Behind the scenes album recording video...part 2

Added on Tuesday 09 November 2010, 19:00 (UTC)

After the Rock Dust Light Star 'behind the scenes' video that was posted online as an exclusive clip whilst the newly launched site was being prepared, the second part to this video - showing some of the writing and recording process behind the title track of the album can be watched at the website.

If you missed the first part of the video, it's also available at

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Great to watch, very interesting... Cheebaaa

Gives us a nice insight :) Cheebaa

He's just the greatest man alive.

It's very interesting! The work in progress of Rock Dust'song! I wish we could have it for the other tracks!
Check the first part Super Highway sounds promising

yeah Doggett that version was so real and organic!

They just have to release something complete or more evaluated that people can buy and see at home. I study music production and this is great material really. Awsome 4 mins!

I agree, very cool to see this side of it!

Definately NEED to hear Super Highway on the next album folks!! That's gonna be a great song... Very interesting those minor differences to the end result of RDLS song!!

Nice video, interesting seeing how the track developed...

Listen to the beginning when Rob plays classical guitar and keyboard Matt in the trial ... It seems to me BEAUTIFUL! I think that there could have gone a wonder full of groove and has left ... rock thing!

If you know how to make wonderful music, why do an album like this??

@ Lola

I like the new album and there is some very good moments! If you like the duet guitar/keyboard, check the track 11 Never Gonna Be Another (the tribute to Michael Jackson) or Smoke and Mirrors!!

And She's a fast persuader is a wonderful tune!


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