Listen to 30 second samples of all tracks on Rock Dust Light Star

Added on Sunday 17 October 2010, 07:50 (UTC)
Rock Dust Light Star

If you have iTunes you can listen to 30 second clips of all the tracks of new Jamiroquai album Rock Dust Light Star (you may have to go to the UK iTunes store to find the album).  If you go to the deluxe edition of the album the following 19 tracks are available to sample...

  1. Rock Dust Light Star
  2. White Knuckle Ride
  3. Smoke and Mirrors
  4. All Good In The Hood
  5. Hurtin'
  6. Blue Skies
  7. Lifeline
  8. She's A Fast Persuader
  9. Two Completely Different Things
  10. Goodbye To My Dancer
  11. Never Gonna Be Another
  12. Hey Floyd
  13. All Good In The Hood (Acoustic Version)
  14. Angeline
  15. Hang It Over
  16. Rock Dust Light Star (Live at Paleo)
  17. White Knuckle Ride (Alan Braxe Remix Radio Edit)
  18. Blue Skies (Fred Falke Radio Edit)
  19. White Knuckle Ride (Monarchy Remix)

So, after a couple of recent news items here at getting hundreds of comments prepare for more of the same!  Remember, you're only hearing 30 seconds of these tracks (and not necessarily the best 30 seconds - although it sounds pretty good from where I'm sat!!).

Happy listening...

Credit: Matt W

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Available on Belgian iTunes.

how amazing does it sound, all the naysayers can eat their words now. listening to the samples gave me feelings of TWM when I heard that for the first time.

Yeah... this is good.

I enjoy nearly all but I have to say it's not what we was hoping for. As much as I hate to say it, I can't help but feel a little disappointed.

this is the closest we've come to "old school" since travelling. its more modern sounding but it just feels more organic than the heavily produced stuff off the last 2 albums. plenty of brass and strings too.

Some tracks are funky. Obviously the most commercial were released as singles. Looking forward to hearing the funky tracks in their entirety.

sounds absolutely brilliiant. I love the diversity of this album. Versatility is what musicianship is all about. Definitely going to buy the album.

LOol to all the nagging for not having alot of horns in the new songs :P there s nearly horns in every songs .. and wooowww its reallly reallly GOOD ! the album is sooo colorfull every track is soo different from eachother sounds perfecttt.. It was worth the wait :D fav. sample i heard was shes a fast persuader .. it was soo like a TWM album songg :) jamiroquai is totally backk :D

Jay sounds like he's having more fun than he's had in years. Fresh and exciting. Absolutely loving She's A Fast Persuader, when it drops into the chorus I get tingles. Long Live Jamiroquai.

I love what I am hearing!! Live instruments, lots of brass, funky basslines... spiced up with new elements! I am not disappointed at all! ... only 12 days!!! (Release date in Germany is 29th October!)

Just got high and have changed my opinion slightly.. It is funky. Apart from 'Hurtin' i love it, Yes Don i said love! Lifeline sounds amazing...

@ RC

I got exactlyyyy the same feeling as u for that song :D

@ Mike Finally i m happy to hear a positive comment from u :P

alott of stylees are in this albumm ! funk disco house orchestral blues jazz rock reagee .. cant waitttttttt anymoreeee!

High Ratings:

Rock Dust Light Star 8/9
White Knuckle Ride 8/9
Smoke and Mirrors 9
All Good In The Hood 7/8
Hurtin' 5/6
Blue Skies 9
Lifeline 9/10
She's A Fast Persuader 9
Two Completely Different Things 8
Goodbye To My Dancer 8
Never Gonna Be Another 8
Hey Floyd 7/8
Angeline 7
Hang It Over 7/8

Jamiroquai officially have got the Funk!

Great previews - sounds funky and cool - Goodbye To My Dancer and All Good In The Hood - wow!
The best tracks were yet to come, I always knew it.

Love it already. Cannot wait to get my hands on this record. It has the typical JK groove and I'm glad that there are back with their style again.

Sounds very funky to me! That's why all the arguments and slanging before were pointless when no one had Even listened to it! It's good to hear such a positive response. If the 30 second clips sound good then the full length songs will be even better! Very impressed and even more excited now!

