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Added on Wednesday 20 October 2010, 22:43 (UTC)
Jay Kay, London Forum, 20 October 2010 (photo: David Rowe)

On Wednesday evening Jamiroquai performed at The Forum in Kentish Town, London.  This was part of a series of gigs to promote the Q Magazine Q Awards 2010.

This is the set list from the concert:

  • Revolution, High Times, Rock Dust Light Star, Little L, Alright, Corner of the Earth, White Knuckle Ride, Black Capricorn Day, Cosmic Girl, Blue Skies, Love Foolosophy, Hurtin', Canned Heat, Deeper Underground

The band now head to Switzerland for a gig in Basel on Friday night.

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Good gig and well played but could of played more off new album, love hurtin' but why play deeper underground last? Know it's the only number 1 but waring thin!

Awesome gig! Jay and the band truly were on top form! Met some nice people and big fans too which was great! :D

Come on !

The "Weak 4" ? In live ? Don't theyhave better songs from the new album to play live instead ?

Paleo setlist was almost perfect. Removing Space Cowboy, When You Gonna Learn, Just Another Story, Light Years and other to play the "Weak 4" (and Corner Of The Earth btw, same level of weakness)... What are they thinking about ?

I would have loved to hear COTE live!!! It´s the song that made me fall in love with jamiroquai! ( live in Verona)
I heard " Hurtin" was really good live..can´t wait to see some footage..

also I reckon they are not gonna play any other songs until the official album release!

aaaa exciting times

Was an awesome gig, everyone jamming under one groove. GOod to see the funk is still very much alive

Loved the gig last night, amazing place, great atmosphere too! Still rocking it so well at 40! New tracks sounded great. Wished theyd play Use The Force tho, favourtie live track. Hope to get BBC R2 tickets now!

yo alex. why dont you actually make the effort to get yourself down to the gigs instead of just commenting on set lists? then you'd know that last night the "weak 4" were awesome live - jay's voice on blue skies was amazing.

if you wanna hear stuff from the first 2 albums then go out and buy them on cd and treat yourself to a nice little hi-fi system to play them on. or try coming along to the next gig to see what they might play then.

I've been waiting years to see you! I loved hard rock calling but last night blowed my mind! Really hoping to get tickts for next week (fingers crossed), bloody fantastic!

@r star. Don't worry, I will see them live, as soon as they tour to a place nearer to me (would then be my 16th Jamiroquai gig). And of course I'm commenting on the tracklists, it's the only thing that matters (along with the band's groove I mean). After watching the Paleo's video, who wouldn't have high expectations about the tour. But I'm sorry, I really think they removed killer songs last night (Space Cowboy, come on guys !). I know a new tour is almost always about album promotion, but come on, those "Weak 4", they don't really belong here. Amazing live ? I will hear them, surely, but in the mean time, let me enjoy Sao Paulo 97.

BTW, you've surely all noticed they don't (thank you hypothetical god) play live any Dynamite songs. Do you really think they'll play live RDLS album songs for the next album tour ?

See the thing is..not everyone will be pleased with the chosen songs..but MANY will be...How could u make a setlist where EVERYONE gets their favourite song??? thats not possible!
Maybe I am just a happy person but when I am at a Jamiroquai concert I am pleased with any song they play. They bring this magic to their live performance..that´s why we love them so!
I am sure Jamiroquai are gonna choose songs that are gonna " work"...I didn´t hear any negative critic from the concerts so far!

Aley, they also didn't play anything from the second album - does that mean it's a bad album like you say Dynamite is ? Your stupid "weak 4" is ridiculous. A lot of people love hurtin' and blue skys and I myself love White Knuckle Ride and Rock Dust Light Star sounds like a future classic song to me that Jamiroquai would definately play live in the next album tour.
Always remember your "killer songs" are not everybody's killersongs.

@Sandriche. I know about their live magic. That's why I never bashed them about their tours (except the 2001 one, with the cocaine and booze...). I just woke up angry when I saw they removed Space Cowboy from the tracklist. I had to say something mean (but meaningful anyway).

PS: Ahh High Times intro from the 97 tour... THAT gives me shivers, not Hurting, nor Blue Skies.

@Martina... About DYN and TROTSC songs into the tour. I was talking about the whole tour that started this summer, not last night only. So yes, during this tour, they played songs from all albums except Dynamite.

It seems I've pissed you saying that. I mean, I'm sorry, but, really, some people sitll listen to this album ? I'm shocked.

Yes, I'm a bit pi*sed!
YES the quality of the compositions were not the best lately! But I could still feel the groove. I love Time won't wait, Dynamite, Don't give hate a chance and many more! I can admit it's not their best album, but you pretend it to be complete sh*t!

