Jamiroquai to perform small 'Biz Session' for The Sun newspaper?

Added on Friday 22 October 2010, 15:03 (UTC)

In a small review of Wednesday nights London concert at The Sun newspaper website, where they only manage to get the day of the gig wrong and name two tracks that were not played!!!, the 'review' says "Look out for his Biz Session soon."

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I commented on their inaccurate story after getting back from the show. They didn't post it--go figure. Morons.

Might have to buy the Sun for something rather than page 3. Cheeba

Don't buy the Sun newspaper

they just make it up as they go along.

Will not buy the Sun! - remember Hillsborough.

why peform for these vultures who make your life a misery Jay??? They will be slating you again soon!!

Deary me - I think I could of reported better on it and I'm in Australia and not even there!!!!


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