Paul Turner makes the cover of Bass Guitar magazine

Added on Friday 05 November 2010, 15:07 (UTC)

Jamiroquai bass player Paul Turner is featured on the front cover and inside in an interview in the current issue of Bass Guitar magazine (UK) where he talks about 'The Inside Story of Rock Dust Light Star'...

Bass Guitar magazine is on sale now!

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Very well deserved. He's a great bass player.

That is wonderful news!
Love and respect to you Paul, Thank you for all the funky good vibes, can't wait until you come over to tour the U.S.
All the best!

Great for him, amazing bass player.Cheebbaaaa

Love it, what a bassist! Cheeeeba!

He's outdone himself in RDLS. Good for him!

Glad he's getting recognition. He's amazing on RDLS.

Well in Paul!

Everyone keep smoking CHEEBA and then eventually, they'll have to LEGALIIIIIIIIIZE.

Love his work on the entire RDLS album, well deserved to be on the front cover. Cheeeeebah!

hej hej
Can anyone post a link to the interview?
Thx in advance

First Zender on the issue 50 and now Turner on the issue 60! :D Who's gonna appear on issue 70??? VERDINE WHITE¿??? hahaha amazing Paul, you're doing an amazing job in Jamiroquai. You really won the respect of the Jamiroquai fans! :D

Great stuff! I think Paul does an amazing job on the album! Sounds great and he is terrific live too! Nick Fyffe for issue 70 by the way...

Jamiroquai Makes me smoke Marijuana while listening to a record

Congratulations Paul! It's deserved! You've been making a fantastic job! See Ya!

The reason I love Jamiroquai the amount I do is because their music is pure cheeba!!

Well done Paul, locking down that bass you defo keeping the funk alive

Super cool PAUL !!! So proud of ya !!!

Wonderful! Well deserved :)

Nice One Paul, well done & fully deserved :-)

I second Little H's comment! Hope you're well Paul. Looking forward to seeing you at the next gig. xx

Nice he really deserve it!! GO PAUL GO!!

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