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Added on Friday 29 October 2010, 15:27 (UTC)
Rock Dust Light Star

So, in some parts of the world Rock Dust Light Star has been released, other people have their pre-ordered copies in the post (and those in North America have no idea of when it's coming out there!).

Reviews of the album are appearing all over the press, for example the BBC, Independant newspaper (UK) and Express newspaper (UK).

Ultimately it's up to you the listener to enjoy the album so when you've got your copy and have stuck it in your CD/record player, or downloaded it (legally of course ;), tell us what you think as a news comment here on the site.  What are your favourite three tracks...

If you see any other reviews online feel free to post links to them as well.

Oh, and if you're waiting for the album to arrive and want to hear any of it, then if you head over to the Universal Music download shop (Germany) you can listen to the entire album - albeit in 30 second segments!

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10/10.. That is all !!

The album is superb. I was genuinely worried that jamiroquai had lost direction with "dynamite", how wrong i was, THE FUNK IS BACK! It takes little pieces from every album they have put out and puts them all together into a cracking comeback album. Fav tracks are.....
She's a fast persuader
Hey floyd

But its hard to pick a favourite cuz its such a good album. If you havnt got it GO OUT AND BUY IT !!!

Completely unbelievable. They do it time and time again. Every album is a classic and it hasn't changed with this. If they'd have brought out High Times again, it would have been 10 times better than the crap electro-pop that dominates today.

The funk is never going to die.

Peace, love, good vibez and cheeba!

The BBC review is great news.

Album is amazing.
Three best would be(not in any order)
She's A Fast Persuader
Two Completely Different things

Great stuff, Jamiroquai are back.... Cheeba!!

Fav tracks are.....
Two Completely Different things
She's A Fast Persuader

From what i've heard....on youtube! I am very impressed. I'm not going to lie, i was a little worried it may be more rock based after the interview with Vernon Kay, where Jay said he'd been listening to a lot of Bowie and Roxy Music (both great artist..esp Bowie)...buts it not the Jamiro sound! But i was wrong to worry! I think although so far still not my fav jamiro album (TWM will be almost impossible to beat), i think it could be possibly be the best musically. I like how the band has matured, flows alot better than Dynamite...with horn sec back and Paul's bass playing esp at the end of SAFP is just top!, and with the likes of White Knuckle Ride, its nice to see them do a song with todays sound, playing all the newer bands at their own game and doing it miles better! Like Prodigy did a couple of years ago. Just wondering could this be Jamiroquai's "californiacation"? A band hits 40 and release what is probably the best musically and most mature, get a load of new fans and carry on creating great songs. Fingers crossed it is!
As for the best 3 tracks!
1. She's a fast persuader (Love itttt)
2.Two Completely Different Things
3.White Knuckle Ride
Bring on Monday when i get the album proper!!!! if it doesnt arrive Amazon will have hell to pay! haha

I hate the one who reviewed the album in the press :@ i want to shooot them one gave 2 stars and the other 3 stars :@ ! they deserve a 4/5 rating

1. All Good in the Hood
2. Rock Dust Light Star
3. Goodbye to My Dancer

Feel bad about the U.S. not getting while Canada gets it on Nov. 9th (I'm in Canada, so I don't suffer).

best songs:
1.hey floyd
2.smoke and mirrors
3.two completely diff things

Hey Floyd, Lifeline, and Never gonna' be another are hands down the greatest three tracks the band have ever produced. I am in absolute utter awe at the melodic genius in which these tracks have been birthed. Since Listening, and seeing live since 1993, I have been continuously blown away from what I've heard over the years. However, these three particular tracks have just exceeded all and everything I have heard. Congratulations to Jay and the entire band for what will be a blistering success. This album, now, has to raise eyebrows to the dickhead judges who work at the 'Brit Awards'. Can justice finally prevail???
Peace, and all the absolute best to the band members who read these reviews!!!!
Sola... Brilliant stuff mate!

@ gafag: i think those "journalists" hate funky music: so they had quickly listened to few snippets on youtube and had written few lines. I know how few of them work (not all of us obviously)because I used to work on a daily newspaper : reading some press kit or Stay 5 minutes in a gig in order to have some shots and go writing the reviews! The way these fellows wrote the RDLS review sounds like they probably never listen to the album (check the others Jamiroquai Review! Still 3 stars and no others arguments!)It's so pathetic!

Did we really expect anything different from music "critics"? Jamiroquai have always received bad reviews from critics because they're jealous of their talent and success. Critics are only critics because they have no inherent talent themselves, so they make a career of criticising other people who are far superior. A bit sad really.

Favorite song from the album is '2 Completely Different Things'- I could listen all day!

