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Added on Friday 05 November 2010, 09:51 (UTC)
Jamiroquai - AIR Studios - 4th November 2010
Jamiroquai performed a great gig in front a select audience at AIR Studios in London for BBC Radio 2 on Thursday night. The set list was as follows...
  • Rock Dust Light Star, High Times, Smoke & Mirrors, Little L, Alright, All Good In The Hood, Love Foolosophy, She's A Fast Persuader, Blue Skies, Deeper Underground
The gig was preceede...d with an on air interview with presenter Jo Whiley and the whole show can be heard online at the BBC website.More photos will be posted online at the Jamiroquai Facebook pages in the coming days...

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Listening to it now, Jay's voice sounds perfect in RDLS and the band are tight as ever.

Let's hope the rest of the gig is as good!!

Listening to it to...fantastic performance so far ! Is there any way to capture this and make nice MP3's out of it ? I believe this is the first time so many tracks of the new album are played live...

My gosh, so much better than the Jazz Cafe Electric Proms jobbie from a few years ago.

That was the best singing performance by Jay so far. I think he is warming be honest: I did not like the album too much when I first heard it but it is getting better and better the more often you listen to the songs. Would love to hear Hey Floyd live, IMO the best song on the album ( love the Ska part!).

Tuned in when it was live last night and it didn't disappoint, simply amazing. Cheebbaaa

Wow, Jay's voice and the band sound absolutely fantastic! Am listening now through headphones, just awesome!

Only wish I could have attended. Sure was a great sound last night though, just what I needed.

I listened to it online and it 'a fantastic unique sound was amazing and special ... I can not wait to enjoy again a live concert!She's a fast persuader, out of space, escalated to elation any place
Girl's got crazy rhythm, she's coming from a stranger place
all wrapped up in music with a star gaze on her face...
love it live!
W J!! W Jamiroquai and RDLS!! sssssssuper!!! ♥ xxxx


If only this could be made into a CD - no editing...

WOW! Very impressive indeed...the horns at the end of SAFP had me mesmerized!

Damn! This concert will be online for 6 days, I would like to record this concert to a mp3 but I cannot find any good software (freeware, shareware) to do so, ¿someone can tell me one?

Btw, She's a persuader is the best song of the album so far.

Hi guys, brilliant concert. Im currently working on getting the mp3 from it, just taking a while to edit but i do have it at the quality you hear :-) gimme a couple of days.

wow - been listening to the new album for a couple weeks now - live performances before this one didnt have me sold - but now im a believer that jamiroquai are BACK! horns, great basslines - so fun. now if they would play 2 hour gigs and get back to the states, there is a show i would shell out some money for!

Was so excited while listening last night, Jay sounded amazing, like expected. Love fool was extremely good, like unexpected good. Cheeeeeba!

Smoke & Mirrors and All Good In The Hood are the two worst tracks on RDLS in my opinion, but Jamiroquai keep including them in their recent setlists. I hope neither of them will be the next single :/ Hopefully that title will fall to She's A Fast Persuader...

I actually really like smoke and Mirrors, not so keen on all good in the hood tho. JAMIROQUAI PLEASE PLAY HEY FLLOYD LIVE that would sound awesome and i agree with SAFP

The Beeb has some pretty difficult obstacles to overcome, regarding audio streams. Basically, here's the scoop: UK residents will be able to gain access to a high quality stream of this 2-hour broadcast for the next 6 days *only*. I'm only going to be able to get access to a lower-quality stream (it's still fine though, IMO).

I am currently streaming a lower quality version of the interview; like the poster John above, I'll try and get the result up within a few hours (but likely unedited; I really can't be bothered chopping it up; perhaps the more pedantic will want to do that themselves anyway). Why can't it be done quicker? Streaming media has to be captured in real-time, afaik. This interview is 2 hours :/ So this space for me, John, or a different poster. Until then,


The intro to Love Fool is amazing, Jay's voice is perfect! Great show.

Ugh; this has been a tiring experience all around, but I have a present for you all:

Time for me to sleep. Peace.

It was amazing, i was actually dancing in my living room as i listened!!! Fantastic live performances, especially the new tracks :)

Thanks Logicaust! A well deserved sleep I say.

Thank you Logicaust, really appreciate it. Gonna have this on repeat for afew days :)


Logicaust, u don't know how much I thank you!!! Excelent edition.

they should play travelling without moving right after she's a fast persuader.. I feel they could make a gr8 synchronisation ;)

Thanks logicaust :D

logicaust thanks a million!!

This is the absolute tightest I have heard the band play in a while. Amazing live broadcast. Well done to all involved. :-)

Anyone notice that the very beginning of this version of Alright sounds a bit like "Snooze You Lose"?

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