Jamiroquai to perform at Nobel Peace Concert

Added on Wednesday 17 November 2010, 06:25 (UTC)

According to the Associated Press news agency Jamiroquai have joined the lineup of artists to perform at the annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert that is being held at the Spektrum Arena in Oslo, Norway on 11 December.

As of writing, this has not yet been confirmed by the Nobel Peace Prize Concert website so we'll just have to wait and see...

UPDATE: This has now been confirmed :)

Credit: Dominik at, James Feligha

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That's awesome! Too bad I'm not winning a Nobel Prize -- how else would I get to enjoy the performance? Oh, well, maybe next year =)))

If this is true it's BIG. The whole world will be watching.

This is massive for the band, let's hope this is accurate. Cheeebbbba!

Got to agree, great news, a huge event, lets hope it gets officially confirmed soon. Cheebaaa

just been comfirmed by the jamiroquai facebook page, wonder if they'll perform (don't) give hate a chance? hmm

Confirmed by as well. Awesome!

Barry Manilow? Ok...

That is wonderful news:-)

they should do...."Revolution"...ha ha.

Good news! They should play When You Gonna Learn or Too Young To Die!

Or "Emergency On Planet Earth".



Especially when Liu Xiaobo is still captive for bravely speaking up for democracy in China. Hope the band play something fitting.

Jay and the guys am sure you will do us proud!

Take care

It makes sense. At last. Far from X-"crap"tor...

This is actually the first time the band is going to Norway. After all these years. This is so great!

I shouted with joy when I saw this in the newspaper this morning. Jamiroquai, Herbie Hancock... AND Barry Manilow?!! That is just too cool for words. Anyone know if it's going to be televised anywhere? Hope so....

If we're really, really lucky, Jay and Barry will team up to sing some "Copacabana". Hey, a girl can dream...

Wow, they've never been to Norway before!

hoping for a jamiroquai/barry manilow colab here too. CHEEBA!!!

This is truly the most amazing and hounorary thing to happen to the band I recon!!

Well done guys!!! Keep us posted!!!

WOW, this is wonderful. Didn´t know such good things are coming. But I hope the support of Jamiroquai will make it happen. Peace for everyone to get.....Anyway glad the Nobel Peace prize is still the best in this years 2010/11.... Which song they will play this is up to the band and they will choose the best one for this event, I guess. But hurtin´and the last song of the new album, hmmm, they will just do it!

Just meant they will hopefully choose the fitablest song for this night in Oslo but All I need is ... This just makes sense and the Beatles got some nice lyrics, too

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