Jamiroquai Dutch television show performance on 28 October

Added on Wednesday 27 October 2010, 15:23 (UTC)

According to the website of Dutch television show De Wereld Draait Door Jamiroquai will be performing Blue Skies on the show on Thursday night (tomorrow).

UPDATE (29 Oct): Watch the interview with Jay and acoustic performance of Blue Skies here.

This coming Friday the band are performing a concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Credit: Annemiek Klamer

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Yes, so soon, good to hear.

Tomorroq, yay!! :D Cheeba!

Great news!


Stop saying Cheeba. You're as bad as Iron Maiden fans always saying Up The Irons. Bloody annoying...

Listening to the new album and cannot figure out why 'Blue Skies' is the song they've released and are performing so often.

Easily the worst track on the album. Fast Persuader, Smoke and Mirros, Hurtin, WKR and many more just leave Blue Skies for dead...

Really scratching my head as to why this track has been chosen as one to release and then play live???

On the other way I think blues skies is a perfect single for a quite good album. The lyrics of the other songs doesnt tell me nothing yet, need to keep listening! but the instrumental part is wooo! ;-)

Otis P Cheeba guys!


Jay really pushed for this one to be released as the lead single, even though the record company didn't want it. (He said this in his interview with Vernon Kaye on Radio 1)

Personally I think it's a bit of a damp squib compared to a lot of other songs on the album, and perhaps gives a false impression to the undecided punters out there.

@ Dom

I didnt listen that interview I live in Poland!
If he pushed to be a single he got for sure his own reasons!the instrumental part is average stuff but the lyrics are untill now the best ones from all the album!Maybe because im married and a father now and i'm looking for a fast persuader and me and my wife we dont want two completly different things!you know what I mean ;-)

The things is that in my opinion Jay wrote now completly different feeling lyrics! His message is now so far away from saving the planet earth and even if I dont like it the Jamiroquai music is still briliant!

"and i'm looking" ;-) ohh the oposite i'm not looking, how can a missing word change everything! ;-)

the lyrics of the song rock dust light star were kinda old school jamiroquai ... about earth,religion...

Pls if somebody save this performance in video, pls let us know where we can see it. Trought this media. Twitter funk. Thanks. Regards

@ faba

yeah your right RDLS lyrics are kind a old school if we forget 'i'm a square pig in a round hole' he used to have different feelings about himself!don't you think? "I can do eagle eye circling in the sky"

Blue Skies is amazing!. Oh and..........Cheeba!!

@ faba.....completely agree. The lyrics of RDLS the single are the best on the album. They evoke memories of Virtual Insanity, EMOPL and ROTSC. It's a class way to start the album.

none of the songs on the album really stick out as obvious singles to me. thats not necessarily a bad thing though....Cheeba!

It was short, but they did an acoustic version of Blue Skies. It was amazing.

Giel Beelen, the dude who asked Jay questions, announced that Jamiroquai will do a big show in the Netherlands again. According the interview it will be in Ahoy, Rotterdam

can someone please post the performance and interview on youtube?

Here's a link to the interview and performance:

Thanks Marco. For anyone who watches the video, its just before 6 minutes into the stream.

ooh what a mistake! "i'm a square peg (not pig) in a round hole" sorry jay sometimes I feel the same ;-)

Ahaa Magic Matt with the lyrical input lol

They are like wine as old as better they get!

Blue Skies - MUCH MUCH BETTER acoustically! less is more!

Good on yer fellas! keep up the good work! Youve got to do whats right for you artistically speaking..

Will someone take a camera with them on the world tour, get some shots of the places you've visited and post them on the website. Will be travelling with you in spirit that way!

Take care!

I can't believe the perfomance was less than 2 minutes long! And the first minute Jay had to warm up. Poor background singer, it sounded like it was her singing wrong...
The second half of the song sounded really nice! Anyone knows why it was so short?

On this show you have 1 minute playtime, but legendary artists/bands can play a little bit longer (Jamiroquai is legendary U know). That's the reason behind it.

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