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Added on Tuesday 11 January 2011, 12:18 (GMT) have uploaded to YouTube the promo video for Lifeline, containing lots (and I mean lots) of clips of footage filmed over quite a few years from all around the world - both of the band performing, relaxing, travelling and plenty more as well.  There's also plenty of fan footage in the video as well.

The main singing footage is taken from the Nobel Peace Prize Concert from Norway in December 2010.

So... what do you think?  Have you spotted yourself in the video?  I certainly recognised one or two people I know...

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I'm in trouble. Is Jamiroquai a band or not ? "The holidays of Mister Jay Kay", that's the name of this video... We can see him in every shoot (even naked...). What a pity. Where are the ideas ? Universal and Sony, different label, same (bad) work.

to resume my opinion : massacred song, useless clip.

Amazing video... i love JK...

Sony are a far better music label than Universal though and now we are seeing why.They should realise that Jamiroquai are not some amateur band.They should pull their finger out and promote the album far more effectively than they have done so far, if it's not too late already.The video is ok, but I've seen it all before somehow-reminiscent of High Times(which was great,because we saw most of the band) and the same kind of thing with the WKR promo with the crowd cheering etc..Needed something different.Saw only snippets of the other bandmembers-would have liked to see more of Rob,Paul,Derrick,Sola etc..

It's better than the WKR and BS videos. But where has the usual standard of great Jamiroquai videos gone? I'm just praying all their video budget has been spent on an awesome video for their inevitable fourth single, She's A Fast Persuader.

You think it's inevitable? I hope so. SAFP is needed to announce to the world that Jamiroquai are back on the road again

you know, they probably didnt pay attention to a budjet maybe because they want to first suck money out of this and then focus their effort (in high hopes) on other videos

@2:48 Romain!!! ^_^

great to see some footage of lovebox!!! deesha and romain and david!! I saw you! hehehe
I was not expecting any great directed video to be seemed they didn´t have a great budget for the first two videos so yeah..
good to see so much different material. and the naked one lol!!! it´s funny!

In my opinion, most people don't care about music videos now... And music label don't give as much money as they used to give years ago for promo videos...
For your information, the budget for the first two videos (Blue Skies & White Knuckle Ride) was 40% of the Feels Just Like It Should promo video... They had half-money for 2 videos... It's the same for this one. It's a nice video BTW, but once again too much 'JK in holidays' shots to me...

What about money ? You can pay a lot for nothing. The most important thing is to have THE idea. Even without big budget. This video and the recents one have no idea. why ? Because for Universal, Jamiroquai is only a name in their list. Not more, not less.

if im being honest i think its a good video, and if that ends up being the music video i wouldn't complain at all...showing mainly Jay but the band and the fans having fun! Whats wrong with that?...doesnt break the bank, and gives people of the UK which seems to be the problem at the moment of seeing Jay as a good lad! & not some guy who moans all the time, punches photographers and slags off the "nations sweetheart". Who, it has been conviently forgotten she punched a toilet attendant at a nightclub...yet that doesnt get brought up anymore, and Jay punching photograghers does. Double Standard media in the UK! Therefore, rant over...i like vid, i'll even forgive Jay for flashing his ass, i'm sure the ladies will like it tho! It's a laugh!

It's a promo video isn't it, not the official one.

The video is fun, but they have obviously given up on videos.

I'm lovin it! Makes me smile! xxxxx I saw FRA and EZBE

I like the video. Too many clips of the same shot of J jumping off of the riser but other than that, I like it. But yeah, just like CDs, music videos are too a dying breed. Not many people care or watch videos. The days of MTV showing videos is over it's now on youtube or nowhere.

1:52 / Outside Wiltern LG L.A. 2005

I have a picture of that day and now i´m on the video YEAH !!!

I´m the webmaster of

I think the video is fun. It was pretty funny to see myself (and my friends) in it as well. People are taking this whole thing way too seriously...

i agree Claudia :)

i don't mind if this is the official music video, it actually looks pretty well made for a live video! I like it more than the other videos of this era.

Video looks nice! But Jay Kay is not the only one doing that music! So sad its always all about just him!

@Marley, true music videos are dying, but look at Lady Gaga Telephone, some artists do still put the effort in. I'm not really a Lady Gaga fan, but it's a much better video than most these days. Lifeline video is forgetable...

I like it! I think some fans should be more reasonable: since people don't pay attention anymore to videos (unless you're JBieber, Rihanna, etc), there're no money-ideas to spend on them, and therefore they have to come up with something different. IMHO it's cool, and funnier than BS and WKR. Less is more.

Well said Claudia! It's about having fun and that we did. I love it. Further proof that although Jamiroquai may not have the love in the USA that they do in other countries, we know how to feel the groove, let go and just dance.

Very funny to see my own face in a JMQ video, even if I think making the video wasn't a big work and moreover didn't cost too much for Universal.

Despite that, seeing the video, I remembered the Lovebox in 2006 and how it was great to see them with fans from all over the world ! I want to do the same experience one more time.

