanks man! All best for you and you family too!

Cool Paul! Merry Christmas!!!

Thanks Paul. Wish you and all the band a very good new year

Nice eCard

Cheers from Chile

The best for you and your family, Paul.
Your basslines on the new album are... Whoaw !!! Two months I virtually play bass in my lounge with my broom to "sound" like you on "All Good In The (Santa's) Hood". Even with the christmas magic, it doesn't work !!! :p

Thank you very much Paul! best wishes for you and your family from Argentina!!.

Thanks Paul! I wish all the best for you and your family!And once again big congratulations for your beautiful basslines in the album!!! You're the man!

Paul-family and all band u are great! i wish the same for u too a very best 2011 with a lot of work and love! U look like the neo-future beatles band , just love the hairs! kikikikikiiiiikkkkk:D *

Much as I'd like to wish Jamiroquai a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Jay is an atheist who hates all religions/God.

@Mike- You still could wish a 'Merry Christmas' to the other band members. The topic was from Paul not Jay. And whatever Jay believes in, is his choice. We all have that right as individuals. So anyway...

Yes,Jamiroquai is not just Jay Kay.

I'm an atheist but celebrate Christmas... Hope this helps.

many people celebrate the spirit of christmas regardless
if they believe in any religion.
Mr.Paul a nice guy and gifted musician,happy everything to him!
..and btw,god or whoever it was,was quite generous to Jay :))

@Shinyweela, related to his talent and good looks, you're right. The rest depends of what you make out of it! Mostly hard work and little privacy.

@Shinyweela, In a musical sense yes, someone up there has been generous to Jay.But I's sure Jay will say its not been all plain sailing for him, aside from the music.He like everyone has had his share of personal challenges,and mental strength has got him through

yes,he'd been through a lot of ..ite in his life,but he was regiven his chances and opportunities,that's what i'm talking about.
..good for him tho...(and for us,his fans, as well)

Merry Christmas and a wonderfull 2011 for you and your family too! the e-card was amazing - you're family band rocks :)

Thanks Paul! Hope you and yours have a great 2011 as well!.

As I cant seem to see a thread any where on the site...

Just want to wish Jay Happy Birthday..

Hope 2011 is the best yet!

Just enjoy a little of Nile Rodgers! That bass line and riff gets me everytime....

Hope you had a great Christmas Paul but more importantly Happy Birthday Jay!! Smoke some Cheeebaaaaa!!!!!

Happy Birthday Jay, Having a cheeba night in your name.

Happy Birthday Jay. Can't wait to see you busting some grooves in April.

Happy birthday, Jay. Have a nice celebration and I wish you all the best! Looking forward to seeing you all in april!xxxx


We hope see you on tour in Spain This summmer

Hey I wanna go to Jay´s birthday this year! send me an invit!

A Very Happy Birthday To You Jay!
All the Best!

Just to wish Jay a belated very happy birthday-to prove life re-starts at 40.And a very happy new year to all. I have just registered with Jamirotalk as Lady Cougar (Im' that sort of age!) so hope to chat and meet up with others.(I will be in Zurich in March) .A thought also for the sad loss of Bobby Farrel of Bony M. I grew up with their music. love to all,Pippa

Thanks Paul!

Mike, Christmas is no longer such a religious holiday. It's just for fun, something everyone can enjoy. Also, I wouldn't say Jay is an atheist..just not a fan of organized religion. Huge difference. He's made statements in the past that suggest his belief in some higher power. But now we're getting into someone's personal business. Who cares about that? Enjoy the holidays and have fun everyone!

Happy new year everybody and thanks Paul! Looking forward to an awesome new year of Jamiroquai!

Fondest wishes returned a thousand fold. Sincerest regards, Heather (Saudi Arabia).

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