The lyrics sound mostly terrible. I can't help but remember the funkadelic lyrics from the first three albums :(

Snippets merged on youtube:

I'm looking forward to She's A Fast Persuader.

Smoke and Mirrors is without a doubt the best track based on those snippets

TCDT is my favourite.. and SAFP so far!! :D

Hey Floyd : just WOW.
+1 on She's A Fast Persuader

Gettin' a Earth Wind and Fire vibe. Me like that.
Buty still thinking the singles choice is weird.

Yes,this is good stuff.
More mature sound,not too much pop,there are funky vibes
in it,well done boys!
As said before,all we needed was to hear all the album.

These tracks have absolutely ruined my day!
Now I'm even more desperate to get my hands on the album.
Two Completely Different Things has a nice vibe.
Based on the samples, it's the jazziest album I've from them for a while.

@Alex, I agree. there is some serious quality here and they decide to lead with blue skies, probably the weakest of the lot. don't know if that was the record label or jay?

I think it was Jay's decision - didn't he say in one of the recent interviews, he was pushing Blue Skies because he really wanted it to be a single?
When you see the story in the two videos, they tell a story of Jay getting free from Sony (WKR-video) and then the phase he was free from any record lable, before he changed to Mercury. I am sure he wanted to put out WKR and BS because of the story behind them. It's like a bridge from the previous era to the one we are entering now.

holy smoke... they have gone back with the older stuff, in a way... horn section etc... they are brilliant tracks, and they are back that's for sure...
just waiting till it gets release now... Jamiroquai, this record is going to b huge (i hope)... well done guys!!

...Who says that JK is a liar?!?!?! THAT´S WHAT I CALL MUSIC!!! I JUST CAN´T WAIT TILL NOVEMBER!!!

and on today's menu; Humble Pie...

If he weaves some jazzy scatting into these tunes, this will be the icing on the cake.
I think the reason why we like organic sounds, and why he's reverted to them, has to do with being human - we just connect with in a way we don't with mechanised, synthetic ones. They feel less robotic and programmed; it's the element of surprise they offer.

I must say that i really like these 30 sec clips... It's big suprise after so bad singles

It sounds so brilliant.. :D

Yeah, surprise! She's a fast persuader is worth the whole album alon! This track IS Jamiroquai. I think the album is not overwhelming but it's better then we all thougth.

Oh so I'm not the only one who love She'a a fast presuader :D But clip from Hang It Over also sounds great :D

Ahhhhh I just can't get enough of that "she's a fast persuader" snippet! and the others sound just fantastic. After all the negativity I've been seeing this feels so good

@blackdevilcar yes so good to hear that Jamiroquai is back, it's different but it have pure Jamiroquai soul :D

These snippets are on youtube too :)

Superb Jamiroquai +++

But SuperHighWay ~??

Wow, I love it! Can't wait to have the whole thing in my hands!

Bloody hell!! This album IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Jamiroquai have really excelled themselves, She's a fast Persuader, Goodbye to my Dancer, Smoke n Mirrors and All Good In tHe hood are my favorites. The horns are all over this like a funky flannel! Well done guys!

I LOVE She's A Fast Persuader - a bit naughty - but that's cool - can't WAIT to finally get the album :)

As always big huggies from Australia :)


I am so enthused by the sounds of these snippets!!I am so happy/relieved by their return to form.She's a Fast Persuader gives me goosebumps and it sounds fantastic.I must admit I was pessimistic about the album when I heard Blue Skies and Hurtin, but the rest all sound great.I love this band!!

No proper words-This is great!! Sounds like they're not going to Acid Jazz vibes again, but they're not lying about live sounds.

sounds very promising!! When jay said "back to the old school" he didnt mean old school jamiroquai, he meant 70s jazz, herbie hacock, roy ayers...ahh its gonna ba a great album! the picked lousy tracks for singles

BTW some tracks have travelling without moving feel to them...fantastic!

Agree on Cheeba. Hey Floyd and Angeline sound sick. Well actually all of 'em apart from the onces released before this. Great shiizz!