I only think of "Talulah" as complete sh*t! Yes, I am embarassed for this song. "there's a hole is my soul" c'mon!!! I blush just from writing down this stupid lyrics. The whole song sounds like PRONmusic!!!

but hey - lots of people love this song and why writing HATE-rhymes here? (like I just did!) I also don't go to Madonna forums and tell people how sh*tty they are for worshipping a musically talentless slu*t

@Martina. :D You made my day. With love, Alex.

btw - rock dust light star live in sao paulo last week (sort of acoustic version) gives me HUGE SHIVERS and makes me wanna cry from joy!! :o))))

It's time to ignore all the haters. This was my first Jamiroquai gig ever, I've been waiting the better part of a decade to hear them live. Front row, dancing along with Jay only a few feet away, was just beyond words. The band is truly amazing, for instance Corner of the Earth was a request that they played off the cuff for a guy's birthday (I saw the setlists later, wasn't originally on them). The new tunes, especially "Hurtin," take on an extra dimension live and are just fantastic. Just my two cents, but I've never felt this good 12 hours after a concert. Ever.

Awesome gig last night. For those who fear Jamiroquai have lost the funk, be reassured, they have not. Particulary loved the horns at the end of Canned Heat. They just went on and on. Thought the choice of an indie rock band as the support act was a bit strange though.

It was amazing, I recorded a couple of the tracks. More importantly I met Matt, Rob and McKenzie, not one other person in the venue knew who they were. It was good for us but embarrassing to see for other fans. Was the best night of my life. Hurtin was really good surprisingly....

Before they played Rock Dust Light Star Jay said he didn't know whether to play the acoustic version or the regular one. After a bit of a think he said something like 'we'll play the regular one and do the acoustic one later.' Unfortunately they only played it the once.

I was there front row! No complaints except it was too short :) Hurtin' sounds amazing live u guys...never stop performing.

jay we see us tomorrow in basel !!! yeahhhh....

Nice photo shot David! Did you take any more or should I venture over to FB? Also, thanks for the great laughs and conversation last night. Russ seemed in his element with his backing singers in tow ;) To quote Falco, Hurtin' (live) was (suprisingly) good.

Anna: I've got lots of photos. I need to get it down to a small selection of maybe 10-15 and then get them 'approved' and put on Great having a boogie with you.

and Space Cowboy??? :(

Can I offer some observations as a fan of Jamiroquai, who couldn't class himself as obsessive, but who has seen them (I think) about 7/8 times live in the past decade and was there last night?

Set list debates can become highly tedious with all bands, but I must say my own personal view is that there is a beauty in sometimes not knowing what you're going to get. Last night was an interesting case in point. Can I understand why people would have liked to see Cosmic Girl? Yes. Would I have liked that to be included to the exclusion of Canned Heat, which I hadn't seen performed at the recent gigs I had attended? No. You will never please everyone all the time, and nor, in particular, would I want to see Jamiroquai gigs just turn into a greatest hits reel. So it is of course entirely appropriate that they play songs from the new album (which may in time turn into 'greatest hits') - and if they're not your cup of tea, it usually means the following classic (to your ears) will be even sweeter. There is always scope for surprise. I was slightly disappointed with White Knuckle Ride live, but only because I personally think the sound quality on the album version is nigh on perfect, in a way that concert venue sound rarely is. Conversely, I enjoyed Hurtin', which had a really good live rawness to it, far more than I expected.

One point I would note is about the wider band. I think they are getting better and better. When I first starting watching Jamiroquai I very much (no doubt unfairly and out of lack of knowledge) felt that it was really just a case of Jay Kay and some backing musicians. What I appreciate more and more with each gig is how talented every member of that band is in their own right. I love what they have done to Little L to allow the bass to come through more, I love the increased freedom Rob seems to have on lead guitar, and I love the idea that you can play live brass instruments for a living other than in a jazz club or symphony orchestra! The best way, by far, to show off how talented they all are is to go off piste - what they did with Corner Of The Earth was just fantastic. I would love - even if it involved a missed note here or there - for Jay one day to just announce to the band "we're doing this one", with no warning whatsoever. They'd cope, because they're all excellent musicians, and it doesn't half keep the crowds excited.

Fantastic gig.

Long live the funk.

anyone know where you can get one of those adidas Y3 zip jackets Jay was wearing last night?? cheers

Have to echo many of the comments made by Blanchimont. I like many on here love the band and music but of course we all have songs we would love to see in our ideal set list.

I'll probably never been 100% happy till I hear 'Blow Your Mind' and 'Mr Moon'! But I loved last night because it was Jamiroquai and listening to them is what is all about for me.

I'm a fan which like following a football team means you go with it all. I didn't hate any song they did last night although 'Hurtin' still needs to grow on me.

