Rock Dust Light Star and White Knuckle Ride week 1 UK (and worldwide) chart positions

Added on Sunday 07 November 2010, 17:48 (UTC)

So...the official UK chart positions are in and in its first week of release Rock Dust Light Star entered the official UK album chart at position seven with sales of 34,378 copies.  Midweek the album was at number five but unfortunately couldn't hold on for the rest of the week.

The top three position sales figures were as follows: 1) Cheryl Cole - 105,431 copies, 2) Bon Jovi - 87,145, 3) Rumer - 66,452.  Looking back a few years, in 2006 the High Times Greatest Hits album sold 78,957 copies to enter the UK album chart at number 1.  In June 2005 Dynamite sold 64,150 copies in its first week and entered the chart at number 3.

Overseas the album is having plenty of success (lets not mention the new entry at number 29 in Ireland).  A few days ago reported that the album is at number one in the Netherlands.

In the singles chart, sales of White Knuckle Ride as a digital only download were counted in the official UK singles chart (not that anyone really knew what was going on with the single release!) and this gave the single a new entry at number 39! Apparently a vinyl release of the single is coming out on 8 November... Blue Skies, the 'official' first single release from the album entered the UK singles chart at 76.

Here's how Jamiroquai singles have peaked in the UK singles chart over the years (Year, Position, Single), courtesy of Buzzjack forums...

1992 52 When You Gonna Learn (Acid Jazz release)1993 10 Too Young To Die1993 12 Blow Your Mind1993 32 Emergency On Planet Earth1993 28 When You Gonna Learn (1993 re-release on Sony)1994 17 Space Cowboy1994 15 Half The Man1995 09 Stillness In Time1996 12 Do You Know Where You're Coming From (M-Beat Feat. Jamiroquai)1996 03 Virtual Insanity1996 06 Cosmic Girl1997 06 Alright1997 20 High Times1998 01 Deeper Underground1999 04 Canned Heat1999 22 Supersonic1999 20 King For A Day2001 29 I'm In The Mood For Love (Jools Holland And Jamiroquai)2001 05 Little L2001 16 You Give Me Something2002 14 Love Foolosophy2002 31 Corner Of The Earth2005 08 Feels Just Like It Should2005 14 Seven Days In Sunny June2005 27 (Don't) Give Hate A Chance2006 71 Space Cowboy (sales following release of Greatest Hits)2006 18 Runaway2010 39 White Knuckle Ride

So, ignoring the UK chart positions, how's Jamiroquai doing in your corner of the earth?  Feel free to post chart positions as a comment to this news story.

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Hmm... I was hoping for number 4, 5 at least! But 7, behind ROD STEWART'S COLLECTION OF ALREADY RELEASED SOUL SONGS! I think 7 is as high as it's gonna get. We in the UK really do listen to garbage. I want Jamiroquai to know they are really appreciated here in the UK, but I think JK and the gang will be disappointed.

As for White Knuckle Ride @ 39... that's OK considering it hasn't been properly released... is it too much to hope for it to shoot up next week when it's officially released? :/

Sorry Rock Dust Light Star and Jamiroquai... you deserved better than this.

oufff :S .. EOPE N.1 ROSC N.2 TWM N.2 Synkronized N.1 AFO N.1 Dynamite N.3 GH N.1 RDLS N. 7 ... thats sad .. UK SUCKS

The ugly album cover and the boring and uncreative musicvideo are also part of the rather weak chart position (for Jamiroquai standards!)
White Knuckle ride is a good song for a chart position and the album is really great, but when I see that music video I could really fall asleep.
JAY - I know you don't read this, but driving a car/motorbike, flying a helicopter and WATCHING someone do it are two completely different things ;)

TWM got all the attention cause of the good video!! Without the Canned heat video I would nevr have gotten a fan!!

Was hoping above 5, should be Number 1. Cheebaaa

The promotion of the album before last week could have been a lot better.But I was expecting at least number 3,however I should have realised that mediocre and trashy pop music will always come out on top nowadays.For me,they are the best band out there,cover most genres better than anyone else(as proved on RDLS),and yet are constantly undervalued. I know I am biased,but I wish the general public would appreciate 'real' music more.What about the chart position for Blue Skies?

bad choice of singles, weak videos, nonexistent promotion ahead of time, ugly album cover, lack of general hype in the music scene..not even many reviews of it currently. maybe sony did some things the right way despite what jay thinks.

