Three classic audio tracks from 1993 London concert online

Added on Sunday 24 October 2010, 08:41 (UTC)

Nick Van Gelder, who was the original drummer with Jamiroquai has uploaded some more classic Jamiroquai tunes onto YouTube from 1993.  These three tracks were recorded at the Town & Country club in London, which is now known as The Forum (where the band performed this week) and I believe are from 9 January 1993...

  • Honkytonk
  • Blow Your Mind
  • If I Like It I Do It

For the previous tracks see this news item from September and to find out more about Nick visit his MySpace page.

Credit: Alejandro Astete

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Amazing stuff, Cheeba.

Honkytonk or She's A fast Persuader ? Honestly, I really can't decide which one I prefer.

Thanx a lot Nick. Come on, the band were really good those times.

This version of Blow your mind is the funkiest I've ever heard!
One word: Amazing

Lot of old and new Jamiroquai online these days, can't complain about that! Nice to hear these rare old songs in early versions too. A lot of the old bootlegs are interesting to listen to because they used to play new songs or songs that were work in progress at their concerts, not holding them back until they were finished. Anyway, good stuff.

Thank you very much! These gems are (again) amazing!

@ Alex: I love Honkytonk but She's Fast Persuader is one of the best Jamiroquai song ever!

These r nice...but that was then n she's a fast persuader is now!!!

Thanks to Nick for sharing :)

This IS the funk I want !

Amazing stuff again

@ AlEX

She 's a fast persuaderr of coursee ....

anyway wat is Nick doing ?? is he trying to get remebered ? -_-

Obviously somebody's trying to use the new Jamiroquai album launch to get a little attention.

Well, that someone was part and founder of Jamiroquai! it's so nice from him to get those rehearsals and stuff for free! I read on Stuart Zenders facebook he's about to post some '95 rehearsals too...! New stuff is nice, but having a chance to taste the old ones is amazing too! :D and i'm lovin' these tracks! ;)

Thanks to myself :P

The tunes are amazing, Jamiroquai gotta go back to this.

Seriously - quite possibly the best version of Blow Your Mind I've ever heard! Liking the sounds of Honkytonk too... love these uploads!

FunkEducation, while it is nice, it's still obvious. Both Gelder and Zender are using the new Jamiroquai release to attract attention to themselves and force a contrast between the old band and the current one. They could've leaked this stuff at any other time but they pick their spots.

Alejandro, "Jamiroquai gotta go back to this."

See what I mean? This is the real purpose for what they're doing, to get the Jam fans to talk like this. They're not scoring points with Jay, trust me.

This is the first time I have, and will only agree on the words that Mike has just written.

If that is true about Stuart, I would be very surprised. Not only is he reported to have buried the hatchet with Jay, he was saying on his facebook a few months back that he would love to join the band again. If both sides are willing, and the fans seem to want it enough... But if there was anyone I would bring back, it would probably be Wallis.

If that's true about Stuart then all well and good, but not Gelder. Derrick is the perfect drummer for Jamiroquai. If Stu/Jay really made up then I guess there's no problem releasing the unreleased tracks such as Midnight Funk? I wouldn't be opposed to a reunion in such an event.

@Mike & co.
Boys,please don't be disrespectful to Stuart.
He is a great musician and that would not be his way to
act . attract attention?omg..

Just for the record, my comment is in no way directed toward Stuart in any shape, form, what so ever. I did find it somewhat surprising that a few weeks back when this forum was at its peak with its war of words, Nick released some tracks, which I thought added more fuel, and was bad timing. I sense the release of these tracks again, is somewhat of an ill timing. Yes, I would absolutely love to hear what Nick has, and from what I've heard, yes, it is brilliant. But with intensity at what it has been on this forum, I just it as wood on the fire. Since the release of Dynamite, and a passing of 5 years, why now? Please this is in no way aimed as a disrespectful act; just extremely curious. There was too much war on here, and it didn't help.

after hearing the ending of she s a fast persuader ... I forgot who stuart zender is :).. stuart whoo ??? ha ha

Yeah Van Gelder has dropped some more brilliant tracks.

Also, if you can't wait and can be bothered to search, She's A Fast Persuader has been leaked. It's very good, brilliant funky breakdown at the end of the track

@fdafa - What are you on? I'm not a Zender worshiper, but I do respect his contributions enough to realize some okay noodling at the end of one song does not surpass all of the wonderful, tasteful & skilled playing he did on the first three albums or live tours. Fast Persuader is maybe one of the best on the new album, but let's keep things in's not even close to the best Jamiroquai songs overall, nor is the bass line that interesting or original.

wats the best song that stuart zender has ever played in jamiroquai ??? Travelling without moving ?Mr.Moon lol he does the same bass line over and over... u guys always over rate him. this new guy is filling his place perfectly and is doing a gr8 job smoke and mirrors she's a fast persuader all good in the hood .. runaway ;) sick bass lines . And please dont reply me by saying watch the live performances from the 90's.