My absolutely favourite are Hang it over and she's a fast presuader (it reminds me Everybody's going to the moon a bit... )
Two completly different things also sounds good

I cant wait more :D i hope that RDLS will leak today :P

@gfag, that isn't me up there. Check the IP and compare.

About f'n time.

I just listened to all the samples and it sounds like they're going for a more educated 70's funk/disco sound (as opposed to their more recent electronic funk-rock fests). Some of these samples sound like they could be something great, in particular Smoke & Mirrors, Lifeline & She's A Fast Persuader. There could other winners as well but I don't want to do what I did with the WKR clip which surfaced prior to the song's release and rush to assumptions and let myself down. This has the potential to be their best work since TWM or Synkronized and certainly their most important in the last decade.

I stand by what I said: WKR, BS and Hurting are lackluster songs. Also, I think that they could've used a little more variety in lyrical content than girls, girls, girls. But if it works, so be it -- I won't complain.

This definitely has piqued by curiosity and now I'm pretty excited to hear the finished product.

P.S. Oh, and add All Good In The Hood & Two Completely Different Things to that list of most interesting tracks.

I think that if jamiroquai would put smoke and mirrors and Hang it over as singles and these tracks will be first that we heard (not the RDLS, Blue skies and WKR) feeling and hype on the album would be much better ;) (sorry for my bad english ;) )

You're exactly right, Jay's hat. You use singles to create hype and generate good feeling towards the work -- the best representation of the sound.



Hmm i've used google it looks that RDLS leaked... Downloading. I will check, it may be some cheap porn or bag of trojans

I like "Smoke and Mirrors", "All Good In The Hood", "Lifeline", "She's a fast Persuader", "Two Completely Different Things", "Goodbye To My Dancer", "Never Gonna Be Another", "Hey Floyd", "All Good In The Hood (Acoustic Version)", "Angeline" and "Hang It Over". 11 out of 19! So much tracks I don't like for a Jamiroquai album, but I think they convinced me! :) well done! ;) I will get the album! The best for you people! :D

Jay's hat, I don't mean to pry but if you do DL it and find it's to your liking, please do support the work.

This is amazing... I know they're only 30 second samples but I love every track. It must have been hard for the boys to take on all the negative criticism about the new tracks, in particular Blue Skies, but THIS is music. Well done guys, this album is going to be a huge success.

Mike i'm not sure that i've understood you properly (my english is bad, i'm still at school ;)) . I'm going to buy the album even if in this pack i will find it ;) If i find full songs in it i will just tell you that's fact that album leaked ;)

Ok album don't leaked. It's just 7 remixes of WKR.

Pretty sure it hasn't leaked yet.. looking & looking for it constantly... I already bought it anyway so don't bother :) Am I btw the only one not listening to the snippets (Well I did listen to smoke & mirrors, awsome!)

WOW!!! I was criticizing a lot the previous 3 songs that we have listened but I have to say that this sounds really great. We were cheated by Blue Skies, Hurting and RDSL because the album is a lot better than that.

"Two Completely Different Things" is tottaly old-school, brilliant!!

I saw the band yesterday here in BRAZIL and they were warmly received by 20.000 people.
White Knuckle Ride did excite a lot of people at the show.
Gongratulatins guys!!

Yes, we were misled. It's as if they intentionally chose the weakest tracks for people to hear. They can only blame themselves for that which spurred the negativity.

Oh well. Doesn't matter now.

Oficially I've had my first taster of the album, and I thought it's totally amazing and 'kick ass', with all that funky vibes, is the perfect album to spend time listening to all way through 2011 and late 2010. Perfect sound, vocals, guitar, rhodes, brass section, basslines, percussion, really great, the wait really worth of it.
I have to say that I really fell Travelling Without Moving and a little of Synkronized. It's cool they are back to 'High Times' music alike. They really feed my Jamiroquai starving. So, let's wait until november 1st or a days later, who knows... And my word on it is "AWESOME"

Never once a negative word from me, just faith that I knew it was gonna' be 'mindblowing'...
I haven't heard any of the samples, and won't. I want to save my orgasm in its entirety on November the 1st.
Peace. xo

She's a Fast Persuader sounds wicked. Stoney and funky. I'd buy the album for this song alone. Remember what Tlum wrote at Jamirotalk... "SaFP Sola! Paul! ending-jam!"... I'm so looking forward to hear the entire tune.

