Swiss album showcase gig in Zurich

Added on Friday 22 October 2010, 15:11 (UTC)

According to Swiss website 20 Minuten Online, Jamiroquai will be performing a 45 minute showcase gig at the Kaufleuten in Zurich on Monday 9 November.  Tickets cannot be purchased, only won.

It seems to be three ways to enter the competition (only available to Swiss residents)

  • by clicking "Participation Gratuite" ->
  • by sending a SMS with the word THESHOWCASE with your name and address to the 2020
  • Enter online at
Credit: Angie C.,Jamal Regragui

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That's a shame you can't buy them, annoying when you don't win them but mainly Cheeba!

Yeah :D but i'm going to buy it anyway ;)

Will wait for the release, i'm well excited.

Album has leaked has it? Well a week and a a bit before it's release sounds about right. I haven't listened to the clips and am holding out for November 1st! Cannot wait! :)

i dont get it, leaked 9 days before?
they dont leak them a month before, or sometimes a 2 days before.

anyways, rock dust light star leak, coming to you baby, yeaaa

She's a Fast Persuader a bit special.

(Disclaimer - I have pre-ordered the CD so I figure I'm not doing any harm downloading it and not sharing it with anyone!)

Good luck to all our Jammie friends - hope some of you can win some tix :)


Heard TCDT on Dutch radio today, but I tuned in too late, so I couldn't hear the full song :(

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