Stuart Zender will never be forgotten by me.His contributions to the first three albums helped make them as great as they are.Whenever I listen to the live version of Mr Moon in Phoenix and that bass solo I am truly blown away, and I recognise that his influence on the band was immense.Yet despite that,RDLS may surpass anything they've ever produced.And now we have another musical gem and bass master in Paul Turner.Jay has made the right choices.

totally agree with jamalgerie !!

Jay Kay is such a gr8 Musician! He makes the best choices .. and rock dust light star is Wooow ...

RDLS is maybe the best album they've done..after ROTSC, EOPE, TWM, SYNK, and AFO. It's an alright album, but let's not get carried away saying it's the best thing since sliced bread. The thing that struck me about this album is they didn't break any new musical ground here. Every previous album had at least one track that re-framed Jamiroquai in a new and interesting way. This album felt more like tracks that should've been on Dynamite instead of a lot of the songs that ended up on that album. Nothing really new, no major 'wow' track. Solid, but we've heard it all before somewhere.

And fdafa - Hmm.. I think you've forgotten how good the first three albums' basslines are. Manifest Destiny, Space Cowboy, If I Like It, Music of the Mind, High Times, Alright, You Are My Love, Stillness in Time, Just Another Story...hell, I could list almost every track. Paul Turner is a great player but he hasn't made a dent compared to Stu.

I'm not one to try to conjure up that old nostalgia, but the new music is just not as good as their old stuff, period. I wanted this album to be the best thing they've done, trust me on just isn't.

"RDLS may surpass anything they've ever produced" ??????
You're trippin' mate, this album isn't even on the same league as A Funk Odyssey, and light years away from the first and second albums... I bet you're not even understanding the lyrics... lol

I did not say that it is without doubt their best album.I cannot judge the album fully,by just listening to the snippets.However,I think it will be better than AFO and Dynamite,as I sense they are heading back to their roots more with this release.Lyrically perhaps they are not as good,but that doesn't matter as much to me.I need the groove and the soul.That is why I am a Jamiroquai fan.Personally I think the snippets of SAFP and TCDT do have that 'wow' factor.The groove behind those songs is at least on par with anything they've previously released.

As someone who is a huge fan of a lot the old stuff and much of the new material, those two tracks might disappoint you. I felt the same when I heard the previews - 'oh man, the old magic!' - but it turned out to be false hope. Both could've been so much more, but they fail to take it to that next level. TCDT is a summery, pretty song but it won't blow your mind (no pun intended). Sorry to rain on any parades..

Each to his own,but thanks god there are people who understand.The original magic and wow factor just are where they are ,-in the past.Stuart is one of the edgiest bassists alive,Jay is a kind of wizzard ,the current JMQ musicians are great professionals.
RDLS is unquestionably the best JMQ album in decade,but the first three ones just let you -breathless ... :)

I think the biggest loss for Jamiroquai was to loose Toby Smith. The songs on RDSL could have been even better with his chord structures and synth-harmonies. Also, I think the rhodes should be used more often. The rhodes-piano was a main influence on the Jamiroquai-sound. Some of the keyboards on the new album sound too "easy", and sometimes a bit cheesy. But the rythm section and bass-lines are superb. I hope Toby will return for new studio albums, even if he won't tour with them.

This week I saw the South Park parody of Jersey Shore, etc. I then read in some dopey tabliod that Snooki and the gang were proud of the exposure and notoriety it was giving them. "As long as they're talking about you," blah blah blah.

I say this to say that if this can occur, then I am very comfortable and in fact, pleased, that people can talk about old vs. new Jamiroquai music with the same passion in which they can talk about Snooki and the Kardashians.

Both old and new tunes are amazing, BTW. Glad we're finally hearing it. I just hope I can peel myself away from the computer long enough to get some other stuff done today. Da*n you, Jamiroquai! JK ;-)

That´s the idea I like: Work in progress... I love that bands that keep working always experiment live with their sound while on tour.

Nick VG just earned a ticket to heaven, he´s cool with me!

BTW, THANK YOU AGAIN NICK!!! Keep this up!

Mike, glad we can share common ground on this. I hope that Midnight Funk will see the light of day some time. In fact, the work that was scrapped between Travelling Without Moving and Synkronized.

fdafa, many bassists rated Zender as the best funk bassist alive, and among the best bassists of all time. In fact, in a poll about a decade ago, EOPE and ROTSC were 8th and 7th respectively in a poll of the top 100 bassist albums, with Travelling Without Moving at around 15th. So, his core appearances are in the top 20. #1 went to Weather Report's Heavy Weather (Jaco Pastorius); I think it's fair to say he's in good company. Music critics can overrate something, but not so here, as this was from accomplished people who play the instrument professionally. For Zender's best performance, many people thought it was on the track Space Cowboy - Hope you know which bit I mean ;). Paul has a few moments; Starchild, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, Time Won't Wait, Dynamite live, some might say Tululah, but the challenge for him is whether they'll stand the test of time as Zender has, and furthermore, whether that consistency can be achieved over a number of albums. Bass players might be more willing to make it happen (and that's quite a might), as will some fans, but I've a feeling that most fans of the older style won't. Where I would agree is on the point that it's important to move with the times. But the key here is tolerance. Both bring something different to the table, and one must let them be themselves.

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