They had to perform the new stuff so no shock to hear four tracks.

'Corner Of The Earth' was a brilliant moment. Despite not being in my top ten tracks the way Jay just did it and the band got going was fantastic. The crowd singing along when Jay turned and said 'This is your part' really was a special moment.

There was only one track I thought we could have done without and that was 'Black Capricorn Day' which when done Live is usually too long and not for the first time they seemed to not know where to actually end it.

At the end of the day most of us fell in love with Jamiroquai off the back of the first two albums so with that we are always going to want to hear more from those but I was just happy to be part of last night listening to my favourite band play and play damn well.

There will be other performances, there will be other set lists - and as pointed out previously that is what makes seeing Jamiroquai so exciting.

I agree with the points about the setlist debates. A band with such a body of work that Jamiroquai now have are never going to be able to please everyone with a setlist as everyone has their own favourites.

Falco - was great meeting you and the guys last night! Like you said, nice to meet some fellow big fans!

Click the above link at your own risk. It's nothing to do with Jamiroquai!

Highlight of the night - Black Capricorn Day. Rob Harris was superb.
Lowlight of the night - Deeper Underground. Nice song for middle-aged drunks who feel the need to jump up and down and throw their beer around.
Hurtin' - better live with Jay Kay's "normal voice".
Blue Skies - beautiful.
Cosmic Girl - great for when your feet are aching.
COTE - superb moment for the birthday boy.

Good show from the Jamily. United they Stand.

Did I blink and Funkin.Com became a communist site?

Can we stop all this throwing crap at each other? Everyone is allowed their own viewpoints and should be given the respect to do so.

Each time a new news item appears it is fed by negative energy. It's becoming quite wearing and to be honest this type of juvenile activity is going to drive people away.

Let's all respect each other even if we don't agree.

Hurtin' live will be AWESOME!
But please don't let it be a single... XP

Agree with the above, all the bitching is getting abit boring and there's no need.
The setlist looks good, wish I was there! You're never gonna please everyone with it as they've got so much good material. But like someone said before it's kinda exciting going to a gig and not knowing what they're going to play!

For me, Mike has made valid contributions on these forums and he makes some great points.For some reason on this site,people get treated with disrespect occasionally for expressing an opinion.After hearing 'Hurtin',everyone was concerned about the bands apparant 'change'in direction.Thankfully after listening to the snippets it is clear that Jamiroquai have gone back to their roots and therefore praise has followed.

We all have our own perfect setlists. I had 3 of my songs at last night's gig - so happy with that. Particularly pleased to see the return of Canned Heat; which I missed hearing at Debut and Hyde Park.

*I meant apparent* Sorry!! Corner of the Earth Little L and Alright, wicked transition. - Hurtin

Can trust the links, Hurtin was actually really good.
@Daniel - Nice meeting you too buddy, we will get together at the next gig. Promise.

@ WE hate Alex/MeThodZ/Ricardo Cruz. Well done on agreeing with yourself on a comment board. Idiot.

Last night was brilliant, band on top form as always. I've Been Hurtin' sounds way better live. WKR even weaker live. Cosmic girl and Deeper Underground are getting a little tired now, though I still love singing the BVs! Highlights for me were Canned Heat and High Times. Good to see lots of lovely old and new faces too.

@Alex - I believe they played SDISJ at Hard Rock Calling, that's a Dynamite song.

@whiny peeps - go to more gigs, you'll hear what you want eventually. Or don't make the effort and sit there moaning. It's your call.

I'm still no big fan of Hurtin' but I must admit that it's MUCH better live when Jay is singing with his normal voice. From what I've seen/heard so far it seems like it was a great gig... not too unexpected though, they always shine live. :)

Had the pleasure of meeting Rob Harris, (purely by chance ) outside the venue and was lucky enough to see Derrick, Sola and the horn boys in the pub by the Forum and had mine and my girlfriends pictures taken with them, mainly thanks to Rob's wife who took the picture! Big thanks to them all for being ordinary blokes with no egos and who were more than happy to chat and have their pictures taken. Top night, top gig, Jay in fine form and highlight for me was Hurtin. Great night all round.
Did I miss the merchandise??
Fed up with all the cynics, this will be a great album and although not too much promotion I'm sure will do really well.

What an outstanding show. Met Matt Johnson, Derrick and Rob motherfukcin' Harris!!

Corner of the Earth was immense.

Good to meet you Daniel!

I am very sad that I did not get to meet Rob :(.

@I_AM_A_BIG_ROB_FAN, me too, I hear he is a very nice man... ;)

The troll is being very annoying, and obvious. If you're going to try to annoy fans, at least change your ip address for each post. The fact you decided to go down the 'gay insult' route also shows your maturity. This is why I can't get involved in these forums too much, between 'Stepford' fans and trolls it's not a nice experience.

