Jay talks to The Scotsman

Added on Tuesday 26 October 2010, 06:21 (UTC)

Scottish newspaper The Scotsman has printed a recent interview with Jay.  Read it online at the website.

...Throw it all together - the international success, the DIY ethic, the seclusion in his country estate - and it helps insulate him from the contemporary celebrity, pop and media worlds. He has, he states repeatedly, no interest in any of that "crap"....

Expect to see a few more interviews over the coming days and if you spot any good ones feel free to post a comment and link with this news item.

Credit: James Feligha

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Jay is the man, coolest man to ever walk this Earth.

Can't wait for the album, Cheeba!

Oncea again another great interview, Jay sounds at peace with himself and truly happy with he has solitude - good on you Jay - you deserve it :)


What a fantastic interview. I share his compassion for the planet, and the way he describes it is so truthful. What a great guy....not enough like him in this depressing day and age.

Trade a 'shank' for a Kingfisher, Chavs!

A very honest insight into the life of a truly remarkable individual. Thank you Jay and thank you James & David for posting.

Jay Kay!!!

wow very interesting interview, and some people were saying jay doesn't care about the planet, environment anymore because he is rich and has luxurious cars...well they were wrong and i am glad he is still the same guy from the band who released EOPE

it looks like lifeline and two completely different things are inspired by some girl jay is seeing...but it seems like now he is having second thoughts about the relationship according to this interview
don't worry about feeling single and lonely jay, don't get your heart/mind mind wrapped up on something that is not even working, just continue doing you, music and touring, eventually the right one will come along

You're so right Jay , you're a remarkable guy!!Keep on being & thinking like this ;

Great to read that Jay is as Jayish as ever. It does beg the question though, why are they going on The X-Factor at all when it goes against his principals so much. Maybe it's a contractual obligation?

Also, and as an aside, why do people insist on not using the word "The" before The X-Factor now and just call it X-Factor. Surely it doesn't make sense without being pre-fixed with a "The". Just a thought.

Of course I meant principle, not principal. He's not a bond dealer.

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