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Added on Monday 18 October 2010, 13:34 (UTC)

On Saturday night/Sunday morning whilst many of us were getting excited about the 30 second Rock Dust Light Star samples that are on iTunes the band had just performed a concert as part of the Natura Nos Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The set list was as follows:

  • Revolution, High Times, If I Like It I Do It, Virtual Insanity, Rock Dust Light Star, Little L, Alright, White Knuckle Ride, Black Capricorn Day, When You Gonna Learn, Cosmic Girl, Blue Skies, Love Foolosophy, Rock Dust Light Star (second version) Canned Heat, Deeper Underground.

The band are now back in England and next perform in London on Wednesday and then it's straight over to Switzerland for a gig on Friday night.

UPDATE: The original set list posted has been updated.  As you can see there's a second version of Rock Dust Light Star listed.  Check it out at YouTube.

Credit: Joost J de Groot, Fernando Freire

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You guys have forgotten 'White Knuckle Ride'!
They've played. It was awesome!

You also missed If I Like It I Do It, and the fact that they played a second different version of RDLS.

Thanks for the updates Thiago & Oriento. Do you know where in the order the songs were played?

Any updates and corrections are appreciated. Thank you.

Torriento may correct me, but, I remember they playing "High Times" after Revolution (2nd), "If I like it, I do it" (3rd), "White Knuckle Head" (9th) after "Alright"... The second version of RDLS was in the end of the concert (not sure when, but definitely before "Deeper Underground")

Sorry for the "HEAD".. I meant "RIDE"

Hey David!

This is the correct setlist and order of the songs:

1. Revolution 1993
2. High Times
3. If I Like It, I Do It
4. Virtual Insanity
5. Rock Dust Light Star
6. Little L
7. Alright
8. White Knuckle Ride
9. Black Capricorn Day
10. When You Gonna Learn
11. Cosmic Girl
12. Blue skies
13. Love Foolosophy
14. Rock Dust Light Star (second version)
15. Canned Heat
16. Deeper underground

LMAO @ Knuckle Head!! If another journalist dared to pick a fight with Jay, he would be asking for a White Knuckle Sandwich... ;)

The gig:

- They played a new version o "Rock Dust Light Star" with a Brazilian rhythm. Check it out:

- There were 18.000 people there.

- I thought 50/50 would be divided by Snow Patrol and Jamiroquai's fans, but I was surprised to see that like 80% of the public was there to see Jamiroquai.

- Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol claimed themselves as a "warm up" for Jamiroquai

- I was surprised by the positive response from the public to "White Knuckle Ride". Probably it's being played on the radio.

- Jay Kay seemed so glad to be in Brazil that in the end of the gig he threw his snickers to the crowd.

I love this different version, i just want to get super high. Cheeba!

Thanks for the corrections. I've updated the original news item and linked to the YouTube video. It sounds great.

Actually, I am pretty sure White Knuckle Ride hasn't played on the radio so far. Most of Brazilian fans have done their homework and have searched for the new realeases!

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