Alternative Rock Dust Light Star audio samples including That's Not The Funk I Want

Added on Tuesday 19 October 2010, 20:36 (UTC)

So you've heard all the album track samples that have been on iTunes for the past few days... there's some alternative samples on YouTube from different parts of the tracks.

In addition to samples from the main album tracks, there's another sample on YouTube - this time of That's Not The Funk I Want - a bonus track on the Japanese release of the album.

Credit: Sharpy

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Seeing the Kay tomorrow, so excited. these tracks are amazing! Cheeba!

........ cant judge this song at all need to hear the whole version .. i couldnt understand half of the words he was singing .. and the music was very weird kind of electro

Love it :D

Hey guys, I've got one question about this bonus song on the Japanese it going to be avalible on the UK release, as well? Because if you look at the Amazon-UK:

In the track listning section, there are 13 tracks:
Track Listings
1. White Knuckle Ride
2. Blue Skies
3. Rock Dust Light Star
4. Hurtin'
5. Lifeline
6. Goodbye To My Dancer
7. All Good In The Hood
8. Smoke and Mirrors
9. She's A Fast Persuader
10. Two Completely Different Things
11. Hey Floyd
12. Never Gonna Be Another
13. That's Not The Funk I Want

I have no idea! I think we'll have to wait and see what track lists appear on what versions! Its so confusing and it really shouldn't be. If we could just get a definitive list of releases, tracklists and catalogue numbers we'll be happy.

That's Not The Funk I Want doesn't sound great from the 30 seconds shown. Whatever version has both Angeline and Hang It Over is the one to get.

Lastly, had I heard the alternate snippets, I wouldn't have been as impressed with the tracks, but now that there is alternates it's possible to 'link them' with the other samples in a DAW and listen to longer samples.

Good find...We get a tiny bit more feel for these tracks.

And "Fast Persuader" and "2CDT" continue to remain sleeper hits in my mind. Such a contrast between these two, the spacey darkness of the former and the down-to-earth sunshine of the latter.

One has to wonder why Fast Persuader or TCDT weren't chosen as a single instead of Blue Skies. Much closer to the classic Jamiroquai flavor that people are looking for.

Absolute turd. This just sounds like a Dynamite B-sides album. Where did all the feel-good saving the planet with didgeridoos vibe go? I can't believe the band sold themselves out to this pop crap.

Actually, Arab, the song structures have been very much the same since EOPE, e.g. (intro)/verse/(bridge)/chrous/middle section. A 'song' song needs a structure which is discernable to the ear. Hey Floyd sounds like one of those pieces with a structure and development, i.e. a more explorative piece which develops over time. The only real difference is the prominence of horn charts in a lot of the songs (which isn't a bad thing in my opinion). All that crap about Amy Winehouse really falls on deaf ears since horn charts have been around for decades, not to mention soul/funk being around for quite some time, and we all know who Jay's influences are. How come Jamiroquai is called out for being rip-offs of the old songwriters yet nobody says anything about these other newbie artists? It smacks of bias. Maybe a lot of the songs on RDLS have a more catchy, upbeat feel (SAFP, TCDT), but I can find just as many pieces on previous albums. It's not as if they WEREN'T trying to gain traction in the industry with their older material. Finally, you have to look at it realistically. They just signed with a new label and haven't produced anything in five years (with the exception of Runaway/Radio). Therefore, they must establish who they are, again, for the new listeners who aren't as familiar with their sound as we are.

Noooo Arab,I think we are seeing elements of the classic Jamiroquai vibe in this album,which drastically differs from the constant pop/cheesy dance music that I try to ignore in the charts.Btw,Are you Arabic by any chance? Just curious because I'm of Algerian descent :)

I really hate the fact there are so many different releases and they all include different tracklists and number of tracks! Hope i get a decent release of the album! at least the one with most tracks! haha LOL
the album sounds a bit better! wanna listen it all!

Structure?! Mike, we're not complaining about that, the issue is the instrumentation, lack of feel, groove, and F-U-N-K. Also the new tracks sound like all the elements were recorded separately and super processed, it's kind of dry and poppy. EOPE & ROTSC were done live in the studio mostly, and thats where jamiroquai used to shine.

Also, the first 2 albums had crazy breaks & innovations in the structure, if you want to talk about that. like Music of the mind or too young to die. But mostly it's just that the new songs are ultra-processed disco bullcrap. I miss acid jazz. 2 Completly Different things sounds fun though,

I agree with you Arab! these are just pop selling messages!

If you wanna hear acid jazz,simply listen to the first two albums.Jay and the guys have moved on,but they still haven't totally lost their classic sound.These new songs capture the true essence of Jamiroquai.

What, pray tell, is the "true essence" of Jamiroquai. Because they did acid jazz for 3 albums, then all the talented musicians left, and Jay started making disco.

Jamiroquai is not about just *one* style of music.They're about acid jazz,funk,disco,R&B,pop and sometimes rock.Their albums cover several genres.You claim that they did "acid jazz for three albums".Surely you don't really believe that songs like "Alright" and "Cosmic Girl" are acid jazz?? Even "Virtual Insanity" has a (slight) disco sound.

