Jay Kay interview and news of visits to Australia and Japan

Added on Tuesday 19 October 2010, 19:31 (UTC)

A pretty lengthy interview with Jay has just been published at the Telegraph (UK) website.  In addition to the usual car talk (and plenty of other things!) Jay reveals that there are plans to visit Japan and Australia in the near future... Here's a small fragment of it...

It’s a couple of weeks after the London showcase. Album release date is looming fast. Kay, a self-confessed detail obsessive, is buckling under the multiple demands on his time. He rants about the label, about his own team, about the Rock Dust Light Star cover art ('I’ve had to spend 20-grand of my own money on a new photo shoot!’) and why exactly does he have to give Japan an extra two tracks?

He jets smoke into the air. This period is the phoney war; he just wants to get out there, stop talking and start touring – trips to South America, Japan and Australia are in the diary for the next few weeks...

To read the full interview head over to the Telegraph website.

Credit: Rory Couper

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This interview has somewhat brightened up my Tuesday evening. Thanks David. See you tomorrow!

So he paid to have the album art redone, or is the artwork we've seen what he spent 20,000 on? Because I hope not, waste of good money!

They must be releasing an alternate album with a new cover. At any rate it was an interesting little interview. Jay's gonna get taxed 50% per pound next year because of the two phoney wars. That's gotta suck. Is everyone else getting walloped in the ass by taxes in London?

OH MY GAWD - i'm 7 months pregnant and nearly went into labour LOL - oh please please come down to Australia (Melbourne please) - we miss you guys - 5 years since the last visit!!!! Fingers crossed you can make it down here :) Also LOVED the interview, very personal and indepth - I'm one happy little Aussie girl :)


Mike, things are tough in the UK at the moment. It's not all bad for some people, although Jay's right about the UK government. I will say it and say it again - Jay for London Mayor! ;)

to mike, the uk! not just london!

"He jets smoke into the air. This period is the phoney war; he just wants to get out there, stop talking and start touring – trips to South America, Japan and Australia are in the diary for the next few weeks..."

I loved that part. He will come back to South America, and I hope this time to Argentina!


('I’ve had to spend 20-grand of my own money on a new photo shoot!’) and why exactly does he have to give Japan an extra two tracks?

So, yeah he spent his own money for that cover shot! And even he question why Japan needs extra tracks!?!

I hope they're not in Australia when I'm in Europe! Can you guys wait until the new year!?

Thanks for the corrections. So I take it because he's bitter about taxation from his government, he's holding it against the US fans by not touring the States, even though most people agree that the war was a mistake, at least in Iraq. Note that he didn't specifically say anything of the sort but that's my observation from his attitude + passing us over on his way to South America.

Then again, it could be that the US side of the label isn't interested in doing any promotion of RDLS. All we have is friggin' Bieber and Gaga which equates to crap.

Oh well.

They'll be here. No doubt about it. They came for Dynamite and he even wrote a song about the war and george bush (as far as I'm concerned-world that he wants)

Only time will tell. In the interim I'm going to go back and continue writing music. No sense wasting time speculating.


but bare in mind that they came to South America to play for big crowds (18.000 thousand people here in Brazil). They have always had full-house gigs here.

As far as I know, when they been in the US for the Dynamite tour they played in places of 2.000/3.000 people which is a shame for a band of their size.
Anyway, I'm still sure they're gonna be there but I'm just saying they don't have the same success in the US as they have in South America.


you are correct they did play 2-3,000 seat theaters for Dynamite and all of the U.S. tours . I saw them in Chicago at the Congress Theater for Dynamite and it sold out shortly after tickets were announced. They could easily play larger venues but promoters may get nervous. I wonder if they could sell out 18,000 seats in a city like Chicago? I don't know? In the U.S. you go from 2-5,000 seat theaters, to arenas where NHL games etc.. are played at about 15-20,000 to larger arenas to large outdoor or indoor stadiums where football teams play. Then you have all of the outdoor non-stadium venues like Aline Valley and Red Rocks.

COOL interview..damn 50 % tax IS harsh :S

YEAAHH AUSTRALIA!!! so good to hear!

ahora si vendran a chile¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡33

I enjoyed seeing them in a small setting with about 2000 people, though it might've be fun to get the 'Live in Verona' treatment. I don't think they could sell out much bigger venues in most cities. Perhaps NYC, SF, LA, but almost nowhere else. I do think they'll tour the US again with this album.

i much prefer the intimate gigs than bigger venues...i am looking forward to them touring USA in 2011

I enjoyed that read very much. I am looking forward to November 1st very much.

Does anybody know the real release date in Japan ? Funkin announces Nov 3rd but Tower Records talk about Oct 25th on their website. All the best folks.

D: I think I put Nov 3rd as that was on one of the japanese stores (HMV or Tower). Maybe its changed...

I was there in Chicago too Mike! And Atlantic City and both New York nights. I think all of those USA dates which was like 10 or so were sold out. Yes, the venues were smaller, but it was the same amount of love. Come on back my friends...we welcome you! In the meantime, I hope all the fans are dancing for us fans that can't be there.

Actually 2 weren't sold out I think which were Denver and AC.

Thank you for your answer David. Actually Tower has changed its page and now talk about Nov 3rd.

Here's another interview on Jay Kay:

Living down South and Scotland and born in Manchester....

So when are you going to tour for your UK fans from where you were born and bred?!?!

Its been far too long Jay Kay!


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