Jay prepares himself for The X Factor performance!

Added on Saturday 30 October 2010, 15:47 (UTC)

The Sun newspaper (UK) loves 'angry' Jay and today, Saturday, they've got some rather opinionated quotes from him about The X Factor in advance of the bands performance on the UK version of the show on Sunday....

SINGER Jay Kay launched an amazing foul-mouthed rant against X Factor judges Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole as he prepared to perform on the show.

The Jamiroquai frontman called the pair "f****** useless" and added: "What are they going to tell me about f****** music?

"What the f***. When have you ever done anything? You're useless. The pair of you. I mean you look great and I'd like to f****** s**g you but that's all."

There was no stopping the 40-year-old, who will perform comeback single White Knuckle Ride in front of millions tomorrow.

He moaned: "I just don't like the w**** stuff I have to do. F****** X Factor and that. I'm going to have to sing in front of f****** amateurs. Do you know what I mean?"

Credit: Liam Brunskill

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Jay Kay, you are a f****** legend!! :-)

Ok, as the source is "The Sun" I don't actually believe he said that... I mean, that wouldn't be any clever from him...

Can you blame him? It is the "X Factor" after all. I don't know why there would be any judging of an established band anyway. Weren't Jamiroquai on as a guest? Which should only require a sincere and generous "Thank You" for coming by to perform on the show - looking forward to the new CD, etc etc. But the judges were actually giving their critique of Jamiroquai???? Please say it isn't so.

@J-Dogg (know you're not here yet, but going back to our previous discussion) strings being pulled yeah? Didn't think Jay Kay would actually be gagging at the bit to go on the show. Maybe he didn't talk in that extreme but there's no smoke without fire.
Personally, glad if this is what he has said. Proves he's not a hypocrite.
I reckon he should go onstage and do the little X factor that would be quality!

@Mocha - funny thing is the band haven't performed yet, so Jay's jumping the gun somewhat - the Judges haven't even had a change to comment before Jay's let rip. Funny as... :)

@Mocha, What do you mean, do they judge Jamiroquai also?

I really dont believe Jay said this at all mainly beacause its The Sun and we all know how reliable their journalists are.

It should be a good performance looking forward to it.

well he has criticized the x-factor in the past and i wouldn't be surprised if he actually said this now

thats what happens when you sell your soul to the record company, you can release new music and tour all around the world, but in return have to promote it in the media and look like a sell-out

no matter what JAMIROQUAI RULES!!!!

Priceless!!! Will be tuning in just to see his performance....wkr....damn it's smokin'!

Let it rip Jay! Haha I just burst out laughing at the amount of stars in that article! :P x

Good times Jay! See you in November!


It's a shame that acts like Cheryl Cole are going to keep Jamiroquai out of the #1 slot on the album charts. Just goes to show how much the quality of music has slid in the last few years.

I'm sure they won't judge the actual bands playing--that would just be ridiculous. I'm glad to hear Jay complaining about it, but I hope they still let him play on the show---publicity is publicity!

Jkay, Love you so much, too cool for them. Cheeba

@ Fernando
The article claims Jay says...

"What are they going to tell me about f****** music?
"What the f***. When have you ever done anything? You're useless.

Which sounds as if they (the judges) are going to give some kind of feedback. Which would be ludicrous, but it does read that way.

@Mocha they never judge the guest acts but the judges do sit at their desk, so maybe he implying he would "feel" like he is being judged or is trying to put across the point that the judges them selves haven't earned the right to judges other people. And it must be especially hard for him considering Cheryls album is out the same week and is almost guaranteed the no.1 spot

Wonder if Ads for the album will show in the breaks? This is the best time for the marketing.

F****** X Factor!!!

He is right about those plastic cancerous tv shows populating all over planet earth, but as an artist from the 90´s he should really be used to that by now. Since 2000, main music industry has increasingly become a huge sewage where brain empty whitened teeth babes and screeming teens thrive thinking they are the ultimate artists, but they only are the product of massive media propaganda (not the product of quality music as it used to be in the past). Jay has to be naive to think otherwise now in 2010. So he should embrace this fake soap opera and do his thing just to keep flowing the cash, or he should do like thousands of other artists have done and keep himself out of the main stream. I think it is a bit hypocrit to play the game for the benefit but talking sh#t behind.

