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Added on Tuesday 16 November 2010, 07:33 (UTC)

On Monday evening Jamiroquai were in Paris and performed on French television show Le Grand Journal.  They performed White Knuckle Ride (watch the 'La suite 1' clip on the Canal+ website) and immediately following the song Jay was interviewed.  Following the interview Jay returned to the band and performed Love Foolosophy (about 11 minutes into the video).

The band also performed Rock Dust Light Star but this was not broadcast at the time.  This may well appear on the Canal+ website later so keep an eye on this news item and any posted comments.

Additionally, the presenter and weather forecaster girl showed Jay their take on the song Alright - which got plenty of smiles from Jay.

Credit: Svenjick

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Hmm I think that White Knuckle Ride is a difficult song to perform live. All the high notes. Jay and the background singers seems to have trouble with it. Anyway great performance though.

A very good interview ! Jay seems in a good mood.

I agree, Ezra. It didn't sound too awesome on X Factor either. The vocals are too loud compared to the backing music. Maybe it's the studios or the equipment cos they don't have trouble at the Jazz Cafe or on stage in outdoor venues. Love Foolosophy was immense though!

Hi everybody :) I was in the audience !! I watched the video after the show and I can tell you that the sound was very different on the stage :D I agree that the production cut a little bit the other vocals and some frequencies , but the show was definetively awsome !! Yes, love foolosophy was better performed than white knuckle ride, but they've got years of practicing ^^ ! After the live, we saw Jay and the band going back to the stage , i said "noooooo !!" and the perfomed a great version of rock dust light star. To conclude, a very good time!

Rock Dust Light Star is now online (with a relatively slowish tempo, I think). Nice. Check it out:

Thanks Svenjick.

Every guess at "Le Grand Journal" has a special interview called "La Boîte à questions"… funny questions… the video is diffuse only the next day of the venue… I couln't see it on Tuesday… but I think they will put in online on this link soon.

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