Stuart Zender is dreaming about bananas!

Added on Sunday 31 October 2010, 08:01 (UTC)

OK, what is the title of this news item about!  Well.... ex-Jamiroquai bass player Stuart Zender recently performed as a special musical guest on BBC childrens television show ZingZillas!

The 'characters' performed a song called 'Dreaming 'bout Bananas' and Stuart gives it some funky bass action.  The song can be seen/heard at approximately 18 minutes into the show.  In fact, the band reminded me a little of the 'old' Jamiroquai - as I'm sure there's someone resembling Wallis Buchanan dancing around on 'stage' and DJ D-Zire on the 'wheels of steel!'

This has to be one of the most bizarre things posted here at but it certainly made me smile.

Credit: David Bullock

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Arguably one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen. If you saw this unawares after ingesting a mind altering substance you might not make it back! Zender gives the hapless primates a slap-bass lesson around the 3 min mark as well. Great stuff.

Brilliant and certainly brings back memories of the Zender live days! I also think the set he's playing on has a certain EOPE inlay cover feel to it!

I can't see the episode, because the BBC doesn't like me... wrong country, even though we are right next door.... can someone drop the episode on youtube?

Zender is the man but this is embarrassing. Cheeba!

Haha,Stu and Jay should get together and release this as a single.Zender has still got the magic touch on bass.

Oh my - thank you! This has made my day! Brilliant stuff - can't stop laughing, although it is strangely catchy despite the obvious lyrical hilarity!


Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Get kids to understand real instruments at an early age! Now all he needs to do is do the same on hollyoaks and he'll help get teens into real music as well... maybe not the same song though.

"..dreaming 'bout bananas,..dreaming 'bout bananas", this is a sure fire hit! and earworm song if ever there was one lol! trippy or what! am having hysterics!

Bear with me folks - have lost the plot this afternoon. Theres only so much of Bruners catagory learning I can take!

I love it! & i don't know why...didn't know whether to laugh or not! Still looks very cool slapping the crap out of his warwick on a Cbeebies show haha
As always with STU sh*t hot bass playing!
Made my day! I've just had me a banana, seeing as i cant get the song out of my head! If you can't beat them join them, "dreaming bout banana's"

He is amazing, but what is this about, crazy find.

Lol,lol and again lol.
This has been expected since i don't know when.
Stu is lookin' good with his signature bass.
As one of his HC fans the only thing i can say is-if he is happy with it,I am happy too,haha

Hahah very nice!! here on youtube ;)

Dave Harrison might be on something. Tonight, we have Jamiroquai giving the X-Factor crowd an education in real music, and we have Stuart bringing the soul and groove emotion back to the Kids. There might be some hope for the future!!

*Sorry. I meant, might be on TO something!!

Haha funkynic! I just uploaded that and you've found it before I had a chance to link it on here!

One Winged Angel - I'm not on anything ;) haha

Can anyone strip the vocals from this and just make an instrumental version? Zenders the man

"So you like the funky sound my old Stuart makes with his guitar then?"

This is the Zender coming on "Running Out Of Heroes". I really loved the video, and their guest of course! Zender is definitely the man! Hope more of this is coming! :D

(by the way, i dunno why is it "bizarre" :S its just an educational TV program for kids and they're having a chance to learn something from music, Zender was just a guest.. but well, people have different points of view... i guess it should have been amazing if it was Jay :S come on)

Been looking out for Stu's appearance on this show for ages, nice tune too..

Very Fun! I prefer see him to play some funky tracks rather those boring ones with Le Roi or Mark Ronson!

First time we've seen SZ slapping A Warwick in years! Quality! If only.......

@ funkeducation
Who TF said anything here is bizarre-nothing is!
Ladies and gents,you've just had the luck to see the original ****ing awesome bassplayer of Jamiroquai.
The Big Mr.Zender...

@shinyweela "This has to be one of the most bizarre things posted here at but it certainly made me smile." (N) :(

Ok,I see..
Btw your video tribute for Stuart is nice (hopefully i am not mistaken,it was made by you,wasn't it),just for
case nobody told you yet ..:)

I can't view the video in my country. Anybody knows where I can watch this?

That was amazingly lovely. Doesn't Mr Zender look good?! I thought I could listen to him playing along with anything = and this proves it!

Woww I really like this.
Love the tone of his warwick and his slapping technique. Can't wait to hear some stuff with ROOH. I hopefully will meet him up in Paradiso, Amsterdam on november 16th with Mark Ronson.

I really liked it and my baby as well, shewas crying and during and now after the "funky banana" she is relax ;-)

Paul Turner's a talented bloke (and probably a lovely bloke too by the looks of it)


pleeeeeeeease please please come back to Jamiroquai Mr Zender we miss you!!!!! :(

@shinyweela yes, the Stuart Zender video tribute was made by me! :) I really love you like it! :D

here it is
the best!

Been watching your cool vid again and realized that this year,actually,we've got The return of TWO space cowboys.Jay is back with RDLS and Stu is back on stage.
To the complete happiness,just ROOH is (still)missing.
But , legends are back!
Maybe next year ,in this place, we will be posting comments on funkin groovy ROOH album -Stu ,don't forget about it,baby!

This is funny as hell! But at the same time reminds what a superb bass player Stuart is.

Stuart, Toby, and Jay...they were the soul of Jamiroquai, without the three together we will not revive those great moments

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