'Hurtin' & 'She's A Fast Persuader' are incredible, also 'Hey Floyd', 'RDLS' & 'WKR'

Jay is on top of his game~ Can't wait to hear them live in the USA! Please come to Atlanta!!

its really sad :S i swear .. i mean this isnt slipknot or some rock band to be reviewed like this :S its jamiroquai!! in the reviews they compare them to bee gee's ???? she s a fast persuader like bee gee s ?? Wtf :P ..

Based on what I've heard so far (which has been limited due to circumstances and geography), I am VERY pleased, and in some cases, blown away by the genius of the music. (My typical reaction to Jamiroquai. :-D )

Faves so far:

1) She's a Fast Persuader = AMAZING. It takes the typical funky sound we know and love, and shoots it into the stratosphere and into the future. Suberb! Already one of my all-time favorite songs.

2) Never Gonna be Another = BEAUTIFUL. The yin to the yang of Fast Persuader. Chilled-out, spacey, trippy, psychedelic, melodic, soulful, classic and modern all at once.

3) A tossup between Smoke and Mirrors and WKR. Or 2 Different Things. With so many good tracks, it's a tough choice.

My one (minor) criticism is that, at first listen to snippets, the overall album seems "all over the place." But it is clearly an ambitious effort to keep their groove while branching out into other musical directions, and this is something to be admired. I'm sure that once I hear the album in its entirety (knowing me, it will be over and over and over again), it will all gel and come together and make sense.

The snippets have convinced me of one thing: Pardon the pun, but they have always been and still are "Light Years" ahead of nearly everything and everyone else out there. Peace!

It's a good album, changing directions is nice but gotta be careful. I like the "laidback" singing style, it's a fresh new style. In the overall the album sounds good but not amazing. They still got it, and changing directions is inevitable.
Fast Persuader
White Knuckle Ride

Ok so Ive listened to bootlegs leaked on You tube, and from what Ive heard its brilliant! well done guys! the dogs b_ll_cks!

If I had to choose: 1) Shes a fast persuader (heavy on the saxophone live if poss please!)
2)Hurtin - Robs guitar solo's - live at the Forum was superb! Just dont strain the voice Jay!
3)White Knuckle Ride - as it reminds me of current study pressures - "its not so easy to control!..(panic!) theres no way to make it better"..(beg to differ guys - tearing up exam papers and books would!! lol!)

Keep up the good work!

so hard naming a top three with such a good line up, but its gotta be:
Goodbye To My Dancer
Hey Floyd
with She's A Fast Persuader and White Knuckle Ride come close after. The only weak songs for me are Blue Skies and Never Gonna Be Another. they're good just not on the same page as the rest

well I can not say yet which is my favorite song/s i'm still amazed when listening to it! its much better than what I thought it will be, so for now I will just say brilliant and I hope that EDDI is wright that they carry on doing such good music.
I dont care about critics my critic its the only that matters to me!I'm going to read them now!
And tonight at speed of cheeba my and RDLS we will go deeper ;-)

not "my" but me ohh cheeee

Thats Not The Funk I Want:

1) Smoke and Mirrors
2) Hang It Over
3) Lifeline or She's A Fast Persuader
And "Hey Floyd" has to be mentioned too...

Why oh why did we first hear RDLS and Hurtin?
I wasn't too sure what to feel about those two songs.
And I didn't like Blue Skies when I first heard it,
though I've learned to dig that song too.
It just wasn't "old Jamiroquai"

But oh my god how much FUNK is there on this album.
I luv it! Absolutely amazing - Mindblowing!
How do they always make it?

and by the way brilliant are the instrumental parts about the lyrics its different story!

Wow, man was I disappointed when I heard Blue Skies a view weeks ago. I realy lost hope but I must admit I'm extremely happy when I heard the rest of the album;

1) She's a fast persuader
2) Two completely different things
3) Angeline

Tight drummin, amazing basslines, strings, horns, in other words... JAMIROQUAI IS BACK BABY!


About 4 or 5 good tracks, if none of them classics, and a few fillers. Not a classic album but not the complete write-off I was fearing after hearing snippets.

Hey Floyd is the best for me - except it should be 10+ minutes long. It keeps getting going or into a good groove, and then just abruptly stops and changes. If it had been even 8 minutes, it could have stood up there with Jamiroquai's best.

Fast Persuader is also good - reminds me of an updated Mr Moon.

RDLS the next best track after these two - similar vibe to Space Cowboy in parts.

A lot of tracks show loads of promise but never quite get there (the start of Smoke and Mirrors for example is a great start - then it just sort of dies away). I do like the live feel of the album though, and think that a lot of the tracks will be better live - Hey Floyd for one, which I can really see them losing themselves in (in a good way).

Special mention to Derrick as well - some good "licks" in there.