Have to wonder if the negative comments about Princess Diana's replacement as "Queen of hearts" (Cheryl Tweedy) haven't helped progress - either way it's a sad state of affairs for UK music that "her" album is number one and Jamiroquai is at seven. Still - it' early days yet.

Cheryl sucks, JK rocks......

I'm REALLY worried that Jamiroquai decide to go MORE into a mainstream direction for the next album because of recent results

People,: go to concerts! Let Jamiroquai feel that more than some hardcore fans love this kind of music!

I don't know the charts position in my country ( France ) but I can say that people around me are really pleased with the come back of the band , we missed it . I really love the album it's eclectic & sounds very well ; it does a lot of good to listen to "music" & not all those stupid things we hear everywhere !!! Jamiroquai still rocks ;p

In the local sunday paper-' Matin Dimanche'which covers all the french speaking part of Switzerland, the album hasn't yet made the top 10 sales but is number3 for albums tele charged on iTunes and is played a lot on the radio stations. I listen in my car and it always gives me a buzz hearing WKR,especially in this lovely scenery.This IS a good album.Love to all,Pippa

In the local sunday paper-' Matin Dimanche'which covers all the french speaking part of Switzerland, the album hasn't yet made the top 10 sales but is number3 for albums tele charged on iTunes and is played a lot on the radio stations. I listen in my car and it always gives me a buzz hearing WKR,especially in this lovely scenery.This IS a good album.Love to all,Pippa

I've just updated the news story with some sales figures...

1 Cheryl Cole 105,431
2 Bon Jovi 87,145
3 Rumer 66,452
7 Jamiroquai 34,378

"Blue Skies" charted outside the top 75 at #76... seems like there wasn't enough interest, especially with this muddled promo

In Australia, Rock Dust Light Star debuted at #13 on the ARIA album chart and #4 on the ARIA digital sales album chart.

Hopefully it will get higher when they do their promo tour here in 2 weeks. I've been waiting for the deluxe cd that I pre-ordered at JB HiFi, which has been delayed in Oz. The album might have debuted higher if it wasn't for this delay. I ended up buying RDLS on Itunes on Friday because I couldn't wait any longer (will still buy the cd too). I really love the album - Jamiroquai are the best!

So, was Dynamite then their worst release?
I've seen some people say that in this forum before! ;) i told you!
but well, let's support the band and their record! I like their music, as much as you do! :) and that's what it really matters!

Just checked the UK Album top 100...

High Times is at NUMBER 92!

Maybe people did see something in that X Factor performance that they thought they should check out...

High Times indeed :D

LOL 93 sorry... but still :D

#13 in Australia: Made up from being #4 on the digital album chart and #21 on the physical album chart. I await the Deluxe Edition's release out here too!

who cares if they are not #1, no chart needs to prove how truly great this band is....what really matters is they continue making original organic music and we the fans continuing supporting them...let's face it by the end of the day whatever gig the band plans to performs at, tickets are sold out within minutes

bottomline: to hell with the music charts!!

Italy put this album at #1 on iTunes. I suspect that it would be well up there in a European or EU chart, if there was one.

I do not care too much about the chart position. But I would like to know how Jay feels about this? Of course, if he wanted the album to go straight to No. 1 a lot of marketing and promo things should have be done much better: the strange album cover, no real hitsingle or video, no good marketing campaign so far. I think from the business point of view neither Jay nor the record company had a clue how to create a successful hype or marketing plan. Plus these days Jay may not be very cooperative when it comes to business decision, I guess. This is why the album only did okay in the first chart week.
Nevertheless the album itself and all live performances so far are/were great and I hope it is going to be a longseller.

@Santacruz: well said!


