Nobel Peace Prize concert set list and after-party...

Added on Sunday 12 December 2010, 21:17 (UTC)

On Saturday night Jamiroquai performed at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway.

The band performed Canned Heat, Lifeline and Virtual Insanity - with a full orchestra for company! 

Following the gig the band returned to their hotel where there were some musical instruments set up and in the words of bassist Paul Turner...

"We're just back from the doing Nobel Peace Prize and it was amazing.

After we did the show we spotted some gear set up in the hotel and did an impromptu two hour set at the artist after show reception, with Herbie Hancock and his band watching."

To watch the bands' performance at the Nobel Peace Prize concert please go to (oh, and 'Just Dance' really means Canned Heat!). 

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Wowwwwww this is awesome!

so cool! I love this band.

Wish I had been a fly on the wall, or strawberry in the champagne *hic*

Just wow. There's no better live sound that Jamiroquai with an orchestra. Lifeline was just awesome

You did us proud guys! well done everyone - fabulous!
Sounded AMAZING.. 1ST CLASS SET! Looked the Dogs.... as well!

Herbie Hancock ooooh...possible working connection in future maybe?....How about Nile Rodgers???

Take care! Happy Holidays...Rest plenty for 2011.

Amazing Performance, the orchestra sound great with Jamiroquai. They need to take the orchestra on tour!

Lifeline was great.

Plus the guy dancing at 10:55 made my day.

Funny to see this kind of audience, still great mini-concert!

There is nobody like Jamiroquai -Massive love & respect!

I can't reproduce it. The page says that I need at least a connection of 300kbps and I'm using a third-world bandwidth. Is HD or something?

Someone can be so kind to upload this video?

JairJy - I've uploaded the tracks to youtube so they're available for everyone now:
Lifeline -
Canned Heat -
Virtual Insanity -

i was worried they would skip the middle part of VI - but they did it and that was easily the highlight for me although all of it was great. man - i forgot there were even strings in the album version until they started in - what a nice reminder :)

good performance but sorry Derrick, the drums sound too cold. Especially the snare. Please, change your set ! ;)

Sincerely congrats for all Jamiroquai (cool, fancy , amazing , scientific, culture... and more)

And I still don't understand why the bass sound is so shy in the band,now. It must be the lead instrument, with the keys.

Great performance,especially Virtual Insanity,Cheeebaaa.

Great performance,especially Virtual Insanity,Cheeebaaa.

Norwegian press (apart from NRK, which is kind of the Norwegian BBC) rarely mentioned Jamiroquai, even though they played a very good set. Barry Manilow got all the glory.... wtf?
The orchestra is the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra, i.e. NRK's orchestra, so it might be difficult to take them on tour ;)
On the other hand, one could hope for a swift return to Norway...

A very great performance of all three. And now, with more listens...Lifeline...fits very well with the other classics.

Funkadelic can I ask you something. Are you a musician or a sound engineer?

outstanding performance!
Jay singing flat note..the band on fire.the orchestra amazing!
I love it..
would love the orchestra on tour aswell..but then tickeprices propably rise to 300 dollars lol!!

@ Pete : I'm a drummer, but most of all, a Mc Kenzie's addict. I think his sound is definitely too cold, and then, the bass is too shy. Not loud enough. Why ?

Apologies for breaking the discussion thread. From today onwards (13th Dec)they start compiling UK chart places for UK Christmas No1

Lets try and get this to Christmas number 1 in the UK, raise money for charity, and really put Simon Cowells out of joint with his manufactured X factor rubbish!
Take care lovely peeps!

A great little set of songs. Lifeline is one of my favorites off the new album.

Bare in mind this is most provably a mix for TV broadcast and it does include ambience mic ;)

man, that is smooth

I loved this performance! maybe the bass is to shy, but i think is because is not loud enough. I love the way the Band Conductor or Director is grooving with his moves!! hahah

That was great watching!

Thank you Zsoma! His perfomance is awesome, he dares to sing Virtual Insanity over the Nobel Price Concert.

I liked the performance a lot!
Sounds very las vegas-like!
I feel proud of Jamiroquai taking part in such a great event. The performance was magnificent! I know jQuai can perform amazing with an orchestra! and boy did they made it worth!

Lifeline, with the size of that orchestra, was just bloody sublime. Brilliant performance.

Awesome performance, the sound was incredible. Canned Heat was good, and then Lifeline and Virtual Insanity were crazy good. Stand out performance from Jamiroquai, loved the backing singers in the choruses.

I only wish the bass had been given a little more volume, what I heard in Virtual Insanity sounded great. Cheeba!

this is amazing!!!!! Beautiful and meaningful performance!

Horns, strings, break, perfect Jay's voice... Lifeline is definitely a killer track. The best in RDLS. Perhaps the best song from the band since 1999.

WWWoooww !!! Fantastic show !!! Congratulations to you guys & to the orchestra !!!

Color me confused but what does Jamiroquai have to do with the Nobel Peace Prize?

@ Funkadelic
wtf man? You don't make sense, so called 'specialist' .. pff

It is my understanding they were invited (along with Herbie Hancock, Barry Manilow and others) to perform at a concert that is held as part of the ceremony (i.e., the Nobel Peace Prize Concert). I think it has to do with global popularity (as much as anything else).

Jay & JMQ, come to play to my University!!!!!!!!

Simply awesome!

What's the problem Stis ? As for me, Lifeline is a superb track. Beautiful intro, Jay is singin' with soul and anger, and the horns and strings arrangements are perfect (thanks to Simon Hale ;). I like this track very much, very powerfull (it reminds me Black Capricorn Day sometimes). That's a fact. So far from cold production during Dynamite and AFO area, with verse, chorus, verse, and chorus again.

Funny so many people like the song. I fundamentally believe it's a brilliant song f**ked up; let me explain. The intro? Great (but it only lasts 12 seconds. We then move into a very common verse (or is it the chorus?)... Let's pretend that's all for a better contrast with what follows. But what arrives next, is a some waltzy-reggae for a village party: wet, wet, wet.

So what's the part that we really like? It's the intro, which is actually re-used as the break in the middle of the song, and which is so nice and vibrant with a real orchestra. One good part, two crappy ones... Sorry, as I said, for me it's a good song f**cked up (as is Her Floyd by the way). I enjoy the live performance, but I still don't like the song. Sorry...

Same,I am not the biggest fan of this song.It starts promising, but then breaks into a chorus which is too wishy-washy and poppy for my liking.The 3 second trumpet solo at the end of the track should have been extended.It ends before it ever really began.That said, the song is an exception on the album.The majority of the remaining tracks conjure up the Jamiroquai magic.

Well Svenjick, the song would most defintely be f***ed up if it were called 'Her Floyd'.

Lol,you get his drift..R is close to Y on the keyboard

I'm on a completely different world when it comes to getting his drift, and this of course is to regards to the songs. This is called taste, which I resepct, and each to their own. Thanks for mentioning the keyboard layout to me; my R is in the garden, and the y is in the kitchen.

@ Funkadelic

I'm a drummer too, and you saying Derricks sound is 'too cold' is just.. well I don't know. Why would he tune his set differently, it's obviously a sound-mastering thing.

Not a sound-mastering thing, It's about his set, and his choice. From the bass drum to the snare and hi-hat (and the toms toms), it sounds very "rock", it lacks unity and heat. Since 2005 (even 2003 during the midnight sun tour). To be honest, I miss "Sonor area", the greatest sound Derrick had.

Sheesh....I got my "Sonor area" caught in a door hurt.

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