Just not a hugely strong album. As a Jamiroquai fan I give I'd give it 7 out of 10, but I can see why the "neutrals" only give it a 2 out of 5.

This album kicks the crap out of the old stuff....nuf said

just bought the album on amazon (based on the singles + hurtin i thought, it might be the first album i won't buy...)

really love the second half of the album!!!

= TRACK 7 (lifeline) - TRACK 12 (hey floyd)

could have been the 3rd best jamiroquai album, based on the second half of the album...
like the melodies, voice, arrangement / instruments (exept the sax on fast persuader), live-feel, experimental bits.......

favourite tracks --->

ok --->

fun disco track (could have been a track on funk odyssey or dynamite)

don't like --->

nothing special / boring + doesn't sound like jamiroquai at all...
(sounds like a robbie williams or gabrielle radio pop song)

commercial cliche-house track / boring

i like some parts (beginning // the moogy keyboard-parts) but don't like the overall rock feel // guitars

it's ok the experiment (with a rockier style) but in my opinion the backing vocals don't match rest of the song // the roughness // rocky style... otherwise would have been ok-ish white-stripes-song

hate --->

(have to agree on the bbc review there... sounds like m-peaple... too commercial and the sax (melody) is just annoying & boring...)

Have only listened three times, so my views could change, but initial impressions:

Smoke and Mirrors
Hey Floyd

Going to listen to all albums back to back either tomorrow or Sunday and see how I really feel about this album and where it comes in album chart!

@EDDI, exactly! I was so scared when Jay said that it would be a more rocky albun("Rolling Stone, Roxy Music..") and then they came up with the scaring "Blue Skies" and "Hurtin'". I was getting rebelled.

This album was a big relief and it's fantastic!

Jay Kay is a genious, along to a great band behind him. Paul Turner shut up a lot of people.

It's hard to name favorites as I only listened to it twice and there are great songs:

Hey Floyd - It's musically genious and I'm so glad it doesn't sound like Pink Floyd.

Two Completely Different Things - Brazilian influences with a "Stillness in Time" flavour

Lifeline - Almost Standard Jazz. It's got one of the catchiest and best chorus from their list.

I hope this album get to be a best-seller!

- Another review. Positive! 4/5 is never bad.

Been dipping in and out of this for some weeks.. now sitting down and listening to the album "properly" (which I don't think some of the reviewers have done ie M People?!)

For me, this has been a messy promotion for the album. Releasing tracks exclusively to Dutch radio stations is strange, making White Knuckle Ride a half-single was odd, Blue Skies being the first proper (and yet to be released?!) single is bizarre, but lets concentrate on the music, which, thankfully, is on the whole of the highest quality.

The title track didn't strike me when hearing it at Debut for it's first performance. Saying that I did like the verses but the chorus lacked that distinctive Jamiroquai sound. However the album version is better than that single performance. OK it's not the best choice for an album title track but it is strong enough in my opinion and gets the album off to a good start.

White Knuckle Ride is more a sign of things to come on the album. Off the descriptions we were given of the new tracks this was one I was looking forward to, can't remember what the description said exactly but something along the lines of "hi-octane", which this half is and half isn't.. I can see it growing on me, but again it's a bit flat and not exactly what I was expecting of the track. One of the "dancier" tracks of the LP.

Then things get really interesting. Smoke and Mirrors continues proceedings with it's Off The Wall-style bounce which personally I think is great stuff. "He wants your lovin' tonight" Jay exclaims around a sound as funky cool as anything really.

All Good In The Hood is another ice cool slice of funk, this one is growing on me the more I hear it, possible future single I reckon.

First time I heard Hurtin' I was... hurtin'. At least my ears were. However that was just a sample of the track and the full track OK may be the rockiest thing Jami have ever done but it's still got that touch to it. I just hope they don't release this as a single as it makes a great album track. Wondering how it'll sound live too (haven't checked out videos of HMV Forum yet!)

Ah, Blue Skies, love it or hate it track. I love it. It's not your usual Jamiroquai track but it is a high class piece of music.

As for the second half of the album, I can see why people are favouring it to the first half. It is stronger and more distinctive Jamiroquai sound. Lifeline, Fast Persuader and especially, 2CDT are increasingly brilliant. Things mellow out by the end of the LP (Dancer reminds me of Drifting Along... but better), while Never Gonna Be Another is beautiful (like Everyday). Hey Floyd is another one I wasn't convinced off the sample but the full track is decent.

Overall in a nut shell this is a high class album, much better than hit/miss Dynamite and an update to the Jamiroquai sound we know and love. Lookin forward to my CD dropping through the post!!

Top three tracks being All Good In The Hood, Blue Skies and Two Completely DIfferent Things for me!

The whole album is outstanding.

1. She's a fast persuader
2. Almost every song on the album.

I feel that SAFP is in a different league and has a very Mr Moon feel about it.

