Free download of That's Not The Funk I Want Japanese bonus track

Added on Sunday 31 October 2010, 07:06 (UTC)

The Japanese release of Rock Dust Light Star includes a track called 'That's Not The Funk I Want' as a bonus track.  Thanks to the good people at who found this, you can legally download the track for free by registering at and then using a code you get emailed to 'pay' for the track at

It's not too confusing (even if you don't understand a word of German) and you should get the link to the MP3.

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Sounds like Jay and the boys made a song to the fans who demand a 90's sound.
Nice keyboards, are those Mellotron flutes we hear in the intro and in the middle? Maybe they've been listening to Wakeman or something.

Thanks, great find. Cheeba!

Amazing song!!! Cheeba!!!

How long does the email take?

GOT IT!!! YAY!!!

Got the track! And its awesome! :D I love it!!!! Very 80's!!!! sounds so nice! ;)

Very cool! It was difficult and bizarre having to navigate the site in German (esp. if you're non-German speaking), but eventually I figured it out and perhaps learned a thing or two. (Tip: It seems you HAVE to register.) I like the song a lot. It IS very 80s, which actually makes it sound very 'au courant'. But in that Jamiroquai way. :-)

Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!! =D

Not bad, it's quite reasonable. Nice sounds and atmosphere. Glad to have it...

I just can't stop thinking about High Times, for example, when I'm listening to this new songs.. I ask myself 'can they go back to that era?'.. sometimes bands change and the new sound is great, sometimes we just miss the past...

I want that track!! I m a big fan from Argentina!!

already on Youtube!

yo guys, stop with the past/new music line! Things change! get over it and if you guys like the old stuff then get them old albums! (cause they're great BTW!)

Can someone help me with this - i have a code via email - i have registered on the mp3 site but cannot find it...........

I found it last night but could not redeem the code as it did not work for some reason as i get this error message "Error: 2 Your voucher is sufficient for the purchase is not enough. "

I have spent an hour trying to do this!

Thanks in advance!

Does any version of the album apart from the Japanese version have That's Not The Funk I Want on it? I got mine from Play with the slipcase, and on Play it says it's on there, but it's not. Also Play has the track order different. I checked Amazon and they say the same as Play, they both have the wrong track order and both have That's Not The Funk I Want listed as on the UK version? What's the story here, does anyone have it on theirs?...

What is it with Play & Amazon advertising wrong track listings including 'That's Not The Funk I Want'?
We should get the track for free anyway if we have purchased the deluxe version.

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