Rock Dust Light Star includes a track from the Dynamite era...

Added on Tuesday 09 November 2010, 11:28 (UTC)
An interview with Jay and Matt (Johnson) was broadcast on Italian Radio Monte Carlo on Monday night.  A couple of snippets of information (there's plenty more in the interview)...They talk about how the recording process worked and how they have maybe seven or eight complete songs that didn't make the album, ready for possible inclusion on the next one.Jay talks about how Hurtin' came about at the end of a long long day, and how Two Completely Different Things was a song originally written during the 2005 Dynamite album era (although Jay says Synkronized in the interview, Rob Harris says it's from Dynamite - so I'm going with that!)!!Jay and Matt were asked to name their Favourite track - Matt's is She's A Fast Persuader and Jay's is Hey Floyd.The interview is well worth a listen so head over to for a link.

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Interesting stuff! Cheers funkin/Jamitaly.

Mine is 'Hey Floyd' too! Great tune, great album....lets hope there is another album....

Excellent interview!! does anybody knows where it can be heard complete???. For what i have heard, i think that the anchor names Jay as "Jamiroquai" hahah.

Actually it was during the Dynamite era.

Rob. Cheers for the correction/clarification.

Great interview, interesting insights into how completed music comes into being.

The process sounds very similar to that of a visual artist, making quick sketches or a musical motif, taking photos, or keeping a diary to use in future artwork. They talk also of putting the work aside for a while, as quite possibly are too close to it, then coming back to it with a fresh eye (or ear, or abandoning it all together if it doesnt work. Using the intuitive part of the brain

On a totally different(random) note, I was listening to some of Bryan Ferrys new work (Olympia - Song to the Siren - beautiful) who said he worked with NILE RODGERS.(Chic - 1970's)

Can you imagine the band and Nile getting it together for an informal jam!

Keep up the good work guys!

Take care!

"...(although Jay says Synkronized in the interview, Rob Harris says it's from Dynamite - so I'm going with that!)!!"

LOL David!

I do like SAFP, but I must say that Hey Floyd, Lifeline and Hang It Over are my favourites on the album.

Jay has got a terrible memory! hehehe

He once said on a gig that "You Give Me Something" was from Synkronized.

He is a very clever man 'though.

I reckon the Dynamite tracks were written/recorded/copyrighted in the following order:

7527687 Feels Like It Should Be
7642214 Black Devil Car
7642215 Time Wont Wait
*7642216 Two Completely Different Thing
7642217 Give Hate A Chance
7642218 Dynamite
7642219 Hot Tequila Brown
7642220 This Is The World He Wants
7642221 Star Child
7642222 7 Sunny Days in June
7642223 Tallulah
7642224 Electric Mistress
7642225 Loveblind

Haha he has got a bad memory!!He said something like it was written "two albums ago,noooooo sorry three albums ago during the Synkronized era"! Great interview,interesting to hear that Blue Skies was partly written in a hotel.I reckon SAFP is the best track they've EVER done. But I want to know which is Rob's favourite track on the album?

The guy called Matt,MATT HOOPER!! wtf??? looooll

I think he said 'Matt Cooper', mingling with Incognito keyboard player.

Ya know...Ive seen some complaints..about Dynamite as an album. But, just seeing some of the songs listed above..geez..that was a GREAT album. Tallulah..Starchild..Black Devil Car..Hot Tequilla Brown...and the UNBELIEVABLE..vocal performance of "This is the world that he wants"...Man. It was great.

If Dynamite had been recorded the way RDLS was recorded the album would've been rated much higher by those who have complaints about how it turned out. The problem perceived with Dynamite is not so much a problem with song writing quality or lack thereof, but rather a production problem... I guess it sounded too polished/Pro Toolish/digital. Some of the songs on Dynamite would've also benefited from a horn section on steroids. Taking the tunes to a whole other level... nah mean? But that doesn't mean the average punter would've liked the album any better. I guess horns aren't for everyone. But it sure should be compulsory for Jamiroquai. If people can't appreciate it... sod 'em! ;)

Great interview! Great to hear an extended interview about the songs from the album and their creation. You can tell the guy interviewing was a fan as he didn't spend half the interview asking about cars and hats!

Let's hope that Jay selecting Hey Floyd as his favourite from the album means that it will get played live on the tour :)

is it hard to take a couple of informations Nick the nightfly? does he really belive Jamiroquai could be a person name? camon!
a part from that, great interview, nice anc chilled finally!

It always seems like the Italian interviews are some of the better ones...Radio Deejay did a great one with Jay, Matt and Rob when Dynamite came out -- they had these segments where they'd play an Italian song and ask for their feedback. One of them was a Lucio Battisti track that I've been wanting to find the name of since then...

Another good one here.

@ Chris: the track from Lucio Battisti is called "Amarsi Un Po'". ;)

The other italian artist was Pino Daniele.

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