After that, there are so many on a similar level of quality. Two Completely Diff Things, Lifeline, WKR, RDLS, Hey Floyd, All Good in the Hood, Smoke and Mirrors are all equally amazing.

Would already place it fourth on the album list.


World class album, absolutely love it.

Only criticism is that I'd like a few songs to have been longer (SAFP, Hey Floyd, RDLS) with the extra length giving slower sections of the songs.

Also, it sounds like it has such high potential for live performances. SAFP literally could be as good as RTOSP, Blow your mind ect should it have that special Jamiroquai live touch to it.

Overall, pure class. It really is.

Pop Rock album, that´s it. Average. 1/10 and the "1" it´s just for "She´s a Fast Persuader".For the people saying they are back to their old sound I strongly recommend to listen an old abum and then this one and try to say that again. For me it´s no better than Dynamite, it has just a little bit more horns, but the main line is dynamite for sure.








The 2nd part is absolutly brilliant! My favorits:

two completly different things
she's a fast persuader
hang it over (1:20 - 1:50, yes!!!!)

great album, but I still miss the didgeridoo!

I'm liking the variety of this album.

My favourites are:
* White Knuckle Ride (Jamiroquai's best 1st single in a while)
* All Good In The Hood Tonight (great funky bass line - should have been 2nd single)
* Rock Dust Light Star

I feel like a lot of the track don't quite deliver despite initial potential. Might just take a few listens. Dynamite took a while but I slowly ended up loving it.

1. Two Completely Different Things
2. She's A Fast Persuader
3. Lifeline

definitely the best three! :)

Hehe :),TCDT,She's a Fast Persuader,and Smoke and Mirrors are my favourites.Just two days to wait now!!

Minor point, but Jamiroquai have a very proud record in this country of 4 #1 albums, 2 #2 albums and a #3. Now I hear that they're putting out Miming Cheryl's album out on the same day, and the sheep will put that at #1 instead of Jamiroquai. I'll still settle for #2, but a big shame on the record label for treating our favourite band with contempt!! If Rage could get the Xmas #1, then let's put Jamiroquai on top of the album charts again!!

Sadly,it's inevitable that she will undeservedly get number 1.Thats the kind of crap that most people are into these days.Still I feel better in the knowledge that Jay apparently launched a foul mouthed tirade against her,claiming that on Sunday night he will be peforming in front of "two amateurs"(her and Dannii Minogue).He is so right.I read that in the Sun mind you,so it may not be 100% reliable.

Although I only listened to 30-sec snippets of all songs, I give them 4/5.

And gave them 2/5?

Amazing Album, Incredible performance. As far as performance I would say its the best album, everyone´s keeping their game so tight! It also sounds so great, the mp3 I bought from RDLS almost sounds as if it was a wav file! It even takes you back to the 70s at some point which i think its great (not 90s acid jazz, though not against it at all, dont misundestand). Specially when there all this Amy winehouse and other artist trying to get that 70s sound, Jamiroquai gets that AND modern arrangements to play out any song on the radio with White Knucle Ride.

Absolutely amazing


She´s a fast persuader
All good in the hood

album got released in australia on cd and itunes... got both (itunes - deluxe release)
best jamiroquai album ive heard in years...
i mean every album has been fantastic, but this 1 stands out, theres more soul on this album...
3 fav trax - shes a fast persuader, two completely different things and all good in the good
worth the wait... the brass section is back as well, thats what makes album so good
well done boys
the beauty thing about jamiroquai is that their trax still have the funky groove...
10 stars for RDLS
ps - people reviewing the album on newspapers have no idea how good this album is - obviously they have no taste in music general...

1. She's a Fast Persuader
2.Two Completely Different Things
3. Goodbye to my dancer
4.Hey Floyd
5.White Knuckle Ride
6. Smoke and Mirrors

btw at the beginning of Rock dust light star i thought DJ d-dire was back for a second there and then i was like nope when the guitar came in lol

Im just waiting for jamiroquai to be surprise me with dj d-zire and especially wallis on a track again lol

I just take the album as a whole,you can listen to it all day long without having a headache.It just flows nicely.

TCDT reminds me of the good old days
She's a Fast P shows great bassline
Hey Floyd is EPIC ,proper final tune,killer Jay's vocals,top arrangement.

It's a shame This is Not The missing here.
5 years-the album was definitely worth waiting

I can't stop listening to the album over and over again, nothing else will touch my ipod for months. spacey and cheebed up vibes. Love it!
Not in order, it's so hard to pick only three ahaaa

Rock Dust Light Star
Hey floyd
Never Gonna Be Another

OMG I got my album today! Top 3 are White Knuckle Ride, She's a Fast Persuader, Hey Floyd.... I also absolutely love the Blue Skies (Fred Falke Remix).

