Rock Dust Light Star UK midweek chart position

Added on Tuesday 02 November 2010, 15:02 (UTC)

According to MusicWeek, Rock Dust Light Star is currently at number five in the UK midweek charts.

Currently selling the most albums this week is Cheryl Cole (41,000), Bon Jovi (30,000) and Rumer at number 3 with 29,000 copies.  Rock Dust Light Star has sold approximately 13,000 copies.  Anything can change between now and Sunday when the chart is revealed.

For information, here's how the bands' previous albums have finished after their first week of release in the UK charts:

  • Emergency On Planet Earth - 1
  • The Return Of The Space Cowboy - 2
  • Travelling Without Moving - 2
  • Synkronized - 1
  • A Funk Odyssey - 1
  • Dynamite - 3
  • High Times: Singles 1992-2006 - 1

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I hope it hits number 1! Cheeba!

Not bad, want it to hit number 1 but just doubt it with the stuff that hits number one these days.... Cheeba

oooo :( i had better expectationss :S can it really change guys?? has it ever happened before ?

I had a look through the old news here and in 2005 Dynamite was number 2 in the midweek charts, then dropped to 3 in the official countdown :(

I doubt it will hit number one, not because it's a bad album (It's the best) but because the generation we live in would rather hear Cheryl Cole edited than hearing the best vocals of Jason Kay. The world is mediated.

Falco, you have hit the nail on the head with the reality we live in these days. What I will say though, is that this is for the UK charts. I am pretty sure that the album will sell very well across the world (which is probably more than we can say for Cheryl's latest offering).

Who wants to bet the X-Factor brouhaha has something to do with this? I can't help but think that Jay's dug his own hole.

When you're in a band that's been off the grid for five years, slagging the female judges of the most popular entertainment show in the UK is, at least in my opinion, asking for trouble. While those quotes may or may not be true, perception is reality.

This mid-week report is the "trouble."

Just my opinion, feel free to disagree.

If this album (with no real hit lead single) gets in the top three I will be very surprised but very impressed.

It would really show Jamiroquai fan power.

@Chris - I don't think that would dissuade someone from buying his album. You either think he's a prick or your like his music. It's all carefully timed drama to generate publicity.

The problem with the industry these days is the majority of albums are purchased by teens, and Jamiroquai's new album isn't the aesthetic they're used to. Staying out of the game for five years is an eternity in the music industry..and the singles weren't really the best choices/they aren't really being pushed to the public as hard as past singles. With that said, best of luck to the band getting a top chart position.

I mentioned their proud album record last week, and said that I would be happy with #2 after five years, if we can make it happen. I bought my copy yesterday. It's a credit to the band that they're still charting high, more so, given that it's been five years since Dynamite. BUT Chart positions aren't everything. Today, I read that Take That brought their album release date forward to avoid challenging JLS for a #1 - The suits believe that this way, both acts can have the top spot. It sickens me, especially as both already have #1s to their name, and not every act can claim this. This sense of entitlement from the acts and the suits. This kind of thing has gone on in the British charts for years with Idol/X-Factor/boy and girl groups. At least we can say that whenever our favourite band got #1, it was done honestly. To get top 10 in light of all this is still an accomplishment, and whatever happens, I'm still proud.

Having said that, Italy have put this album at the top of the album charts, so while the X-Factor machine might dominate in one country, we can also say that Jamiroquai are winning the greater battles worldwide.

One more thing... Since WHEN has midweek been Monday?

based on

RDLS is N.1 in nederlands
N.2 and 5 in german Itunes
N.3 and 4 in belgium Itunes
N.8 in sweden Itunes

preety gr8!

I wonder if there's an EU or European chart?

Well said Cheeba-1.I'm in my early 20's and it makes me sad to see how many people of a similar age,prefer what is in my opinion, plastic and manufactured music.Jamiroquai produce real quality music that no one can come close to.I get the impression that it is almost seen as unfashionable to like Jamiroquai.I hope they climb to number one by the end of the week.If it stays the same I hope it will not deter them from releasing more records,because their fans adore them.

