Paradiso set list and cool 'top-down' videos

Added on Saturday 30 October 2010, 06:29 (UTC)

Jamiroquai returned to the Paradiso in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on Friday night and with it played some more tracks from the new album.  The set list was as follows:

  • Revolution, High Times, Little L, Alright (slow version), Hurting, Smoke and Mirrors, Black Capricorn Day, Rock Dust Light Star (acoustic), All Good In The Hood, Love Foolosophy, Cosmic Girl, Deeper Underground
Looking at some of the posts over at there are some links to some great clips on YouTube filmed from up above the stage and looking down at the band, giving a great opportunity to see drummer Derrick McKenzie and percussionist Sola Akingbola in action.
Credit: Joost J de Groot

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Seems like the dream just started to materialieze once again!

WOW, watching videos, seemed amazing. Looking forward to watching smoke and mirrors!!! Cheeba!!

Great angle!!! loved it. thanks for sharing!
Jay´s move are still sick ;) :)

So jealous that i wasn't there, i bet Jay got high.

Concert was great but it only took a little more than an hour... I was wearing my jamiroquai shirt so spoke to some other peops who went in the city, and they were very very very disappointed.. The hour they did play was great, except they shouldn't have done acoustic versions of the new track as most people don't even know the normal (better) versions.. More solos would have been appreciated as well... Jay's voice was absolutely great again (!!), all the band members were doing a great, great job, but again, next time not the acoustic ones and more of the "Jam" if it was up to me..


They actually played for nearly 80 minutes. Great gig, in particular the acoustic version of Rock Dust Light Star.

Don't want to be too negative, it was the best Jamiroquai I have ever seen, but I think it is a bit ridiculous they only performed that short..

I shot some pictures of the show last night to go with my review on, a Dutch website about music:

Unfortunately I agree with your review.. Nice website btw!

Here's a vid, no not fron TOP, but from FRONT ROW!
Deeper Underground in your face, whohoooooo

Smoke and Mirrors live at paradiso :D
Here is the link:

It was amazing but yes way too short! And an album launch?? Not really, missed She's a fast persuader and White knuckelride... played cosmic girl instead?! But still it was a big party! You dont hear me complain!! I didnt pay 200 euro's thought!? But to see them in such a great place, Paradiso, so close by is something so very special... Acousic version of RDLS was great! Smoke and mirrows wow! Jay's voice was incredible, and his moves... cant get enough of... and I didnt expect too many as I am his age lol... The band was great in all! And did they enjoy theirselves too, so nice to see! It was an unforgettable night! I am still buzzing from it!! THANK YOU!!!

I guess mr Jay Kay is short on money, so this was a excellent opportunity for some easy cash. Musically and performance-wise a messy start and when thing finally fell into place, it was over. No 80 minutes but 70 minutes. A bloody shame for that kind of money.

The concert was great, the band worked good together and even the new songs like Smoke and Mirrors already sounded great ! I loved the accoustic RDLS version, that was amazing. People who have been there must have seen that there was another gig planned after the JMQ one, that's why they didn't want to loose time by going of the stage and coming on again for the encore in my opinion. Balcony Jamily representants had a great and wonderful evening !

They played wonderfully and I had a great time! It's a shame however that they didn't play She's a fast persuader... I'm really curious about how it sounds live... The concert was short indeed, but for me the gigs always end too soon ;)

Waaaay too short performance. I've heared they had a plane to catch, so no encore after just an hour of play. And in just 5 minutes after they left the concert they were seen entering a car to the airport... wich is kinda wack.

The quality of the performance however was absolutely great. Loved the new tunes, and the musicians where also rocking it!

After the performance i've met Derrick, Rob, Sola, Matt & Paul. They loved the show. Paul told me that Jay had a plane to catch for returning to the UK for X-Factor. He also told me that they did She's a Persuader at the soundcheck & they also wanted to perform this song. They did a bossanova kinda style of RDLS & and a different version of AGITH. It was my first concert of them & I enjoyed it a lot. The change that i've met them was a opportunity of a life time!:D You can find it the pictures with me and the members on my facebook. Search under my name: Ezra Laturake

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