Jay thanks his 1 million(+) Facebook fans

Added on Tuesday 02 November 2010, 08:45 (UTC)
The Jamiroquai pages on Facebook recently reached over 1 million fans and to say thank you a short video featuring Jay has been uploaded to YouTube thanking the fans for their support.

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Love it! hes a funny guy! good to see you back Jay!!

Still such a ham! Great guy!

Am super excited about the new album! Have heard it and it's AWESOME! Please please please come to Cape Town, South Africa. The beach is waiting...

May not be the most appropriate area to ask, but what has happened to the release of Blue Skies as a single ? Is it available on CD ?

I was told that Blue Skies was going to be digital release only and available as of yesterday (Monday). Looking at iTunes the only single I see is White Knuckle Ride which is listed as release on 31 October. I'm confused!

ring, ring "hello, dillington 224 please operator, yes operator can you hear me? i'm trying to get though to facebook! FACEBOOK!!" lmao thanks u jay and the gang, for a funny video and an awesome video!

Aha, what a way to thank everyone with a funny video like that. The guy is so cool. Cheebaaa!

Maybe we take this as a sign that no more CD singles will be released. Doesn't help that both White Knuckle Ride and Blue Skies have been referered to being singles relased from the new album, and both on the same day (ish) that the album is released. Call me old school, but I like to buy the CD versions of singles. I have all that they have ever released in the UK !

Ahahah,you're so cool Jay ,great to see you !It's a pleasure to follow you & the band ;)

Wow thanks Jay :) I was a fan back when they had 600,000, and that was only like a year ago! Good to see the bands popularity continues to grow after nearly 20 years!

The coolest man to ever walk the planet! Cheeba!

Blue Skies, I completely agree with you. As someone who has all the UK singles ever released by the band, it is a shame there will seemingly be no future CD single releases. I guess there is no market for them anymore though :( I suppose the Promo's are better than nothing!

Cheers Daniel,

I fear for the day when CD releases of albums are no more. I know you can create your own CDs from a digital versions, but its just not the same as owning a hard copy, with proper album/single covers and sleeve notes. Man I feel old !

Massive Love and Respect to Jay,Derrick,Rob,Matt,Sola and Paul. Thank you for all the funky good vibes!Looking forward to seeing you on tour...all the best!

Quality video Quality bloke Quality band and best of all Quality MUSIC.
This video actually did make me laugh out loud. Really looking forward to the forth coming tour, for those people who have never seen jamiroquai live make sure you get yourself a tickets cuz your in for really special treat.

Haha, Jay. Love him!! Cheeeeeeb!

Excellent! Still laughing looking at the clip!

THE GROUP is growing, the jamily is growing!!!

FACE... BOOK. Hahaha, that is hilarious!!!!

Jay is hilarious when he wants to be! I remember the first time I heard the Jazz Cafe gig in 2006. It was like a stand up show at times! Great frontman!

Daniel, very true, and on so many levels. Jay tells a good story and has a laugh at the concerts!! He is genuinely grateful to the fans, too. It breaks my heart that certain people in the press have tried to portray him in a bad light.

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