Canned Heat and White Knuckle Ride set for Australian X-Factor

Added on Friday 19 November 2010, 14:25 (UTC)

With the band in Australia for a few days there's bound to be plenty of newspaper interviews/articles - especially with the bands' performance on the X-Factor finals this weekend.

According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper the band will perform Canned Heat on Sunday night and on Monday they'll perform White Knuckle Ride on the finale...

In town to spruik the single and record Rock Dust Light Star, Kay said he "had to fend off" attempts to make him join the "featuring" hit parade by singing with a big-name female artist on the album.

"But I have to feature with somebody else [on Sunday night] - which I am thoroughly looking forward to," he said.

In other X-Factor news, UK 'judge' Dannii Minogue has said a few words to the Herald Sun newspaper about Jay's recent comments prior to Jamiroquai's appearance on the UK version of the show...

UPDATE: Sunday's Canned Heat performance can be seen on YouTube.

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Danni Minogue is right yer know. Although he is pushed by the record company to do it.

He has to do it really, just for promotion. So she looks like an idiot for saying such a stupid comment. Cheeebaaaa

The whole bunch of crap shows that center around judging and disgracing people on national television makes me sick. And I thoroughly enjoy that those who disgrace people on tv get disgraced themselves.

In fact I think it is beyond pathetic that these girls are now complaining that someone has an opinion on them.

"...big-name female artist" = RiRi?

Seriously... it's X Factor. Jamiroquai is so above this sh*t. I don't care what excuse anyone gives, they don't do themselves any favours appearing on crap like this.

It was the best performance of the night obviously. The girl didn't sound too bad and Jay sounded awesome !! It looked like he was just cruising. I'm sure the band would have received a large payment for Jay to sing one verse and the band/backup singers pretend they are playing

The performance of "Canned Heat" by contestant Sally and Jamiroquai can be seen at though I'm not sure if you can only watch it in Australia. It was definitely the best performance of the night!

Thanks to Mike P. for telling me about this but the Canned Heat video is now on YouTube - for those who cannot see the version on the Yahoo website.

Thanks for posting this info and video...I really dont want to have to watch the X-factor tonight :D

Well, appearing on Aus X Factor has been good for Jamiroquai - RDLS (Deluxe) now at #7 on ITunes Album chart, RDLS (Standard) #18, High Times #23, AFO #86 and TWM #189.

Hope they come back and tour Australia very soon, looking forward to seeing them in Melbourne!

WNR on Australian X-Factor:

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