Yey so hapy they are back! x

Top 3:
1. Lifeline
2. Hey Floyd
3. Hurtin'

Album has arrived,getting played over and over. Wont listen to anything else for a while.

Got my Deluxe edition in the post today!
Top 3 track for me are: Smoke and Mirrors
Hey Floyd

Same here,I got my copy today-was not expecting it until Monday!! Love the album,Paul Turner's bass playing on this is simply immense.Favourite three now are Hey Floyd,She's a Fast Persuader,TCDT.But my faves change every five seconds.

Wow! I am just overwhelmed by this album! For me this is a very strong album because I don´t feel like skipping anything!
I love how Jamiroquai explore so many different genres and mix it with their own sound...
Hey Floyd is totally nuts!!! love the reggea part!
I just listened to the Album with reading lyrics before..Does .anyone of you think " never gonna be another " is about MJ???
can´t wait for the deluxe version to arrive...for now I only got the normal version.
5/5 ;)


No way have you just said that!! :D

I said to my mates that I thought it was about MJ and not a friend/someone close to him.

I would love it more if it was about MJ!! :D

OHH?? where is Mike? hehehe

Yeh! missing Mikes contribution... where is he?

This album gets a 5.5/10 from me...a few good ones, but nothing truly excellent. I feel like this is the album Dynamite should've been, and this one should've been even better. There's quite a bit of filler - Never Gonna Be Another, Goodbye To My Dancer (just WHAT is that nonsense at 2:30? You're cool when you're burning? Sounds like a crappy American beer commercial), and even the best tracks like SAFP and TCDT don't escalate you to that next level. Also, not a fan of the mishmash genre thing going on here - switching from soul to reggae in Hey Floyd killed the song. The songwriting found on this album doesn't come close to the Toby Smith days, and I'm disappointed in Jay's horn arrangements. The bass-lines aren't as amazing as they used to be, despite having a great player. Everything sounds far too predictable. Despite writing a few nice melodies here and there, sounds like he's lost his flavor and critical mind and is just throwing stuff out there now. I guess he has nothing more to prove, there's no soul in this soul music. Almost every song is a typical love/heartbreak song - where are the other themes? RDLS revisits Starchild's message, so nothing new is found here.

Five years and we get this milquetoast pop record, somewhat disappointing.

I'll play the resident nay-sayer until King Mike shows up =). I understand people are excited, but to say stuff like 'this is the best material they've done'... complete and utter nonsense. Go play the greatest hits album and see if any of this comes close. It doesn't, might as well be a different band. Played it to my friend, another HUGE Jamiroquai fan and he said 'Meh, Dynamite version 2. Uninspired, overproduced pop-funk' - had to agree.

Man its amazing! Im a north american so i have no freakin idea when its comin out. Torrented it but dot worry, Im gettin all the vinyl and cds when they hit our shores as well cause im a collector


I'm not a huge defender of the band (as they've become), but some of the stuff on the album is quite good.

If you look at WKR and RDLS then yes, it's hyper-produced pop-funk (I hate the auto-tune on the chorus of RDLS, it sounds so much better live). But the majority of the rest of the album is organic and something of a throwback to yesteryear. Of course, the personel have changed so the vibe will never quite be the same, but songs like SAFP, TCDT and HF at least offer something interesting.

I fear that the majority of people genuinely disappointed with the album are clinging onto a false hope that Matt Johnson has morphed into Toby Smith, and Paul Turner has morphed into Stuart Zender over the last 5 years, but let's get real, it hasn't happened and it's not going to.

I think on it's own merits it's a good album, and in comparison to Dynamite at least it's a huge step in the right direction. My personal hope is that we don't have to wait another 5 years for the next album and then we can really see how the new configuration of the band has/will develop.

I've listened to the album maybe 6 or 7 times through now and I'm loving it!

I can't list any favourites yet though! I'm just happy to listen to it all and enjoy the quality of true music.

I reckon Hey Floyd will be awesome live.

Cant stop playing it! Loving it!
She's a fast persuader favorite, Smoke and mirrows wow! Two completely different things, lifeline, guitar on Never gonna be another... I just love them all!!
Thank you leds for al these great vibes again! For making me wanna dance al the time!!! And in all these 18 years you have never dissapointed me!!

