Jamiroquai to perform on X Factor (UK)

Added on Sunday 24 October 2010, 22:27 (UTC)
Jamiroquai will be one of the artists performing on the UK version of the X Factor television show next Sunday (31 October) evening!  They will be performing on the results show along with Rihanna and Bon Jovi.
Credit: Jamie, Jeremy Roberts, Hannah Wood, Kev Taylor

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Excellent news!! That will be the day of my birthday as well-great present to see them!!

Suprising but no matter brilliant news! This is the exposure the band needs and X Factor is the biggest thing in music at the moment so to appear on the show will make millions of people aware of the fact the new album is landing!

@Ki,Exactly right.I've just been reading an article which stated that "Two massive acts will be on and a band that we haven't heard of since the 90's".I found it to be quite disrespectful to Jamiroquai,but hopefully next Sunday night they will show viewers what real music is.

It's because Blue Skies is a 'Pop' song.

what happened to not doing telly Jay??

As much as I hate the show and everything it stands for, it is a great little bit of promotion for the band on the eve of the album release! I still won't watch it though ;)

I cant stand this show, but like Ki stated, its great promo a day before the album is released. Reading this news item i found it funny, cos just tonight i was dipping in and out of x-factor to mock cheryl cole's dire performance, whilst watching playbacks of old Jamiroquai performances from 2005 from shows like top of the pops (which sadly dont exist anymore, hence why Jamiroquai are performing on this) and now they will be performing on this very same show!

Cosmic Girl, they performed on Strictly a few years ago!!

I don't mind a bit of X-Factor. Occasionally, you do get some genuine talent. My gripe lies with the judges. Take Leona, for example. She CAN sing, and I think she's very talented. But all she does is ballads, and she has no personality anymore. I get the impression she was told "we want you to sound like (insert name here)", and most single follow the exact same formula, sing,' hit a high note, warble, warble. It's very tired now, but I feel she could be so much more, that she could do more than ballads all the time. I hate that every group has to sound like Westlife, too. I hate that they have to do boyband dances and how certain songs get murdered (another one on Saturday, she can sing, but PLEASE leave Whole Lotta Love alone!!), and stop feeding us this line that a cover version is 'genius'. IT'S INSULTING. I hate that those who CAN play an instrument are discouraged from doing so, or when they do, it's very minimal. I would like to see them try and write a song, too. Sadly, the judges seem to think it's all about THEM, manufacturing clones, image and judge politics. A lot of the viewers think so, too (Some of the comments on twitter are heartbreaking to see as a passionate music fan). It could do more good for music, but like you, Daniel, I hate a lot of what it stands for. Still, for Jamiroquai, I will watch :).

well, if green day has played on american idol(xd), then jamiroquai can play in this show...sadly, we get american idol and this, and id not getting better in south america, where we have the sametv shows...

i hope they do a kick-ass performance, so they can beat all the untalented people on that show.

That should've read "A lot of the viewers would rather have this".

They call Bieber, Akon and Gaga music. Some say The Saturdays or one of the others from Girls Aloud should be on instead, and they bought Cheryl's miming act. They say disgusting, unfounded things about Jamiroquai, but they're some of Britain's most accomplished and respected artists, still very successful, and every contestant would give their limbs for their success. If you ever needed proof that a nation has dumbed-down, there's an example.

Ahh well its a good promotion..i just hope they will play some tune other than bs or wkr, new album has much much better songs!

This would appear to contradict the Telegraph interview with Jay Kay. Reading into his words it would appear he really doesn't give a **** about current music; so why appear on a show that is about new talent?
I worry that Jay is becoming a management puppet. Will he be able to sustain this media "licky bum" stuff without losing his cool? We all know Jay Kay will only tolerate so much. I wish he had gone down his own route and not signed with Mercury/Universal.

On a light note, I live a simple life and personally my weekends are greared around the X Factor - it's sooooo cheesy - I love it! So glad Jamiroquai will be performing!

@ I AM A BIG ROB FAN........Jay will never be a management puppet. He does pretty much as he likes all the time. Basically, he is doing this to promote the new album before it drops....very smart advertising. You don't sell over 30 million records without being very smart in the music business. It's mainstream coverage that is bound to boost album sales.

