Jamiroquai plan promotional visit to Australia in November

Added on Sunday 24 October 2010, 07:48 (UTC)

After the mention of a Rock Dust Light Star promo visit to Australia in Jay's interview with the UK Telegraph newspaper last weekend the Australian Telegraph has a litle more information.  They write...

JAMIROQUAI are working hard to promote their new album, Rock Dust Light Star, their first studio release in five years.

Insider can reveal the British funk-pop outfit, fronted by Jay Kay, is scheduled for an Australian promo visit from November 19 to 23.  The band will perform at a Take 40 Australia party on November 20. Stay tuned for more details.

Rock Dust Light Star, Jamiroquai's eighth album, will be released next Friday. The first single, White Knuckle Ride, is out now.

Credit: Liam Schembri, Samantha Yemm

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WOOHOO - finally after 5 years the boys will be down under, even if it's for a short time - fingers/toes crossed you guys can make it to Melbourne - I'll be there with bells on - I'll be easy to spot - yep the one that'll be 8 month pregnant lol :)


I really hope this will include a couple of performances for the general public, the article only mentions the Take 40 appearance. Still, great to have the boys back after 5 long years! :)

This is great news.

Sounds good for a visit in Japan soon!

Awesome news! Like Samantha, I also hope they come to Melbourne. Am so looking forward to seeing my favourite band live!

Yes!!! A visit to Japan please and if possible Nagoya....

私は同意!! ^^

Here's another article about JMQ's upcoming performance at the Take 40 Party...

The performance will be on 20 November for 'INVITATION ONLY' so I suggest to our lovely Sydney residents to keep an eye out on the Take 40 website incase they have a competition to win tix - good luck :) :) :)

(don't forget to come to Melbourne boys!!!!!)

So this is what Jay meant in that interview.

I thought the albumn was out on the 1st of November, but this article says next Friday which is the 29th!?

Damo: from what I understand albums are often released on Friday's in Australia. At least I believe that to be the case from previous albums. If its not released officially on the Friday at least shops were happily selling albums then!

Japan I believe release on Tuesdays.

It's easier for Universal/Mercury to just say "November 1st" I guess.

@David - Well that's not bad news is it! Only 2 days to wait!

AWESOME! Got from Itunes - love it!

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