Jamiroquai are on their best form to date, the album is good, the live music is solid, and this is how the record company responds to their hard work, with a confusing and poor 'marketing' campaign? They've been away for 5 years. There should have been some kind of 'WE'RE BACK!' promotion. I said this before in an earlier thread; the cover is not right, it conveys an image of a live album which most people would think was unimportant, and as for the single releases... where were they? Considering WKR wasn't played much on UK radio, it made an impression purely through the odd performance. Imagine how it could have done if it had been constantly played on the radio? The videos were uninspired. Nice, but who cares that Jay can operate several vehicles? To me personally the chart position is irrelevant but it will matter to the financial planners. Oh well, musicians make their money from touring nowadays, let's hope real music fans vote with their feet and come out for a dance.

No. 29 in Ireland i find that very hard to believe. I bought my copy on so does that contribute to the UK chart? If so i believe a lot of Irish people would have purchased their copy of RDLS this way. There are 50,000 people living in my City and only two tiny record stores so i didn't trust that they'd have the album on the 1st November so i bought it online. Seriously Jamiroquai have a huge fan base in Ireland. Please come back and tour over here soon. XXX

Ezbe - couldn't have put it better myself! :)

The difference with Jamiroquai albums is that they have a longer shelf life then say.....Cheryl Cole. Because these plp churn out 1 a year, its quantity over quality. I thinks its one of their best albums to date and defo a return to form so to be honest, i dont care where it charts, as long as it doesnt put them off doing another....soon! which he did indicate.


Well said PJB ;p

Weekly No. 2 in KOREA. Daily No. 1 since yesterday. I'm sure they will be the No. 1 next week.

Ez I'm glad you're back throwing your thoughts into the mixer, you always make sense :)

I'm very happy with the album, major fan of All Good In The Hood (didn't think I would be after I saw the track listing!), She's a Fast Persuader, Smoke and Mirrors and Hey Floyd, and I'm sure the others will grow on me. I personally think it's an improvement on Dynamite, much funkier.

As long as Jamiroquai keep making good music I'll be happy, if they can keep plodding along with sell out tours they'll be fine. Lets face it, they're never going to appeal to Cheryl Cole and Rihanna fans.

No matter what the chart positions say, Jamiroquai fans are a dedicated sort! We will ride out to the outer cosmos and back for Jay and the boys! Keep on funkin' Jamiroquai!

I'm not necessarily talking about the people posting on this site but... if Jamiroquai fans are so dedicated, why is the RDLS first week sales nearly half that of Dynamite's first week sales? Just a thought...

Maybe the 5 year wait was too long for some :/

Terrible chart position, I'm disgraced at the record buying public who filled the rest of the top 10 with mainly utter crap. Oh, and as for Bon Jovi they had a greatest hits out in the mid 90's, why are so many people interested in a second greatest hits with mostly the same songs when hundreds of thousands of people have the first one? *shakes fist angrily*

From a commercial point of view, the loss of Sony along with the 5 year gap in albums will mean the album won't as successful as it could have been.

just hope that the chart position wont discourage the band for making a new album...

Totally agree with you Otis P Jivefunk. I am right to say that Bon Jovi's last greatest hits album held off ROTSC from the number one spot???

maybe jay doenst care about chart positions anymore? who knows? i reckon they just want to make quailty music and have fun whilst doing it, and what an album!! :)

The single's were confusing..didn't know if it was both or one being released! Should have done one first and the other a couple of months later, then they could have promoted the singles to the max! Both really good tracks and them being released at the same time has been counter productive and cost them a decent chart position. The album certainly hasn't lacked publicity which has been good, Jamiroquai have been in the news abit recently and i think the X Factor thing was good publicity, because it got people talking about Jamiroquai again! A few more album adverts wouldn't have gone amiss! All else i can say, is don't worry about the album position over here, people's taste's are getting alot worse!

I like Rihanna AND Jamiroquai, is that so wrong?

There is nothing wrong with liking Rihanna, people should be able to like whatever, can't say im a fan! But each to their own...i like some very questionable music so im one to talk! I just hate the way most music has got so samey and manufactured! Not criticizing X Factor as a show either, i'd be a hypocrite if i did, i watch it most weeks, its good tv! Even if there is some horrible examples of what musics become..One Direction spring to mind!

Single selection has been the achilles heal for jamiroquai for a long, long time. There's really only one way this album would work imo. They would have to release "She's A Fast Persuader" & " Goodbye Too My Dancer". I know some people say that SAFP can't be a single because of the lyrics...but i say screw that. One of Jay Z biggest successes was "Big Pimpin" and we all know what that songs about. Sex sells!!

