Jay Kay interview and news of visits to Australia and Japan

Added on Tuesday 19 October 2010, 19:31 (UTC)

A pretty lengthy interview with Jay has just been published at the Telegraph (UK) website.  In addition to the usual car talk (and plenty of other things!) Jay reveals that there are plans to visit Japan and Australia in the near future... Here's a small fragment of it...

It’s a couple of weeks after the London showcase. Album release date is looming fast. Kay, a self-confessed detail obsessive, is buckling under the multiple demands on his time. He rants about the label, about his own team, about the Rock Dust Light Star cover art ('I’ve had to spend 20-grand of my own money on a new photo shoot!’) and why exactly does he have to give Japan an extra two tracks?

He jets smoke into the air. This period is the phoney war; he just wants to get out there, stop talking and start touring – trips to South America, Japan and Australia are in the diary for the next few weeks...

To read the full interview head over to the Telegraph website.

Credit: Rory Couper

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