Paradiso full concert video online

Added on Friday 05 November 2010, 09:37 (UTC)

Dutch newspaper website Telegraaf has posted online a full length video of the concert held at the Amsterdam Paradiso on Friday 29 October as well as a printed interview with Jay.

Credit: Rene van der Does

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Awesome! Did see the cameras there but couldn't find the video!
Thnx so much!

Sweet!! I'm gonna relive this right now at school! It was amazing! Didn't know that there were camera's!

Amazing, will watch it now. Cheebbaaa

I definitely love this version of RDLS. Just to lay back and relax

Audiotrack to download, anyone?

Exactly does anyone know how to ?? Or has made an audio download ??

Would be so nice !!!

You can download the FLV file if you click on the following link:

Man, J is having a tough time hitting a lot of notes eh. Have you ever heard him have this tough of a time? But other than that-it's awesome. Thanks for the video.

like 1994 (awesome!): now Jamiroquai is back, and it's, AT LEAST, a band! great performance indeed, dear old days are coming...

Well, he had some real Dutch weed first so you can imagine...

The concert was great btw!

Hey, someone have donwloaded the video successfully? Because no matter what browser i use, the download stops at the first third.

i was there!

tried a bunch of times, can't download either

I 'hear' that if you use a program like 'FlashGet' then you'll be able to get the whole file.

I uploaded the file at Sendspace. Here you go:

I was just listening the concert from this link (thanks David and Rene van der Does) , and I realized that they didn't aired "All Good In The Hood". I was lucky to be there that night and the alternative version of AGITH did not hit it off. I remembered that the guys where looking a little confused after the song. The rest of concert was G.R.E.A.T.

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