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Added on Tuesday 23 November 2010, 09:50 (UTC)

Jamiroquai have now left Australia and are now in Tokyo, Japan (photo of Jay arriving at Narita Airport) for more album promotional work.  Right now I have no idea what's planned so stay tuned for TV appearances (the Jamiroquai Facebook page says there are lots of TV appearances booked) and radio interviews...  The great Japanese J-Love website has some information about rumoured appearances.  If you spot anything online please post a comment with this news item.

In other Japanese news, in the J-Wave Tokyo Hot 100 music chart White Knuckle Ride is currently number 1, and Two Completely Different Things is at number 36.

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Number 1 and Number 36, not bad at all. Cheebaa

Thanks to Cristina... more photos from the airport

I love the global appeal of Jamiroquai... Cheeebaaaaaaaaaaaaa x

This is how the UK charts should be: Jamiroquai beating the R&B shizzle into submission.

Jay is reading "The Moon is a Balloon" by David Niven as we can see in the photo

MerlineJam: I saw that book on a table on a photo I saw the other day. I think it could have been from when they were in Paris last week. You'd have thought with all that flying he would have finished the book by now!

On the go,go,go! Fantastic news- I look forward to when they visit the U.S. I wish them safe travels while their "out there on the road again":-)

JAMIROQUAI (JAY KAY) - WHITE KNUCKLE RIDE (Live in Japan.Nov 24, 2010.)

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