@ALSO_A_HUGE_ROB_FAN. You have good taste dude. I don't have the superlatives to describe how great he is.

Were you there last night? If so, your greatest Rob moment? Mine was during BCD. It took my breath away. I really did feel tingles down my spine. The man is amazing.

I would have just liked to shake his hand and thank him.

And now, us trolls are being trolled. :D Me like it.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I've been raised to think before love. I have to be critical , and not hypocritical. I can't blindly follow anything, without thinking, whithout asking, that being a religion, a political movement or even, yes, music - a band.

Some people call me "Hater". I'm no hater. In Jamiroquai, there are things I LOVE, and some I really DON'T. That's why I prefer calling myself a "Moderate".

Seriously, you can't love everything. It would be pathological not to. And to me, a "fan" isn't a blindly follower.

@SIT next time, please? Ta!
Actually, no, they didn"t play SDISJ at Hard Rock Calling, according to the setlist in the live section of the Funkin.

P.S.: Thanx to the people who takes time to debate.

At least try to change your IP ;)

I_AM_A_BIG_ROB_FAN, why u said if this is site becoming communist because trubles?
ill say better, dont use that words, the trouble here is the disrespect between fans, so i hope everybody respect more, all are allowed to say what u think about the band, so no more negativity people.

We definitely need to get involved at a future gig Falco! :)

Don Mildreone, it was a pleasure meeting you and the guys and chat about all things Jamiroquai! Good times!

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Although the Debut gig was very special with some rare tunes getting played I enjoyed the Forum set just as much. I managed to get nice and close with enough space to funk-out! I feel rob is starting to break out his mold a bit more, hurtin was acually great live, I really enjoyed RDLS & corner of the earth was amazing but made me question how unplanned it was because the music video was displayed on the large background screen. Jay was funny saying he wanted to eat a pizza express but ended up with fish (haddock) & chips which wasn't sitting well in his stomach! very classy Y3 adidas tracktop as well. Paul looked like he was really sweating out in that white jacket! Great venue I hope they play there again... AND still praying one day I will witness Blow Your Mind live. Peace x

To those who went to the show, could someone share on how Rob's guitar playing went on 'Hurtin'?
Meaning was it 'uniformed' for the track, or was he 'unleashing' it a little?
Thanks, peace.

@Give Peace a chance.

Yes communist because of the troubles - no-one is allowed freedom of speech. If they say how they feel then they are shut down. As you say it is disrespect.

They were class as per usual. Met three of the band....which is more than I can say for you so-called 'Jamiro-nuts'. I mean really, no one but us noticed them casually strolling around? High Times was my highlight of the night. And Canned Heat was actually awsome, as was Black Capricorn Day.

Daniel....keep grooving buddy!

Brilliant gig ...thanks guys!

Loved the new stuff! "Hurtin" was brilliant, loved Robs guitar riff!

I was just infront of the male Italian fan who got dragged on stage (his birthday) hilarious!

Corner of the earth - beautiful!

Would have loved to hear some more of the new album
"shes a fast persuader" (am trying love, believe me!! lol!)

Keep up the good work guys, cut down the booze slowly Jay, (too fast and it can lead to fitting - not good! -agree fish and chips in Kentish town can be a bit heavy going! but Perry Como and Jim Reeves Rocks - just joking!!!!)

Take care!

Off Topic a little, but just wanted to comment on Jay's hat for RDLS. Love it. Aesthetically, it's softer than Dynamite - beautifully designed and well carried.

@I_AM_A_BIG_ROB_FAN Thank you, I also like the way Jay shaped me with his designers from Accord Case. I was born with A Funk Odyssey and i've evolved during 9 years. I love feathers that I now have :) It's good to hear that Jamiroquai fans like my design :) But i also felt good with raw carbon during Dynamite tour, I've grown up a bit since A Funk Odyssey :) Soryy for chatoic way of my spaking, i'm only a hat ;) Check my parents site ;)

With Love :*
Jay's Hat

* litlle correction: Sorry for chaotic way of my speaking (feathers tickled me a bit ;) )

@Jay's Hat.
Well aren't you a little darling. You're very articulate for a hat. I love how you've evolved over the years. Personally, I love feathers and think they suit you well.

If I may ask some questions?

Is your base made of carbon and the feathers attached? How much do you weigh? Are you designed to reduce sweating? What is your inspiration for your current look? I guess Native American Indians..but freedom? At one with nature?

Once I went to a Jamiroquai tribute gig. The singer's hat was inspired by your dynamite look. It was a cycle helmet with some spikey bits attached - do you use cycle helmets in your designs?

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