Rob Harris interview in DV Magazine

Added on Monday 15 November 2010, 09:47 (UTC)

An interview with Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris has just been put online at the DV Magazine website.  There's bits of technical information about the kit he uses but also some other more generalised questions...

You add a definite 'rock' element to Jamiroquai. How much freedom do you get when arranging the songs to come up with your own parts?

I know. I get a bit of flak for that from several Jamiroquai fans. They seem to think i turn up with an AC/DC record to Jamiroquai recording sessions! In truth we can all make suggestions, but a lot of the time we play what Jay wants to hear. He's always asking me to dirty up guitar sounds a little more. This new album does give a little nod to the funkier side of The Stones. If you listen to some early funk stuff it’s littered with rock influences and vice versa.

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"I have thought about it but I’m just not sure anyone would want to listen to me waffling on for 40 minutes!"

Pursue this thought and do it Rob. Guitarists would love it. People still listen to Satriani and others don't they? I mean, it's not chart material. But there's a solid fan base of guitar oriented music. It doesn't necessarily have to be instrumental either. I absolutely adore Uli Jon Roth even though his vocals were, ehrm 'questionable', on the early albums.


You waffle away Rob, for I certainly would like to hear more of what you have to say and play!

"I know. I get a bit of flak for that from several Jamiroquai fans."

Ohhh nice, he talked about me! haha :D

Couldnt see a solo album working... Cheebaaa!

I would buy the Rob Harris album :D

nice interesting interview.thanks

I wouldn't want to hear 40 minutes Rob, could you make that 80 minutes?

I love what Rob brings to the table,
always have! It would not be Jamiriquai without him. He tears it up on the new CD - I can't wait to see him do it live. Thank you Rob for always doing your thing, and putting it down the way you do!

* Jamiroquai

As Zender always says..."It is the silence between the notes...that make the music...the space...between the bars..that holds the Tiger."

I respect him dearly, continue the high times. Cheeba!

Rob should make a jazz-funk album. That would make all his detractors shup up. :)

The only songs with a slight 'rock' influence from Jamiroquai that I can't dig are Black Devil Car and Blue Skies.In my opinion,Rob does funk/rock really well though-Radio,Hot Tequila Brown and GTMD to name a few, and that closing guitar riff on Love Foolosophy performed live-wooooooooo.

Rob you're one of the best guitar player on earth! And maybe the best Jamiroquai guitar player ever!
You got the funk, you got the style!

"I know. I get a bit of flak for that from several Jamiroquai fans."

well... those "fans" don't appreciate the best and most contributive guitar player jamiroquai has ever had. f*ck em! you great Rob, G-R-E-A-T.

To El Pibe:

Yes, most contributive. Best? Nah! It's the guitar-simplicity of the early days that has the best effect on the total image of the music.

Rob's great though:)

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