Jay's been talking to the Mirror!

Added on Sunday 31 October 2010, 07:16 (UTC)

Another pre-album interview with Jay has been published at the website of The Sunday Mirror newspaper (UK).  He talks a bit about speeding in his helicopter, what's better than winning a Grammy award, the ideal woman for him...

"I think a lot of ladies get quite scared about people like me, 'rock stars', and it can be hard to meet the right sort of person. I like girls who like the countryside, put on walking boots and can bend with the wind a bit. If you’re going to live with me, you need to be able to embrace the countryside and wet dogs."

...and his thoughts about The X Factor (which are slightly different to those printed in The Sun newspaper).

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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This interview is hilarious! A must read.

Great read, Love the man. Cheeba!

Absolutely brilliant! Jay is the man! :)

Great interview! That's a gorgeous photo of Jay too!

Jay, is the coolest guy on the planet!! Cheeba

What a frank interview! One can't help but really like this man. I particularly liked reading this, because it makes me ******* mad when I see it happening!

"I’m paying for people to do nothing while vulnerable and mentally ill people sleep on the street and poor pensioners who fought for our freedom don’t have enough money to keep warm. This isn’t a civilised country."

Jay seems to be right-winged in politics which is a bit of surprise, especially listening his lyrics on the initial albums and his peace and love ideology which sounded a lot like left wing. I love his music but him ... well I really don´t know. I personally hate people with that sh#tty view on those "lazy guys" (people getting benefits). They often forget those people have serious problems like alcohol, drugs and numerous families and those benefits are often the only way to survive. But I guess it´s really easy to talk with 35M on your bank account.. Hands down jay.

Jay has made some interesting points, I agree with his stance on the homeless and elderly in society, but feel its bad taste to speak about personal wealth and material possessions etc in the current economic climate.
We all pay our taxes in some form or other, be it indirect taxation, or through the paypacket. Jay would gain more kudos in my eyes if he led by example, and worked practically with a charity, raising their profile (altruism)

I agree with Ji', some do have issues with substance misuse. Volunteering for the past few years with a substance misuse agency,I am constantly amazed by the courage shown by these clients, addressing addiction issues. I am in the process of training to become an addictions worker

I dont buy the pipe and slippers routine, as this contradicts previous articles in the Telegraph, where he wants to "party" in South America.

His alcohol consumption (bottle of Glenfiddich 28-35 units x3 or more) seems to be a little excessive, and yes I dont know his surrounding circumstances, and its up to him to reduce or quit - its his choice, but it sounds like a classic case of cross addiction (replacing one substance/behaviour with another)and not addressing any underlying issues with a counsellor.

Great if he wants a life of liver cirrosis and failure, brain damage, bleeding from the oesophagus, peripheral neuropathy,cancer - carry on!

Its his choice, but if serious to make a change, Id seek medical advice from a GP, and reduce alcohol consumption slowly, as stopping suddenly can lead to life threatening alcohol withdrawal fits.

Sorry for the rant there!

Take care

well, the guy like his highs. jay will always be a smoker & can tell by looking at him that it's taking its toll on his skin, voice, etc.. but whatever, you only live once. i'd rather live 60 jay kay years than 100 boring ones. regardless, he seems to have calmed down quite a bit from his heyday.

I love how candid he always is, truly an original.

Jay speaks the truth!

"I’m paying for people to do nothing while vulnerable and mentally ill people sleep on the street and poor pensioners who fought for our freedom don’t have enough money to keep warm. This isn’t a civilised country."

High five!

I really enjoyed that. And quite pleased that he doesn't read horrid things about him - but sad if he doesn't hear the good things his fans say about him. I guess he doesn't need a bigger head!
PS: Jealousy reared it's ugly head upon hearing of the pub in his grounds - invitation please Jay - if you're reading this (haha)

Quote: "If you were a woman for a day, what’s the first thing you’d do?
JK: I’d quickly put on my heels and run upstairs to attend to my fella – ha ha! I’m even thinking of dragging up for the next video, just to have a bit of fun."

I was just thinking - Jay in a 1920's flapper dress for the 'Hang It Over' video would be perfect! :)

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