I agree with Obatrops. I honestly feel like the band is going down the same road as Coldplay. Coldplay's music used to be mellow and never got too exciting. Now look at Viva La Vida. Chris Martin's voice used to sound like he was about to fall asleep any second, and the second Viva La Vida came out he's turned himself into a more serious rock star, with the band sounding "heavier" than they used to be. That's what I feel is going on with Jamiroquai. They were never really a band that jumped from one genre to the other, they were an acid jazz band at heart with a few "experimental" tracks every now and then like Music Of The Mind and Journey To Arnhemland. I admit the disco tracks they had like Cosmic Girl and Love Foolosophy were awesome, but it was only because they left a great deal of funk in them. I just can't see any of that in the last two albums. All he's singing about are girls and sports cars. Can't get any more generic pop than that.

And yes Jamalgerie, I am Arab. I've got Egyptian/Turkish side from one part of the family and an Iraqi/Iranian one from the other.

Question....what exactly is "acid jazz". Very familiar with Jamiroquai. So can someone actually name me 3...acid jazz songs they did?

Here's a longer sample of Lifeline, it's a minute long this has got classic Jamiroquai written all over it.

I love "Lifeline" already!! That song is gorgeous.Is it November 1st yet,I can't wait any longer!!!!

There are five longer song previews on Jamiroquai's Facebook app - they're different from the ones on iTunes or YouTube:

We can't compare Jamiroquai today with the Jamiroquai who released the four first albums. Almost all the members have changed, and even Jay Kay's voice is different. I think RDSL will be a big improvement from Dynamite, and maybe better than A Funk Oddyssey too. But it's not the classic Jamiroquai.

Obatrops, I don't know how you possibly assessed all of that from short snippets of songs. This album is clearly a mixed bag but sounds predominantly inspired by 70's soul & jazz recordings with liberal sprinkles of pop, rock and disco. You are asking that the current band throw away their individuality and just become a copycat of what used to be but that's unrealistic, and even if they did the people would still say, "oh, it's not Stuart or Toby so therefore it's not the 'real' Jamiroquai," so either way they cannot win. Maybe you should invent a time machine, go back to just before the original Jamiroquai disbanded and sort out their issues. Otherwise, it's all just wishful thinking on your part. BTW, a lot of what I'm hearing does have an organic, live in the studio sound, and a lot of it does groove and have funk.

Obatrops, "Because they did acid jazz for 3 albums, then all the talented musicians left, and Jay started making disco."

If all the "talent" left the band, why are you still following their progress over ten years later? To argue that you want the old Jamiroquai back (never gonna happen)? Seriously. I realize that I'll never get another album like TWM or ROTSC, but I suck it up and live in reality. Music is music. It's either good music or it's bad music. Jamiroquai has been a mixed bag over the past decade, but as long as they keep turning out quality cuts here and there, that's all that matters.

I am ready for the CD, I have no need for anymore samples. It is a luxury of the times that they even do it, but I am just ready to have my own hard copy here with me to absorb & enjoy at my own pace.

Blue Skies and Lifeline blend too easily together in the previews for my liking. Plus Lifeline has some really cheesy Jools Holland/Madness thing going on.

This song is definitely not the funk that I want. Way too close to Dynash*te.

Sounds like one of the best from the album for me. Really hope this comes with my pre-order. On the RDLS page on Wikipedia, it says this track is a Japan/ exclusive.

FINALLY hearing the finished version of this ^^ ah indeed different then the rough demo back in '08, still as badass as it can get!! the album is perfect, nothin more to say, can't wait for the international launch gig, curious how many new tracks they'll play then ^^

"Not the Funk I Want" is disgustingly good. That song is going to be played to death in the clubs for sure. Hearing the album as a whole is really growing on me. This is the best stuff I've heard from them in a long long time.

OK....I asked this..with no responce. Can me ONE..actual acid jazz song by Jamiroquai? One.

Your mean, besides the whole EOPE album ? None.

acid jazz is not a genre - it was a record label that catered to artists doing early 90s funk, mostly using samples of classic rare groove records. jamiroquai was one of the few groups doing original music at a higher level than the rest, that's why they survived and the other 'acid jazz' artists faded out.

Acid jazz is an actual genre actually, it's just acid music with jazz tunes. There are a few tracks like this by Wagon Christ/Luke Vibert

Luke Vibert/Wagon Christ is certainly part of the acid house movement, but not acid jazz. Big fan of his music under the name Kerrier District though.

As Alan Partrige once said, "Its not a tannoy, its a public address system!" Tannoy was just the manufactures name. Motown is referred to as a style of music but it is just the name of the record label. Acid Jazz is just the same! We are entitled to define Acid Jazz both ways. PS based on what clips I've heard of the new album,It's musically at its best since 1997 but production wise, a tad over the top. Very 'cleaned up'. The generic sound cheapens what could be a very good album!

@acid jazz Listen to the "chorus" in Kwikwidetrax by Wagon Christ

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