If I like it, I do it baby!

Wow, didnt see that coming! Not sure they are a 1 song kinda band. Best when they have an hour or 2 and really get going. Gonna be interesting!!

What's annoying is: Jamiroquai will surely perform 'Blue Skies' to an audience of 15 million. What does that make people think of the band? That they're a cheesy love ballad pop band? At best, I think we can hope for a BS/WKR medley.

The biggest promotion would be to see some TV ads coming out for the new album. I haven't seen any - have you?
Look at what was happening at the end of the Sony era - it was non-stop string pulling.

Oh, the shame, the horror!!!

pour boys!!!
hope they won't get to do much of this...stuff but it's promotion, if u wanna sell you have to do things like this one unfortunatly.

I also hate X factor but this is great for the band, don't know why you guys are being silly saying I wont watch because you hate the show. Just do what i'm doing, Iplayer and skip right to the best part. :D Can't wait to see jay on stage looking ten tmes better than Rihanna and Bon Jovi.

I wouldn't normally watch this cliche ridden garbage, but I was at my Mum and Dad's for dinner and had to sit through the awful results show last night. Firstly, all of the contestants mimed, then Cheryl mimed her awful new song (making her role as a judge utterly ridiculous), and then Dermot announced that Jamiroquai are on next week?! I almost fell off the settee!

^ Love it!

I am really waiting for a duo with Roby Williams...

Pumpkin - as much as I share the X factor horror with you, fear not. Cowell and Jay in the same room together after Jay's Top Gear victory dance may be rather amusing to watch ;)

Needs must.It all helps payback that advance! Then there's freedom!
Definitely check out the Iroquois or Haudenosaunee, Jay whilst in the US.(Jam-Iroquois)The Grand Canyon will also take your breath away! The Hopi are worth checking out as well

Haven't watched the X Factor - wont give Simon Cowell the benefit of more viewing figures, too busy with OU course work Bsc Psychology.

Just hope more people sign up for the Facebook campaign to get John Cages 4'33 to Christmas number 1.
The machine being the manufactured record industry,feeding us with rubbish, and pushing the genuine artists out.

(Can you imagine, Simon Cowell, Radio stations, Tv channels, being in absolute apoplexy over 4 mins 33 seconds of silence! brilliant! its a work of genius!)

Keep up the good work guys!

Yay! Some excitement at the end of the weekend! xxxx

IM A BIG ROB you often see adverts regarding music? They seldom exist apart from main, mainstream. Gaga, JLS etc. It's a great way to get coverage as millions of people see x-factor, far more than would probably see an advert or even bother to watch it. He's smart, as is Simon Cowell for getting them on the show.

Let's hope for WKR.

Hi J-Dogg,

Did you see the recent Fiat advert featuring Faithless's new single? Masterpiece of advertising IMHO.

I remember the ads for AFO and Dynamite and thought we would see the same for RDLS.

I'm not saying it's bad advertising to go on X Factor, as I said I love the show. However, I personally did not think Jay would go on this type of show due to his apathy regarding today's music and manufactured musicians.

Agree on WKR choice.

@Me - will sign up for that campaign!

imagine they perform she's a fast persuader wouhouuu ...

Fair does, I agree but the music landscape has changed hugely since those releases. Everything is processed nowadays and Jay, although he prizes himself on being different, has to conform to certain rules if it means boosting publicity. There are just certain things that he has to put above personal resentment for the better of the band.

Peace, good vibez!

@J-Dogg. Well put. Agree.

Peace and good vibez back at you!

***NEWSFLASH*** Jamiroquai fans have a difference of opinion but settle the matter in a grown-up manner.

See above all you old, moaning fans who feel the constant need to hound our forums!

Btw, I met Rob Harris as the Forum, along with Matt Johnson and Dereck! Was crazy as hell.

Hey J-Dogg
Where you with a group of lads who went in the kebab shop after the gig?

We did, we did! Although, it was hands down the worst kebab i've ever tasted!

I had the battered sausage *does sick face*.
Were you at Debut too?


Yeah I was, were you?

Yep! One of my group said they recognised your group from there. (We're the lot are new generation!).
Will look you up on FB - did you have a stripey jumper on?

Better get back to topic otherwise David will be whipping our butts...