Out of the hundreds of shows they have done I have made my way into this video @ the 2:46 mark! Thanks to David for emailing me earlier and for Deesha to tell me on facebook! I was at work all day today and that was an awesome end to my work day!!!

Awesome Vid, Would start up as the actual video, Love it!!!


I think the fans are guest in this video!!!! Thanks Jay!

Sorry, I would like "the fans are starring"

Of all the people I recognised, I spotted Deesh, Cheena, Claudia and Sir David. Was that also Alessia somewhere? Not forgetting Romain and the famous hat! Very entertaining indeed. Btw, isn't this a promo video and not the official one?!

There's no point in spending alot of money on videos these days.In case you haven't noticed,music videos are now obsolete.The video channels rarely show videos anymore.They're more focused on stupid reality shows.Even Madonna (the queen of music videos) doesn't put alot of money and effort into most of her videos these days.

Having said that,I still wish that Universal would increase their promotional efforts,especially here in the US.I would like to see a new single for the U.S. ("All Good In The Hood" is the most logical choice) to be followed by TV appearances,some great remixes and heavy promotion including interviews.

I think this video is great! Of course that we were waiting for something like "Seven Days In Sunny June" or "You Give Me Something" but this is like a gift for the fans and it shows to the rest of the world, with all these scenes, that Jamiroquai is still successful with a lot of people.

Sounds like a lot of people don't get the fact that it's a PROMO video.

I thought this was also the official video

When was the last time people actually READ the headline of a topic? LOL

Most of you really thought that this was the OFFICIAL video?!? WOW.

All together class: Lifeline PROMO video online.


Wow i can't believe the negative comments about the video. Firstly it's a promo, not the official music video and even if it was i loved it to pieces! Secondly am i the only one who felt like that video was purely made for us? By us i mean the hardcore jamily? I thought it was very personal! Best band in the world without a shadow of a doubt.

Cheeb x

Although is true that the budget for videos is not what it used to be, and MTV is no longer attached to 'videoclips', there's still room for them in Youtube. Videos from Eminem and specially OK GO, have been the most watched and commented, and that's good advertising.
Still, this is a video I've been expecting since they teased a lot during promotion for RDLS, and to be honest I love it, is just fun, some of the shots are spectacular, others are funny, and at the end of the day the video gets the job done.
Is like the High Times video, but part 2. And in black & white. And with more money.

OK, my understanding is that this is the official video. I used the word 'promo' in the title as I've found that music videos are often described as promo videos meaning the same thing. These are videos used to promote something - in this case a single. I don't expect there to be another video for the single - so I personally could describe this as the 'official promo music video'.

Confused? Yeah, sorry about that!

A video made for us?? Come on! I don't see myself in that video! I just see like 3 minutes of Jay and like 20 fans! And I really believe we are millions of fans worldwide!! It's like the cover: "Ohh the fans made it to the cover" which fans? I hardly believe ANYONE who visits, and ALL THE TIME 24/7 and spend part of his life sharing, talking and being a FAN didn't make it to that cover! So stop saying it was a tribute for us because 10 people made it to the video!

I liked the video, it looks like a classic thing or something, but COME ON, I'm tired (and I think most people is) of watching Jay being so happy showing his cars, bikes, his house and how much fun he's having! Where's Derrick, Solá, Matt, Paul and Rob? Ohhh yes, I saw them for three seconds in the video... ¬¬

That's why this "band" is being treated like a man and his musicians!

I'll be waiting for your hating comments then! xD hehe

You're wrong. With the amount they have given us over the years they deserve to enjoy themselves with the recent videos. It is a personal video that shows Jay and his fan base. ten people? There are a lot more than that, and how many would you like to see in a three minute video for it to be classed as a fan video?

cool video : )
i understand its just a promo but the song lifeline is about being back on the road again and shows clips from japan, australia, north and south america and also i sense that there will be more tourdates announced soon for the fans outside of europe,

Thanks for clarifying David :)

Congratulations to all who made it into the video! I am a man of envy considering this song is my all time favourite. I loved seeing all the faces who I knew.
Happy New Year, peace. xo

Ooohh cmon give me a break ... it´s some lame video and Jamiroquai always had a tradition of having some outstanding original clips .. now that´s one more thing lost on this quest of self destruction the band seems to be on ...

As I said previously, the record industry is hung up on an antiquated (far outdated) method of doing business. This "promo clip" will not cause a surge in RDLS sales nor make anyone who wasn't previously considering seeing them live suddenly have a change of heart. In effect, this achieves nothing.

Falco: "...they deserve to enjoy themselves with the recent videos."

They "deserve" to enjoy themselves? Are you serious? They're a music group doing what they want to do for money. This video is just self-gratification at its lamest and it was made on the cheap, so it's obvious that Universal is pinching pennies because they don't want to put any real muscle behind promoting Jamiroquai. Music videos have run their course and are not nearly as effective a tool for selling albums & merchandise as they used to be.

FunkEducation, kudos. You're telling the truth.

Dye: "Although is true that the budget for videos is not what it used to be, and MTV is no longer attached to 'videoclips', there's still room for them in Youtube. Videos from Eminem and specially OK GO, have been the most watched and commented, and that's good advertising."

