Take 40 performance - in a swimming pool!

Added on Saturday 20 November 2010, 11:08 (GMT)

On Saturday evening Jamiroquai performed a short set at the exclusive "Take 40 Stars of Summer" party that was held in Point Piper, Sydney, Australia.  Looking at some photos (one, two, three) it seems that the band performed on a clear see-through stage built on top of a swimming pool!  The band performed the following tracks:

  • Hurtin'
  • Cosmic Girl
  • All Good In The Hood
  • She's A Fast Persuader
  • Alright
  • Love Foolosophy
  • Deeper Underground
Expect to see more photos and videos soon, and if you find any good links please post them as comments to this news item.
Credit: Sandra Trimmel

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Looks like your typical Sydney summer wank-fest... :P

haha @ bluebottle - hey boys why not come down to Melbourne, I've got a pool as well - we'll show you some good old Melbourne hospitality :)

SAMANTHA Jay as ever the party animal.

Looks like a beautiful day out,
I hope they are having a fantastic time, Wish I could be there too!

And the horns ?

I can see you took your jacket off.Enlighten me,Jay. :)

They just wont let go of playing Deeper Underground

It was an incredible night. can´t wait to see the footage that was taken for tv!There were no horns..Matt took a solo in SAFP..
I really enjoyed hearing some new tracks live...they put on a great show as always.but every show is great when you are there.
I love the new version of Deeper underground..I know it´s been in the setlist for ages but I reckon it´s a very powerful tune! makes every crowd move..even the sydney celebrity one!;)

A video of Jamiroquai's performance of SAFP can be seen at - just awesome! Can't wait to see the footage for tv also.

Sandriche - how did you get to go? You're so lucky! I entered the competition heaps and was sad I didn't win!

I entered too but poor me - didn't get to go :(

Looks like it would have been a blast though!

here are my photos if you are interested!
I also posted a review on jamirotalk

thanks for the link to the video..looks sooo cool!

I see once again he's wearing his favorite Italy jacket. In all seriousness, have you ever seen J wear the same jacket like this for every single concert? Or anything the same for this many shows. he has worn it for every single show since the very early promotional shows this past summer/fall.

Even though I do love the jacket and he always looks good.

And the horns ???

I would imagine the cost to fly the horns out to Australia wouldn't have been worth it as they were primarily here for to perform a song that doesn't feature any horns :)

Unfortunately I can't watch the video on the page above as its 'not available in your country', but there's video showing the overall vibe of the event here...

The horns are part of The DNA's band. And arrangments exist !
Why do you think of money ? It's all about music.

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