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Added on Saturday 06 November 2010, 14:54 (UTC)

The last few weeks for the band have been extremely busy and there's little time to relax in November as the band head overseas including short trips to Australia and Japan to help promote Rock Dust Light Star.

After last weeks Italian X Factor performance (a whole day of travel for a single track) Jay was interviewed for the website and he was clearly tired of the continual interviews, time zone changes and travel.  Part of the interview was posted on the website (in Italian, so you may want to use something like Google Translate to help) and some more questions and answers where he talks about topics such as the meaning of the title track, Rock Dust Light Star, and some comments about religion are available on a YouTube video which can be found via the website.

With the amount of interviews appearing at the moment feel free to post any links to other interviews/articles as news comments here at  The occasional one will probably get 'featured' as an individual news item but not all of them.

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Great to see all these interviews popping up; really enjoying the band being so active at the moment!! Cheeebahhhh!

Loved the video interview!!! Cheebbaaa

"really enjoying the band being so active at the moment!! Cheeebahhhh!"

Really? I don't know.. i think, it's almost everytime the same questions, or stupids questions, or same stupids questions.
Boring, useless, overkill for people, exhausting for them.

Yeah...answering kinda the same questions might be slightly....slightly tedious. But big deal. It was ever thus that bands and musicians..slowly get irritated by their own fans. And the media..that connect the two..and promote..that bands efforts. But these millionaires need to buck up a little. They get to get rich making music and doing exiting live performances. I say answer the questions with a smile..and on the way back to the mansions from the 4 star hotels in exotic places...stop off at the confetti store....and stock up. It aint bad at all.

This makes for interesting reading re: the state of the UK music companies

jay's so honest in all his interviews, chhhhhhhheeba

Some French Interviews from this week:
- On the TF1 News broadcast:
- French Newspaper "Le Parisien":

Definitely NOT 22 years old anymore...thanks for the great music Jay!!!

jay will be on a italin radio station tonight @ 23:00

someone please record it, i don't know if this station lets you hear it afterwards

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