Excited to see this, finally some amazing talent on the show.

There was only two of us at Debut.....and I did. Yellow, white and black. Come to think of it, quite a bumblebee!

Took a white knuckle ride!

The nutty one...I remember you well. :).

Ditto MeThoDz

Well, that's a first! Glad I could make an impression however lol. Sup Methodz?!

Oh God seems like they'll perfonm to italian Xfactor as well, a never ending torture for our guys!

Was upppp, hoping for White knuckle Ride as well J-Dogg. Btw dont forget to sign that thing and email it back as being on E4 will be well funny.

Have u and Si sent them off? I was waiting for the general consensus!

Yeh me and Si faxed ours.

Sweet, i'll send mine soon. Everyone else needs to though, otherwise it wont be on!

Jay Kay, is, a, genius.

Just found a live recording on YouTube of the gang playing the new single "White Knuckle Ride" on a Brazilian T.V. Show (
). I'm guessing they will be playing this or their other single 'Blue Skies' on X Factor this Sunday.

Great news. Not a fan of the show, but it is a very well planned promotional campaign from the band!


Me and J-dogg were at debut and HMV. We'll have to meet up at the next gig!


We need some kind of mass meet up at a gig next year on the tour! :)

Good idea Daniel.

We'll get everyone together at the next big gig. :D

Agreed! Would be awsome. Cheeba!

they have lost enough cred as it is.....i would steer well clear....if the album is a good one ( not bad but not great) people would get to know about it an buy it, they may get 25,000 impulse buys from the show. i like bs, but if they play it, they will lose alot alot of sales, as it will look like the theme of the album. my choice would be shes a fast persuader, sounds like they used too

Matt, they've lost no credit whatsoever. They're still loved by millions, and have one of the most diverse fanbases in the world. People don't necessarily get to know good music.....many great bands aren't known. Moses Mayes are known by hardly anyone, and make great music. More up to date and relevant example being Foals. Their album was up for the mercury prize, and is absolutely class yet hasn't really sold and has had no big singles.

People only care about cheesy pop, and if that means Jay Kay not gaining the new generation of kids, then who cares?

Shes a fast persuader would be class, but lets face it, it isn't going to happen.

Peace, good vibez.

"They will be performing on the results show along with Rihanna and Bon Jovi."

That's pretty huge, considering the global popularity of THOSE two performing acts. This is a huge reflection and validation of their popularity and more importantly, credibility. (*Cough* More than I can say for some others. *Cough*) The best and most honest thing I can say is that millions and millions of lives will be changed that night. Especially if they play She's a Fast Persuader. Shoot, even WKR would be hot. Why, oh why do I have to live in the USA? lol *Sigh*, Alas, we'll always have YouTube.

@Bumble bee & Co. You'll always find the Jamily by the bar after gigs - or outside main entrance. Check out Jamirotalk for meet details.

J-Dogg. Have been thinking about our AD debate. Did you see the ads for Mark Ronson's new album? (which is a VERY enjoyable listen). Deservedly got the No.1 spot. Most public performance I can think of was on Rob Brydon show - which attracts discerning viewers. (imo).

X Factor is mainstream. Yes this will draw in good album sales but....dare I say the programme is a bit "chavvy"? If I were an artist I would appear on shows that I actually wanted watched and enjoyed.

Maybe Jamiroquai are secret X Factor viewers.

Agree that SFP would be the perfect tune. Looking at this from another angle - they need to go out all guns blazing and show exactly what good music is.

Rob Fan, I see completely where you're coming from. But how many families and old people watch it? It may evoke memories of Jamiroquai when they were younger and growing up....(18 years is a hell of a long time). They'll think of the Cosmic Girl's etc. and will be happy to see one of the people from their time back again.

If they play a great track, then it could be fantastic. Blue Skies I agree won't have the best of effects. But, never doubt Jay Kay, he's always managed to come throgh groovin'!

Finally a reason to watch the show, it's about time the kids found out about the Rocket that is Jay Kay. I had some punk kid tell me Tinie Tempah was better than Jamiroquai, and that's why he'd sold more records >.<

I didn't even know where to start correcting him haha.

It'd never happen, but imagine Jay scrapped playing Blue skies and played Blow your mind!

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