Two Completely Different Things sounds great too. It's kinda what SDISJ would've sounded like if it was on EOPE instead of Dynamite. SAFP and TCDT is definitely my favourites judging from the short previews.

All Good In The Hood is another song that touched me immediately. Well deserved 3rd place in the race for my approval. ;)

Hey Floyd is different, but in a good way, sounds very interesting... I can't wait to hear the full song. It's musician's music imho. Lots of interesting things happening.

I think need more than 30 second clips to make up my mind about Smoke and Mirrors/Lifeline/Hang It Over. Horns make them promising and they sound like fine examples of real music with nice arrangements and impeccable execution. I'm not so sure the style is my cup of tea though.

Some songs that didn't win me over immediately will most hopefully grow on me. It's after all just 30 second clips for Christ's sake. But I know for sure that Angeline will not. It sounds like a reject from the Dynamite editing floor. Don't like it at all.

I'm really looking forward to the album. And I guess it's going to be the Japanese deluxe edition for me since I don't wanna miss out on That's Not The Funk I Want which I think/hope will be another dopey and funky track.

Oh my god, this has officially made my year.

So glad that I stuck by Jamiroquai, unlike some other moaning people on here.

Still in disbelief at how insanely good it actually is.

She's a Fast Persuader genuinely sounds like it could be up there with Blow Your Mind and Space Cowboy.

Absolutely outstanding Jay Kay and the band, you really pulled through.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


I hate to say it (i am lying i am actualy enjoying this) but .... "i told you so!!" dont ever lose your faith in this band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Milderone, "So glad that I stuck by Jamiroquai, unlike some other moaning people on here."

Don't act so righteous. They brought the negativity upon themselves what with the weak singles, horrible cover and mismanaged promotion. Even if the rest of the album is good, that doesn't suddenly make everything else that they did right.

mike i agree with u..3 songs we heard sound they are actually from another album;
my faith is restored, GOOD OLD JAMIROQUAI!
i keep singing "goodby to my danceeeeeer" :)

As the proverb goes, "To believe with certainty we must begin with doubting."

Love it. Can't wait for album.

Agree with Mike, everyone was sticking with Jamiroquai,otherwise they would not be contributing to the fan forums.We knew they could do better, and they've delivered what looks to be a wonderful album.The gig in Paleo convinced me that Jamiroquai have still got that magical vibe.But for me, they made a mistake by releasing Blue Skies, instead of say She's a Fast Persuader,All Good In The Hood, or TCDT. Thats a small hindrance though.

I love it!!! Its deff not a EOPE or TROTSC or TWM but it still good!!! We would just have to wait for the old school, which is ok because this would do!. I thiink my favorite track is "She a Fast Persuader"

MIKE "They brought the negativity upon themselves what with the weak singles, horrible cover and mismanaged promotion."

@Mike What weak singles are you referring to because 'Blue Skies' and 'White Knuckle Ride' are extremely decent tracks. You obviously didn't stand by Jamiroquai and like most, posted negativity. Now we all know you're completely wrong, so just admit it and post something positive.

No, they're not decent tracks. They're WEAK tracks from the group that gave us killer singles like Space Cowboy, Virtual Insanity, High Times, Canned Heat, etc. You don't speak for everybvody and I don't answer to you.

Oh dear

Listen to Roxy Music's 'Love Is The Drug' and then the 'Smoke And Mirrors' sample. The bass and saxophone influence is clear.

Here we go again...

Sounds promising... SAFP, HF and TCDT are my favourites based on the samples!

i also would say there's a little of revolution 93 drums in "She a Fast Persuader" but its still kool

Falcos got that pistol to your head Mike... I think he's serious. Just post something positive

I already gave my approval of the soundclips above. If he doesn't feel like taking the time to read, that's not my problem.