Good album. Listening at the moment and listened tonight.
Fav. tracks: Fast persuader (this is the closest to jamiroquai first albuns)
Smoke and mirrors: Reminds me roxy music... it's a good track
all good in the hood: Disco, disco disco!!!
tcdf- The best slowest tune in the album.
Also like rdst and white k.r.
I dont understand why jamiro fans dont like dynamite! I loved it. I only think that the single of dynamite Feels J.L.I.S. was bad chosen... Despite 2 or 3 songs not so good, the rest is amazing. Jamiroquai till i die!

pleasantly surprised :] so filler, but mostly good stuff, got some serious TWM vibes going in the mash of genres - not a bad thing. I f you can get hold of That's Not The Funk I Want off of the Japanese edition, do so, it's very good. That also goes for Hang It Over on the UK deluxe edition, some lovely jackson 5 esque funk

Well I pre-ordered the album from HMV and was surprised that it arrived on my doorstep on saturday 30th October - earlier than expected. Not complaining though.I have been a true Jamiroquai fan since AFO era and have all the albums, althought AFO is my fave. Here are my thoughts on RDLS

I wasn't sure what to expect from this album, I like the more organic feel and the funk grooves goin on, sounds like a mature jamiroquai sound. If I was to personally pick 3 singles from the album they would be:
1. White knuckle Ride
2. Shes a Fast Persuader
3. Blue Skies.

Other highlights for me are Hey Flloyd, Rock Dust Light Star and smoke and mirrors.


Been a long time fan (though not ancient; only since '96) and I would rank this as a strong album, but not my favourite album. My favourite album is a toss-up between TWM and ROTSC, with TWM winning out due to the strength of the album to last over a long period of time & still have something to offer.

That is the reason why I think that this album is a little gem. I made the wise decision of buying the Deluxe pre-order off iTunes, so I got the 21 track album. This album gets better after repeat listenings; trust me.

One thing first, people: you want "the old Jamiroquai", but...that's in the past! Jamiroquai is allowed to change it up if they want to.

Now...on the initial listen, I thought that the start was strong, then it floundered. That's how superficial the initial feeling was. Individually, I thought that Smoke and Mirrors had a nice feel, and the tinny sound was unique and catchy.

Blue Skies was a *very* different song than what I'm used to (but I think it's going to be a little winner for the easy listening crowd) and if people give it a chance, it'll grow on you.

She's a Fast Persuader really is a great track, and I sincerely hope that it is made into a single (if there are further singles from the album). It's a track that evokes the vibe of TWM for me; Jay's vocals seem to snap faster like that album did etc.

I didn't think All Good In the Hood was that great initially, but after repeat listenings, it came into its own.

Anyway, the fact for me is this: the album is a creeper. It needs repeat listenings before the strength of some songs are able to be appreciated. No, it's not strong like ROTSC, TWM or AFO; but it's a very nicely made album. Remember RDLS opening line? "Here it is! Ain't no way to make it better". Have a bit of appreciation for the fact that JK and the boys had music on the burner for 5 years and are apprehensive about coming back onto the music scene again. Do it because you're their FANS!

Surprisingly, the start isn't as strong after repeat listenings, but perhaps that's just me.

If you want my ranking of Jamiroquai's albums, they would be: TWM, ROTSC, AFO, EOPE, RDLS, S, D. And I want to be clear: I don't think any album is bad bad bad; it's just that I clearly favour the older stuff.


I'm from Argentina, i've heard the new album...AND I LOVE IT! Jamiroquai DO IT AGAIN. The funk never dies.
My three favourites are:


Jamiro also mixed some reggae sound in this album...great! It's hard to choose only three.


So, I choose six favourites.


Phenomenal album.
Title track has more to say then we would like to admit. All good in the hood is smooth.
Good all round listening.
Good show Jamiroquai. Welcome back.

Been a huge fan for a long time, was very skeptical about the new album when i first heard white knuckle ride a month or longer ago. Not that it's bad, but I just felt that track was too much like every other dance/club tune that had been going around the past few years, I thought oh no, they're just selling up & cashing in now, I just didn't get the Jamiroquai feeling from that one, though many will disagree. Just my feeling.

Then I heard Rock Dust Light Star, & a bit of faith was restored, the vibe I got from that was similar to the vibe I get from Space Cowboy.

Blue Skies, although it's very typical of all other modern soft rock songs, it's different for Jamiroquai, It grew on me after a few listens & I liked that too.

When I heard Hurtin', I thought wow, this sounds like a half finished AC/DC track or something, decent track. A shift of gears for the band, songs seem to be a mixed bag of different genres, very electic, but was still 50/50 on whether this album would be good or not.

I've now got the album & after listening to it a load of times, I think it's good. But if I were to step outside of myself & view, or rarther, listen from a non-fan/general music listeners point of view, there's no stand out, kinda classic singles on this album that will forever be remembered in the minds of many, if you know what I mean.

For me there's no 'Too Young to Die' 'Space Cowboy' 'Virtual Insanity' 'Alright' 'Cosmic Girl' 'Canned Heat' 'Little L' 'Seven Days in Sunny June' etc, you get my drift?