I don't get how Rumer is ahead of Jamiroquai. She had one song that doesn't particularly stand out for her debut single. I guess the radio and newspapers must have been promoting her as an exciting new British artist or something.

Jamiroquai should have had something physically released before the album came out for more publicity. However, I think the album may pop up ahead of Rumer and Bon Jovi next week with two singles under the RDLS belt.

Here's to hoping it can make it to number 3 at least!

Rumer is one of those artists the press and certain people tell you to like. A bit like James Blunt before his name started to mean something else...

"I get the impression that it is almost seen as unfashionable to like Jamiroquai"

THIS. The general public are idiots. I don't know if any of you use twitter, but if you saw some of the things that people have said about Jay and Jamiroquai, you would be disgusted. The thing about this X-Factor comment is that he's not the first. The same stuck up judges had their knickers in a twist over comments from Sir Elton and Sting, among others. I don't care if it's unfashionable or not - the reality is that while the rest have gone out, or prettier faces come along, Jamiroquai have done their own thing and enjoyed success every time. They win because they're still standing, and that's all anyone needs to know.

@One Winged Angel - Perfectly said

PLus none of us ever realized that Jamiroquai got so succesful by playing ACID JAZZ /DISCO/FUNK and many styles of music... not even POP like nowadays artists .. Its soo hard to be succesful with this kind of music.. What other bands are there like jamiroquai? many tried but got my opinion Jamiroquai's success is JK .. his style,dance moves, hats,fashion,voice...the evolution of styles between albums made jamiroquai wat it is .. If there wasnt jk i m sure the band wouldn't have lasted. The fact that jamiroquai is still huge after nearly 19 years thats wat matters ..

Reading all these fan comments does give some sense of awe. It is great, isn't it? How many pop bands have we seen come and go in the time that Jamiroquai were around. Jamiroquai never were the biggest thing in music (although they were highly popular late 90's), but they have proved that they are not a trend and have the talent to stay popular no matter what's happening in the charts around them.

JK is the main man.I bet the Brand New Heavies wish they accepted him,when they had the chance!Just look at him on Sunday night.He was the star of the show,and poor old Cheryl's apparent look of disdain towards him,was actually one of envy and jealousy.The sad thing is some people can't spot the 'genuine' talent.I will always regard Jamiroquai as a band though,and not an individual.

Most of the people are like sheeps they would follow every direction their leader gives.. the leader here is the whole music industry.. What's the new cool thing nowadays? House Trance Pop rap... musics that fades away ... does any1 remeber the song ' here 's the key philosophy..' that song was everywherrree 2 summers ago .. and nowadays noones dares to play it cz its soo expiredd :p

jay is great, a genius and a brilliant dancer..BUT i hve to admit none of that could be seen on x factor, he danced ans sang like some old bloke..sorry but its true, i mean i love jamiroquai all my life and i know what he is capable of. That performance on x factor really sucked!

all fans should buy 2 or 3 copies at the time!!! one to listen and the other two to keep untouched just in case ;) I do that:)

Charts don't mean sh*t these days, It was better when good british bands and Dance acts like the Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Jamiroquai would top the charts. I wouldn't even put Cheryl Cole and Jamiroquai in the same sentence, Cole's music is massed produced arse.

Disappointed with the new album, but 'Hey Floyd' is incredible - screams out classic Jamiroquai, when JK had that revolutionary (almost rapping) 'attitude' in his voice, and when the studio production was great. Sticks out on the album by a mile. It's the same kind of spirit and energy that 'Rage Against The Machine' had in their prime. I hope it points to a future sound for them...

hope this album does well, currently at this very moment its at number 3 on Australian itunes (deluxe edition).... thats a healthy sign there....

@-ST-, Prodigy made number 1 with their last album Invaders Must Die last year. They also made number 1 with every album they've released other than their first, and Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned made number 1 with a 7 year gap...

It's sad to see Jamiroquai not even number 2. I knew number 1 would be impossible due to the competetition this week. He spent half a million pounds making this album, gotta wonder if he'll make that back. Maybe with worldwide sales, but the record industry is almost dead now. Crappy manufactured pop isn't helping either, oh well I bought it, and on CD too...

Otis, don't worry - Jay's main source of revenue will be from concerts and appearances that the album promotes.

