London Jazz Cafe gig set list and photos

Added on Saturday 06 November 2010, 21:05 (UTC)
Jamiroquai - Jazz Cafe London - 5 November 2010

On Friday night Jamiroquai played a jam packed gig at the Jazz Cafe in Kentish Town, London.  The gig was limited to winners of a competition organised by music store HMV and the setlist was as follows:

  • Revolution, High Times, Smoke and Mirrors, Hurtin', All Good In The Hood, Little L, Alright, Love Foolosophy, She's A Fast Persuader, Rock Dust Light Star, Blue Skies, White Knuckle Ride, Cosmic Girl, Deeper Underground

The band were on top form and Jay was very talkative and interactive with the audience between songs.  The show wasn't filmed but you'll find clips appearing on YouTube as it seemed like half the crowd had camera-phones pointing at Jay!

Thanks to the good people at I was able to take photos at the gig and you'll find one posted here and another one over at the Jamiroquai Facebook pages.  I've got many more that will be uploaded to Facebook early next week.

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Was such a good show!

SAFP, Alright and Love Foo were my favourites :D


Yes Don, was amazing. Glad we went.

You guys were there again! I am so jealous! Vet it was awesome!


She's Fast Persuader should be next single. Amazing track!

Was out of this world, loved being there with the Cheeba lads! Great laugh Cheeeeeeeba!!

Pure funk magic! My forth Jamiroquai gig this year... blew the others out the water. Felt like an evening socialising with Jay, his interaction with the crowd was brilliant, you could tell he was genuinely having a great time on stage, he couldn't wait for that sax solo on Fast Persuader! The acoustic/ chilled start to Love Foolosophy was a highlight for me, beautiful. I also noticed Derrick & Sola wearing items from the new Adidas/ Star Wars collaboration- I knew they were using the force!! Looking forward to seeing your pics David, I noticed you got a good spot up on the balcony! you must have some great shots of Sola.

Thanks David, great work as always:-))))))))

How the hell did you guys get there?!

J-Dogg: I was there taking photos for the band. Some people won the HMV 'pre-order' competition to get tickets, and others had no tickets and just stood outside and were eventually let in by the Jazz Cafe door security people.

I know this lol. I meant a couple of my mates above......

Wish i'd have waited outside!

I queued up for about two hours with out a ticket til jamiroquai started playing and the bouncer let some of us in. I could not believe it, so glad I waited as was prob the best gig I've ever been to, felt really personal with some great acoustic versions and good interaction with the crowd.

I was a bit disappointed by the way they did the tickets though (not just cos I didn't win) but because every ticket had a 'plus 1', it felt like only half the people really wanted to be there. But anyway great to hear fast persuader live and acoustic rock dust light star. Was really a once in a life time gig!

The acoustic version of " Rock Dust Light Star" is really interesting!! I like it!!
I watched the footage on what a gig! She´s a fast persuader was so awesome ( and Jay so funny) haha
I wish they would perform like this at every gig!
Why are they always that happy at JAZZ CAFE??

It's seemed a very nice show (I've only seen it by extracts on youtube unfortunately) Jay was talkative and funny with the audience (especially before She's a Fast Persuader which is an AMAZING track in live too)
I can't wait to see us again!

Thank you David for the glorious Pix of the Gig.
It was a pleasure to watch them!

Greets Dom

Yes, I agree Sandriche. They seems very happy and relaxed at Jazz Cafe. I wish I had been there.
Does anyone have mp3 for this gig??

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