But that doesn't really matter, I think nearly every song is solid & It's a solid, consistant album, I think it's more of an album for fans rarther than one that would appeal to the "masses". The lyric quality overall falls flat for me, nothing much is clever or too interesting compared to previous albums, they seem a bit generic.

But hey, nearly all the songs on this album are really good taken as the full package that they should be. I don't feel that over time this album will be as memorable for me as the previous ones, but it's good & i'd recommended it to anybody, most of it does have the classic Jamiroquai feel, it's satisfying. Thumbs up :)

I'd give Rock Dust Light Star a 7.2 out of 10.

It's hard to pick just 3 fav tracks, but i suppose:

All Good In The Hood
She's A Fast Persuader
Rock Dust Light Star

This is damn good !!!!!! And the horns are really back for real and Jay's voice too :)

It's a very very good album! Well balanced wiht a lot of good suprises! I LOVE IT! It's to me the successor of Synkronized (for the feelings) and one of the best Jamiroquai opus! Congratulations to the boys, I'm proud of them and especially for Paul : You're a master!
Take the Deluxe version, in spite of crappy remixes (the four additionnal tracks are amazing!)

It's a very very good album! Well balanced wiht a lot of good suprises! I LOVE IT! It's to me the successor of Synkronized (for the feelings) and one of the best Jamiroquai opus! Congratulations to the boys, I'm proud of them and especially for Paul : You're a master!
Take the Deluxe version, in spite of crappy remixes (the four additionnal tracks are amazing!)

I pre-ordered it from Play but it didn't come today those fcuking idiots!

I love this album! I love the different styles and it defnately has an organic feel. I've been playing since i got it this morning, everywhere and everthing i've done today its been there, cant get enough. Couldnt choose my fav, cos they all are :-)

Time for judgement!
I am so impressed. Really, I was one of those people who thought, on the strength of those 4 tracks, I'm not really sure about the direction... But it is good. Strange how some have mentioned two halves, I feel the same. BS feels like the transition song. Top three:

Two Completely Different Things
She's A Fast Persuader

All others are good (apart from WKR, didn't need those remixes either), and what's up with Smoke & Mirrors (S&M, ha!)? The first 40 seconds of that song write an audio cheque that the rest of the song clearly can't cash!

Writing wise, some of the songs like Lifeline and Hey Floyd sound as though 2 seperate ideas were married in the studio, which is something Crowded House do a lot. I like it creatively.

Overall, probably 4th on my favourite album list. It's a grower.

Can't get over how much I love Lifeline. :-)

Amazing, just got it today. Another great, great Jamiroquai album. Here are the songs I would give a 5/5 rating to (in order):

1. Hey Floyd (skitzo, crazy acid jazz track, amazing!)
2. She's A Fast Persuader (instant futuristic classic)
3. White Knuckle Ride (great funky first single)
4. That's Not The Funk I Want (classic Jamiro disco)
5. Two Completely Different Things (laid back vibe)
6. Never Gonna Be Another (best Jamiroquai ballad?)
7. Lifeline (like loveblind but it works!)
8. Goodbye To My Dancer (very soulful, consitant track)

Just the opinion of one true, male, English Jamiroquai fan!

Loving this album. Really impressed!It was annoying reading alot of people writing jamiroquai off before even hearing the album but hey it dosnt matter now, and im sure alot of those peoples opinion have changed.
I really loved dynamite but this album feels like ive got the old jamiroquai back and i didnt realise they'd gone! For me on some of the songs theres a sprinkling of the magic that got me hooked in 93.
As for my top 3 songs, im not sure yet, loving them all!

The album is forgettable I am sorry. They are a disco band now and have been for the last three albums. Was hoping for a more organic sounding album.

Way to f*** over your few American fans.... how am I supposed to obtain it other than illegally when you guys do this? I mean seriously, US release "sometime in 2011"? Tried buying it on UK amazon site, but IP restrictions won't allow me in the US......

At first, I just hated it... now, after listening it around 23 times, I am F*&%#g loving it.


I really love this album! Nearly every song! ♥

Does any version of the album apart from the Japanese version have That's Not The Funk I Want on it? I got mine from Play with the slipcase, and on Play it says it's on there, but it's not. Also Play has the track order different. I checked Amazon and they say the same as Play, they both have the wrong track order and both have That's Not The Funk I Want listed as on the UK version? What's the story here, does anyone have it on theirs?...

I just bought the album three days ago and as a die hard Jamiroquai fan (since 1993!) I have listened to the record non-stop to see if I feel something ... this is my conclusion:

1. RDLS: great tune, cool vibe, organic and good lyrics. Not a real rock/funky chorus though, could have been more heavy

2. WKR: copy paste Little L... 'yeah baby' 20 x in the whole track... disappointing; nothing organic

3. Smoke and Mirrors: great start, but dissapointing follow up. Very corny lyrics and very very corny brass (is that keyboards?!)

