Win promo White Knuckle Ride/Blue Skies box set at

Added on Wednesday 15 December 2010, 21:59 (UTC)
German Jamiroquai fansite (in co-operation with is running a raffle to win 10x1 Jamiroquai promo box set containing White Knuckle Ride and Blue Skies.  The competition is open to fans from all corners of the earth and more information can be found at

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hi, probably it's a little crazy to send this box to mexico city but you can make a little girl so happy to have it cause i really love the music of jamiroquai :)

Who is interested in ?

Can I please have it.???
PRETTY please??? :D


Srsly whats going on here?
This year seems to be my personal jamiroquai-year:
- They just released a decent album
- I've won two cards for that exclusive gig in germany
- and now, after checking my e-mails, I realize that I won one of those boxsets

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