I would say that the album is doing very well thus far and I'm pretty sure Jay would be happy.

Does anyone even give a sh*t about pop charts when Jamiroquai doesn't have something new out? I don't and I don't see why I should care now. Who wants to be pop anyway - it's crap! I don't care if no one else likes listening to what I like. What I like matters more to me than what everyone else likes!

Thanks for the previous chart positions information, wishing all involved with Jamiroquai the best of luck (there's no such thing, just hard work) with the new album.

What happened to the days where you had to sell a million or two to go number 1? 41,000 at number 1 is laughable. This album should rape the charts, but sadly we live in a chav-land Britain. It will sell across Europe.....

Cheryl Cole being number 1 just goes to show how bad the music of today truly is.

Anyone in North America pre-order from My Deluxe CD isn't supposed to get to me in the USA until Nov 22!!! Anyone have such a late date or am I just unlucky?

@Jules_007, Same here! It's scheduled to Nov 22 on "My Account" but this is probably wrong as they said 8-11 days to arrive by the standard delivery.

1 million facebook fans and 13000 album sales. Go figure.

Anyone still waiting for their delivery ?

What's your point Paul? Those album sales are from the UK only...

Oh and BlueBottle - top post! Completely agree with that!

i am STILL waiting for to get off their arse with my cd. gettin more annoyed as each minute passes.

It's sad to see these numbers. 13,000 vs 41,000 for Cheryl Cole? Who the hell is that? I don't even know. Regardless, these sales figures are incredibly low all-around. I still think that if they had promoted TCDT (or even Angeline) as the single that they could've done much better, but it was Jay who insisted on Blue Skies as a single and, truth be told, their televised live performances have been underwhelming to say the least. You can't just blow off the buying public on the basis that you personally like an artist and everything else is crap. Ultimately it's the artist's responsibility to entice the public into purchasing said album through good promotion (awareness) + strong performances wherever possible. Even though I will purchase RDLS when it comes here in the US next year, most other people only care about crap like Justin Bieber because young people have purchasing power and that's who the record labels are targeting 99% of the time. They don't care about the more educated, narrow-minded, nitpicking adult buyers anywhere near as much.

If Jamiroquai intends to make a dent in the US market they MUST push the good material through live performances and a strong promotional campaign. "If you want to be found, stand where the seeker seeks." Is there a popular show or movie where one of these songs can be prominently featured? How about sporting events (oh, how they love to promote stuff through stuff like ESPN and whatnot)? Even online stuff like YouTube helps spread the word. By broadening their audience, they increase potential sales. Jamiroquai needs market penetration to succeed. Sorry but Blue Skies is not going to get the job done. That's the truth of the matter.

Promote both TCDT and Angeline together. Perhaps AGITH would be a good supplemental single. SAFP is obviously more risque material -- I don't think they're going to push this as a single, even if it is a great song. *shrugs*

@Jules_007 - Me too, November 22nd:-( Counting the days. I am just hoping it surprises me earlier than that.

I'm going to make it a little easier for you Mike. Have you heard of a show called 'Little Britain'? There you will find a character called 'Vicky Pollard'. Type her in google, and you'll have an idea of the 41,000 that buy utter s**t in England. Chav society.

Wow, got the CD today in the USA!!! That really made my day, it's been a long 5 yrs.

That is the first "Vicky Pollard" reference I've read on this site...well done. A friend of mine from over there turned me on to the show a few years ago (I live in the states). It makes total sense now!
Britain, Britain, Britain...
I'm waiting for the Deluxe-Japanese version that doesn't exist, so I can get TNTFIW and the handful of extras.
If they would just list the tracks on the North American release...
I want that one! (my best Little Britain reference)

@Jules 007 That is great news! Where are you located in the U.S. on the east coast or the west coast? I hope mine comes this week...I am on the west coast:-(

Vicky Pollard is a "laydeee" in comparison to Cheryl Cole. Vicky Pollard never assaulted a toilet attendant.

@Mocha I'm on the east coast, yes. Maybe it'll get to you in a few days.

@Jules_007 Thanks for getting back to me. I hope your right:-)
Fingers crossed!

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