"All Good in the Hood" could work as a single too put together a video ala RHCP's "Hump de bump" next thing u know jamiroquai's at the top of the charts. simple.

But it won't happen though.

Jamiroquai are universal, the exteme majority of the top ten in the UK only hit the english speaking countries and are marketed to the point of annoyance. How many times was RDLS on the tele?? Jay can't be disappointed, 5 years away no clear single, hardly any advertising and 7th.
Thier diversity and obvious quality will see them hit many top 5's across the world and hopefully top spots like in Holland.

Hope Jay doesn't turn on his British fans for this, as it seems apparent they already prefer playing in Europe!!!!


Another great album Jamiroquai. Took some listening to but I love it. Its all im going to listen to for some time.

Top 3

2.Hey floyd

Shame the charts arent filled with quality tracks like this!

Long live Jamiroquai.

I am British. I can tell you now that most of the British people around me listen to crap and don't care much for Jamiroquai and that's the sad truth. I care for Jamiroquai and I want them to know that they are appreciated in there home country (though by few) and chart positions shouldn't discourage them from playing here.

Check this out: .Maybe he is taking his anger out on the Brits.He is so right.

Listening to 'Never gonna be another' as I type. What a track, what an outstanding accomplishment of composed bliss. Mindblowing. There will be soulfood and for those who will never be able to experience it, there will be 'popcorn' for the people. So then let this century chart the quick fix of pure popcorn s**t, and let this music, our music, rise, penetrate, and work its medicine on us.
Number 7 could be 77, don't make one piece of jack s**t difference to me. This is there greatest body of work they've ever done.

"Never gonna be another" takes me back to high times.

For those of you dissing the Brits, including JK, you should see how it is here in NY! lol. At least we have the Italian influence, tainted as it my be. I love that Jay throws props to Italy! Ciao Italia! :-D

3 new entries in Dance singles chart >>>>>>

Don't worry about where it initially charts. Haven't even heard anything yet on my corner of the earth. I think RDLS will be here for a while. They need to do some clever marketing, however. :)

Rock Dust Light Star: #2 (new)
White Knuckle Ride: #20 (week 6)

Czech Republic:
RDLS #23 (1st week)

Midweek chart position No.17 - a drop of ten places.

Thanks for the update.I really hope they release at least one more single soon.SAFP or AGITH may increase the sales of the album.

The deluxe version must be purchased just for 'hang it over' alone. I just finsished watching star wars, and parts of the song just fit so damn well into the 'cantina'(Mos Eisley) scene (1:15 on hang it over). I was always one for welcoming a little more rock, but these horns are just through the roof. Brilliant. When the song begins to end at 3:39, my god, can't stop dancin'... I love this band!

Is the promotion of the new album RSLS a mistake???
Is the new style of Jamiroquai a mistake???

The new Cd is phenomenal! To hell with the
charts I treat them the same as I do movie
critics reviews...straight into the trash.

To echo previous comments, who gives a rat's ass about the chart position, especially in the UK. The UK charts are purely a marketing competition now, with Cheryl being the current media darling. To be frank, all she does is look fairly attractive whilst she guest mimes on other people's songs. Unfortunately people in the UK have been so brainwashed by the tabloids and awful magazines that they almost feel obliged to buy the kind of crap released under her name so as not to lose face with their friends.

Let's have a look at the sales figures in say 2 years time and see how they compare then. I suspect the picture will be rather different.

Down 15 places from 7 to 22 @ UK album charts in week 2...

Ashamed to be Irish with that chart position. Lucky I live here in Italy where every time I go to the supermarket I can hear jamiroquai. Fatastico!

@Bob Fleming, i couldn't agree with you more!

Utterly dismayed that a fantastic single and album are doing so poorly in the charts. It really is a sad reflection on the trash that this country gets suckered into buying. I for one am educating my girls on decent music and they are loving Rock Dust Light Star. Great album. We're loving it!

Week 2... White Knuckle Ride went from 39 to 85 in the UK singles chart.

In the UK airplay chart Blue Skies dropped from 27 to 37.

Week 3 UK album chart update... Rock Dust Light Star drops from 22 to 45.

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