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Added on Sunday 21 November 2010, 10:09 (UTC)
Mitch Jenkins, who took the photo that made the cover of the Rock Dust Light Star album has posted three new photos of Jay on the gallery of his website (on the bottom row of photos).   The first one is one of the shots from the album cover shoot - showing a wider angle view of the stage/audience, and the other two are more laid back promotional photos of Jay.
Credit: Diego from

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I'm still amazed that they used that photo for the cover. J just looks weird (look at his eyes and smile!) even the inside photo where you can see his Adidas, he look weird.

If it was I picking the cover shot and that was the theme I was going to use I would have used a shot of Jay from behind while he is facing the crowd.


I would have used the Buff man with Jay's metal pointy hat on.

The last shot, which looks like a racers briefing room, is a wonderful photo. Would have loved to seen the band at the back.

Excellent album, very bad cover... I can't imagine who is the one who selects this ugly picture. A buffalo man, that's all !

So cool, i love the man! Cheebaaa

I thought those neon lines were just added in. You can see where they got the inspiration from, that one green line on stage. It gave the album booklet an easy art direction to follow.

I love the shot in gallery 3; where he is sitting outside on a wood box. And the shot where he has on the hat is wonderful. I love what the black and white film adds to the picture.

David.. I think you should complain.. That website -> says that you are the photographer of the cover pic! LOL

Also(gallery 3)the one where he's in the back seat of a car smoking and wearing an interesting black & white jacket...very serious looking.

Funkyroquai: haha. I've not seen that before. Thanks. LOL

Thanks also for the information about gallery 3. I'd not seen those photos.

Nice shots (lame album cover though)...

the gallery 3 promo shots were from the Dynamite era & the one in the barn from afo era.

Great photos, Jkay is the man... Cheeebbaaaaa

Who sent this with my name on it? LOL

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