Let's put it this way. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Eminem, etc. rack in tens if not hundreds of millions of views on YouTube (that is if you believe YouTube and its artifically inflated counter). So, the sales figures for the albums should be astronomical, correct?


Let's take one of their biggest acts, Lady Gaga, as an example. On YouTube, some of her videos have well over 100 million views(!), which is absurd. Ok, so if there's that huge a demand for Lady Gaga, surely the sales figures should reflect that. Let's find out...

From 2009 to 2010, her album 'The Fame' sold through 2.3 million copies (in physical disc format). In other words, for the several hundred million people who viewed her on YouTube, about 1% or less bought her album. From 2010 to 2011, it sold an additional 1.2 million, for a cumulative 3.5 million sales. That's still only a fraction of the views she received on YouTube, maybe 3% tops. However, we'll be fair and also look at digital sales. 'The Fame' sold 373K copies. There's a deceptive number you need to look at and that's how many "digital sales" Lady Gaga has made total. According to The Nielsen Company & Billboard's 2010 Music Industry Report, she sold 11.8 million digital songs. However, most of these sales reflect digital single distribution, so if she had, say, two or three singles, that number is by-and-large a cumulative one.

Now I don't know about you but if I were a music artist playing in a room with a hundred people in it and only 3 of those people bothered to purchase said album, I'd be more than a little disappointed in myself. It directly reflects the quality I'm offering and whether or not those in attendance want it. Since Lady Gaga sells "just" 3.5 million albums and 11 million digital songs, she's making a ton of money, both for herself and the record label, YouTube counter notwithstanding. Nevertheless, only a small fraction of people who listen to her material care enough to actually purchase it.

Good advertising? You be the judge.

I never mentioned album sales. I talked about advertising. Two completely different things.

@mike ,@FunkEducation,
one never gets bored by your comments ,lol.

I agree with you both,but come on,stop mentioning that
PVC Gaga product ,it makes me vomit,honestly.

I am not impressed by Jay's ass in the video ,better view was back in 199something in Stilness in time vid.All the crew,
except for guitar player,beautifull song AND video,and
i doubt that it cost a fortune.And conception of this video was quite simple with maximum effect,IMHO.

It is nice,however,if the artist still appears personally in his music video,so thumbs up for Jay for
this effort.
At the end of the day ,he did make happy some of his fans,lol...

Dye, not exactly. The only reason for a label to advertise is, after all, to boost sales for said album/single/tour. Anything done on the cheap, such as that Lifeline promo/video, may be viewed as the label having little faith in their own artist. It's clear that they no longer consider Jamiroquai to be a major artist.

shinyweela, I have no interest in Lady Gaga nor any of the other major "artists" being promoted these days. I simply used her as a prototypical example.

The promotion of RDLS has rubbed me the wrong way since well before the album even came to be; The whole thing has been handled incompetently. If you want to watch Jay and his crew sink to the bottom, so be it. We are all what we make ourselves to be, for better or worse. If Jay's satisfied with the current climate of mediocre promotion and poor single choice, if he feels that all we care about is his cars/helicopters/mansions and shots of his rear end, I'll take that as a slap in the face, as if Jay's personally saying that there is no longer any artistic integrity to be found within Jamiroquai or what's left of it.

Frankly, RDLS only has three truly great songs, two merely ok songs, and the rest is just filler that I can live without. Whereas before I used to get amazing albums, RDLS is only 1/4th of a great album. Call me cynical or whatever you want to but I'm not lowering my standards to appease the blind loyalists.

I liked the video, but nowhere in the Jamiroquai's official website says "PROMO VIDEO"...

We don't know if it's a promo, or the official one.

So stop saying "IT'S THE OFFICIAL VIDEO" - "NO ! YOU'RE WRONG, THIS IS THE PROMO VIDEO" because we don't know...

The video is a tribute for us, the fans. But in my opinion I don't think it's the official one, because Lifeline has love lyrics, and I don't see love in that. But Jamiroquai always has released its videos before the realease of the single/album...

So, sincerilly, I don't know what to think, may the force be with us and hope this is not the official video, I expect more !

Now this is a MUCH better video than for WKR and BS.

I felt the previous videos were self-absorbed and for the British public was too much of a "slap in the face". The country is at it's lowest for years; the economy is weak, the coalition government are a***holes, redundancy is a threat at every level (in the public sector). So Jay Kay driving around in flash cars or showing off flying skills doesn't really appeal to the general public who are feeling pretty sorry for themselves.

I think this combined with interviews conspired to make RDSL a non-starter in the UK. Maybe the public would have liked to hear some do-gooder stories of the time Jay stayed away rather than that he got his helicoptor licence.

The video for lifelline is real. It shows Jay's life in the public arena.

So wonderful to see some hardcore fans in the video! I spotted at least 5 friends. My claim to fame will be that I have sported Romain's hat that appears in the video!

@I_AM_A_BIG_ROB_FAN Great points. My only complaint with the Lifeline promo/video is that the other bandmembers didn't feature more. Maybe they didn't want to, which is fair enough..

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