Opinions. We all have them. Those quotes may or may not be exaggerated, but if he said something even remotely close to it, he has a valid point and is entitled to express it. He's earned that right. I for one am happy to hear that he will be on the show, bringing some class and talent to the cheese-fest.

I agree with those who say that the entertainment world is going to s***. It is. But that doesn't mean that he should stop doing what he does and hide out in the shadows. If anything, he and the band should be as visible as possible, so that those with eyes to see and ears to listen can do so, and relish in their musical greatness.

Regarding the commercial/mainstream thing... I don't mind that they want to make money. Who doesn't? They are working musicians -- who happen to be musicians of the highest order -- and they should get paid what they rightfully deserve. For every joyous, enlightening moment they've brought me, they deserve at least a chip of my hard-earned money. Every penny I've ever spent on their music is an investment in my quality of life. Peace.

Finally, the Jay Kay we want to be hearing although its from the Sun so probably rubbish.

He also seemed to suggest that it wasn't his choice to appear on X Factor, for those of you looking to argue out any alleged hypocrisy!

I like like like, they should have this on a facebook group....
Dannii cant sing for crap & Cheryl, well she is ok but not great...
well done Jay

it felt weird, im sure because of his comments about xfactor they did on purpose, the sound of the instruments was very low, and jay was like singing alone...And then he had to apologize in front of the judges, and have you seen dani's and cheryl's faces????And the presentator had to comment with a "so we are all friends now".....Poor jamiroquai band ok its for promo but they deserve better stage!!

Jay was getting some serious daggers from Cheryl Cole there !

I can't believe the way the judges looked at Jay Kay as he was utter garbage. Coming from the X Factor judges, it's unreal! Jamiroquai, you're so good, and it was great to see and hear you again. Surely, if the X Factor judges despise you, it must be a good sign. I've missed you so much and I can't wait to listen to the new album!

Proper stuff to say about road kill tv. there are some talents on the show but the judges are full of it and think they are god's gift.... Good going JK


This day will go down in history of mankind - a 'real' band of musicians and singers on a t.v. talenet show: a masterclass for all the judges and contestants.

I agree with emilie, the instruments were so quiet and Jay looked like he was out there on his own. Argh I had to cringe a bit.... :/ x

This has made my night Jay you are a legend , gutted i wont see you in London next week !

X Factor video right here -

must say, I didn't believe my ears when it was mentioned that J was on the ar5e factor! Properly unique talented musical monster on a teeny poppy simon cowell bum licking show! Never mind, i'm sure of the millions watching there'll be a good few who can recognise proper music when they here it, rather than jon bon bo11ox and diarianna... Jay you da man, and please can I come round to your gaff for a drive in one of yer motors, pretty please! :-)

That was a little cringe worthy. Im sure it was a backing track, but Jay sang live and good on him. I noticed Danni and Cheryl didnt clap, whilst Rihanna (who sounded like a strangled cat) got a standing ovation. And was that cheryl saying something to danni as Jay was talking to the presenter? And no talk about the album? So much for the promotion. Im guessing those comments (real or not) didnt really help

Well done Jamiroquai everyones talking about you and got a chance to see a real talented organic Band playing some original and funky music. I really dont get why the X-factor judges are so up their own as$es they are no more talented then some of the dross acts they vote off each week

It was good, but not electrifying,I wish they played She's a Fast Persuader(it would never have happened).No mention of the album on the show,but during the commercial break,there was an advert promoting the album which is good.Jay lit up that otherwise dire show. I watched the Rihanna performance after it.Jeez,what an embarrassment the ending was.People throwing cakes at each other-not very mature and not very amusing.Jay says it like it is and some people don't like to hear it.

Not sure what Jamiroquai were doing on that awful show in the first place. Fake judges. Fake performers. Fake audience. Everything about X factor represents the worst of the pop industry. He must have been forced to appear by his agent. No excuse to act like a bit of a knob, but I can understand where he's coming from.

Top man, jk..the space cowboy is back ha ha. Good for you fella, laughed my nuts off about this, looking forward to seeing you on the top gear test track, good on you son!

Ah, that's what I admire about Jay, he says what he wants and doesn't have to check with his publicist first! Definitely not a smart move, but I'm amused by a. The childish attitude of the 2 talentless bints on the panel and b. That anyone in the X Factor took any notice of an article printed in that fine purveyor of intelligent, factual journalism, The Sun. The same paper that said the band performed 2 songs which they didn't. But, hey, if Cheryl Cole's going to hate you because she's too dumb to read past a publicity stunt, then good for you, Jay!