4.All good in the hood: funky, but very boring. Also lyrics say nothing ... easy listening, but no feeling at all. Disco

5.Hurtin': rock bottom ... does not rock at all. And boring, nothing happens!

6. Blue Skies: had my doubts at first, but turned around. Good track, balanced and very good lyrics. Has something like Half the Man or Manifest Destiny.Easy pop-like structure and theme though...

7.Lifeline: 'a charade'... you can hear the influences of the producers very clear. Sounds like Robbie Williams. Brass sounds better here.

8.She's A fast persuader: the only track that gave be some goosebumps starting off... good brass, good groove. Poor lyrics though ... but excellent sax solo. Too bad they did not choose for a brass theme (like the live versions of ROTSC)

9.TCDT: yeah, that's Jamiroquai. Again, poor lyrics. Great chorus and theme, also Jays singing is cool here. Brass are okay. Kinda Motown feel sometimes

9.Goodbye to my Dancer: trying to get that reggae feel from TWM? Did not work, ... the lyrics suck!

10.Again influences of the producers are very clear. Rhodes sounds nice. Jay sounds better, miss the digderidoo!

11. Hey Floyd: cool track. Good theme, too bad that there are no brass sounds!

2/5 ... I can agree. This is for me (does not have to be you!) a very dissapointing record... Also the artwork, is appallingly poor! Why this?!! Didn't Jay want to profile this record as being a 'band'?? Too much simple disco, simple pop... nothing sparkling they had me hooked back in 93 (@ Jace i feel ya!).

Nope ... sorry Jamiroquai has been loooong gone. After TWM it was all down hill. And I am sorry to say, eventhough I go to the concerts and buy the records, because I love the sound they managed to create and that vibe they had in the 90s... nothing left of that. Move on Em ... :-p

This is a very sad and true comment,about nowadays work of JK (but i hope so he will bring new music to us on and on and on), but the 90's of Jamiroquai are not gone, they exist on and on on my stereo and in my brain. And they are soooooooooooooo great! Thanks for all this!!!

But one thing i will never can cope with, and its shurely the turnpoint of Jamiroquai, is the end of the digeridoo.

Its already a great legarcy of JK and of the new one i love RDLS, WKR, SAFP, HF


That's very harsh Em, I love old Jamiroquai but this new album on the whole is brilliant. I agree Hurtin' is absolute crap, and the singles in my view aren't that strong. Most of the album is amazing though. I love All Good In The Hood, reminds me a bit of If I Like It I Do It. Smoke And Mirrors, great, Fast Persuader amazing, Two Completely differnt Things is sublime. The whole second half of the album is solid, more so than most Jamiroquai second halfs, it's the first half that lets the album down...

After a full week with this album on replay I'm happy to say that I'm stoked with it!

I really like "Lifeline" and "Hey Floyd" but the rest of the tunes are also great.

I guess there will always be people dissapointed with stuff that doesn't come out sound or looking exactly like it did in their mind's eye. But I think this is a solid album that will be getting plenty of play for the rest of my life.

Longstanding fan of Jamiroquai. First listen to the new album I wasn't overly impressed but like most of their material it takes a few listens to get under the skin. It's easily the best album since TWOM and a real return to form. White Knuckle Ride is such a fantastic fusion of bass, keyboard and Earth Wind and Fire esque vocals. Superb that the majority of tracks have went back to basics on structure with percussion and bass as the starting point. Bravo - it'll be ace live.

1. White Knuckle Ride
2. Hey Floyd
3. Lifeline

Fantastic album. My favorite of all their releases. Blue Skies is gorgeous, the title track is lovely - love the guitar sound - well nice. All the tracks are superb in fact - not a single filler there.
What I love about this album is the song writing maturity that's on show.. A much more subtle brand of funk from the tightest funk act in the UK. Melody overload - thanks guys. I'm going to thrash it to death, and then listen to it again. The production is immense.
JK - sod the critics - they are morons and wouldn't know how to listen to music in a critical capacity with no bias if they were paid to -- oh wait as second -- they are !! ?? Hmmm

Have you guys realised that "All Mixed Up in You" is no more than Angeline? if you can listen to the lyrics, perfectly jay sings "All Mixed Up In You", so i think it was an alternate name, Cheers!

Cracking album...I too was worried with the short clips I'd heard, but it's a ripper.

She's a Fast Persuader is the standout for me.

This is THEEE WORST Jamiroquai album to date. Long gone are the days ROTSC, TWM, EOPL...which are their strongest works. This is gimmicky, predictable, not memorable...and only FANS will think its awesome out of pure bias. No way a stranger to Jamiroquai would rate this album highly.

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