The band should never have gone on that show.

according to the daily Mail today (Sunday) and the article flaky Katie,Jay had a better time than he expected.We all know he doesn't like live TV and the reality stuff,so bless him for accepting it. Wonder how the rest of the group feel.Maybe the Italian X Factor will be better on the 2nd Nov.Atleast he will get a good meal. I got the deluxe album at the Swiss Fnac (lots available).Love it. Ciao,Pippa.

It was playback!!! Jay is the only one who had real live sound.

according to the daily Mail today (Sunday) and the article flaky Katie,Jay had a better time than he expected.We all know he doesn't like live TV and the reality stuff,so bless him for accepting it. Wonder how the rest of the group feel.Maybe the Italian X Factor will be better on the 2nd Nov.Atleast he will get a good meal. I got the deluxe album at the Swiss Fnac (lots available).Love it. Ciao,Pippa.

It's a shame he went about voicing his opinion that way. Though it may be valid and have (at least some) truth to it, he just comes across as sexist. (And the last thing the world needs is more misogyny.) I suppose the whole thing is just an exercise in generating publicity. Twitter has got 'Jay Kay' as a trending topic at present after their X-Factor performance, so a lot (more) of the internet is talking about him (and to a lesser extent) the band, for better or worse. I suppose that way, it's raised the profile of the band on the eve of album's release. Just a bit of a shame that he couldn't express his opinons in a way that maintained the dignity of those he was talking about.

yeah, a bit sexist, but he spoke the truth. here's to an un-PC celeb!

I think Jay is absolutely right about what he said about X-Factor and the Judges. But: why does he accepted to play there? And to be honest: his singing wasn't the best that evening, right?
I would highly recommend to quit smoking, Jay...

Agree, why bother going there if he sincerely believes the show hasn't got any credibility whatsoever!?!! It's all just a big PR stunt...and let's face it, JK's always been the bad boy in UK. Instrumental playback, shaky voice by was all very awkward to me I have to say. All I could think of was how great it was to have the two main stars in a reasonably priced car (from BBC's Top Gear) in the same room :)

Jay certainly made a lasting impression following last night's performance for everyone in the office is talking about it!

I particularly like this comment which I just read on the metro website earlier:

Jamiroquai's performance and the new album are amazing. The crowd did give a standing ovation! This article is laughable.

The only reason the judges didn't applaud was because JK had given them a thorough dose of the truth earlier in the week. Dannii and Cheryl are exactly what he said - you can call that immature but it is the harsh reality.

Frankly what you have here is bitter untalented drama queens on a Sony sponsored TV show having a cat fight with a very talented guy who has been pumping out great music for two decades. Jamiroquai left Sony for more creative freedom, and surprise surprise they have made even better music!

Do you really think if Jamiroquai were still with Sony the behaviour of the judges would have been allowed by the management?... I doubt it...Andy, Brussels, 1/11/2010 14:33

It is true what he said about them being pretty talentless... however, perhaps its time that Jay learned to keep his mouth shut on some occasions and speak up when something is worth saying! Think he needs a good spanking :-) and maybe get some reigns on that EGO! He is a talented little bugger though but can't help getting the misogynist vibes too :-( It was all a bit amusing though and Cheryl definitely looked like she was sucking lemons .. although the Sun doesn't know it's arse from it's elbow so the whole thing is probably a fabrication and totally out of context! Some great tunes on the new album though.. as ever

Well, I don't know too much about british politics but I recognised that Jay is wearing the same red flower on his jacket like Tory Prime Minister James Cameron- is Jay a conservative? Never thought he would be...

Haha I hope he is not a Tory boy.You mean David Cameron,isn't James a film director??I think they were wearing poppies to mark the fact that Remembrance Day is on its way..

The red flower is a poppy which people throughout the UK wear to show respect to the fallen soldiers of the Great War. After the war, poppies grew on the fields where battles took place, so people still wear them today to remember those who died. It is nothing to do with politics :)

The red flower (Poppy) is worn to remember fallen soldiers, etc. It's not exclusive to any political party in Britain (For what it's worth, all parties wear it).

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