If the album is so high than these 30 seconds tracks, maybe the best funk/acid jazz album in the last decade. All depends in the way in you listen the album. Some people loves funk, some other acid jazz, other rock, other dance, other ballads... but everybody loves Jamiroquai!.

this could even be the best album they ve ever done :) It has the potential

Mike is entitled to post his opinions, negative, positive or indifferent. If you don't agree with them, that's your prerogative, but it seems some people want him to post comments to fit in with theirs - why? To make YOU feel better?
I think he's right, in that the promotional stuff they presented was the weakest material from the album, especially RDLS and White Knuckle Ride; Blue Skies is good IMO. And the subsequent samples are stronger and more akin to the Jamiroquai style.
So let's put 'Put our weapons down, and spread a little love around' :-)

HEY FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the proverb goes 'to believe with Mike, we must begin with doubting'

i knew JMQ would not let us down, these 30 second snippets have proven that the album is promising and has great tracks...just 2 more weeks!!!

The cuts from Tracks 8-10 sound phenomenal. 'She's A Fast Persuader' is dark and muscular in its own way, while 'Two Completely Different Things' seems to be a successful evolution of 'Seven Days' (as Space Clav noted). And 'Goodbye To My Dancer' may be the biggest dark horse of them all.

Yeah, I'll be looking for this one on eBay in a few weeks. I'm not waiting for it to drop in the US...whenever that may be.


A true fan never hates on the band they 'love'.

I can understand if people do not enjoy a bands new style, but just not torment them continuously on their own fan sites.

When you truly love something, you stick with it through thick and thin and always try to put a positive and optimistic spin on everything.

You moaners think that its fine to hate on Jamiroquai when you want to and then suddenly jump back on the bandwagon.

Very irritating.

Like I said, the TRUE fans will support them through tick and thin.

The vocal effects on She's a Fast Persuader remind me of a track on Matt Johnson's MySpace called 'Moshi Moshi'. Anyone else agree? The samples are sounding strong and diverse to me which is exciting. Bring on the release date!

"True fans never hate"

LOL. You're so funny Don Mildreone.
Please stop writing here.

The link to a cover of "HURTIN'"


Good comeback.


Ahhhh! Let's start dishing out the 'Crow':-) Never doubted Jamiroquai or Jay for one moment. They always deliver the goods! It's a beautiful thing...'Blind Faith'...when you have it. Sooo let's see...I believe Mike gets the firt plate, after all...he worked so hard for it:-)


Each song has its own unique style and sound. What an explosive album this will be. Now my favorite song is "She's a fast persuader"

I luv it when u git on down
and wurk me baby
on your kn**s
once again
She's a fast persuader
out of space
escalated 2 elation anyplace...

Nasty and i luv it!!! :)

"Another successful album" GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! These tracks sound great.I'm ecstatic!! To all of you who complained that Jamiroquai was doing a rock album,these clips prove that they haven't abandoned the funk.Some of y'all are gonna have to eat crow,lol.This sounds like a strong album!

Listened to the samples and I have a lot more faith now I've heard these. Loving the horns, I can relax again lol! JK's voice sounds pretty good as well, too much smoking has TARnished his voice a little but the singing is very good. Most of all liking the sound of Smoke And Mirrors and Never Gonna Be Another, they sound great so far. Can't wait to hear the full album. It won't be their best, but I'm really excited now...

Don Mildreone, well said. I wouldn't hope that those haters choke on their humble pie, but maybe vomit a little, especially those with their 'entitlement'. The last couple of months on fan sites have been made unpleasant for those of us who were called 'blind fans', so I don't blame people for not letting them forget it. Enjoy the album, everyone!! :).

Overall, sounds a lot better than I would've guessed from the singles. Certainly a big step in the right direction, though not truly a return to their signature vibe (but maybe that is wishing for something impossible). Four or five tracks particularly pique my interest - Smoke and Mirrors, All Good in the Hood, Fast Persuader, Two Completely Different Things, Hurtin'. Sounds like Jay has been listening to a lot of Earth, Wind & Fire..not a bad thing!
Important takeaway - all is not lost! Now I'm not so worried, perhaps some of the other 'negative' commenters feel the same. This is already much better than Dynamite. Looking forward to November 1 now.

My favorites in order are:

She's a fast persuader
Never gonna be another
All good in the hood
White knuckle Ride
Blue Skies
Smoke and Mirrors
Hey Floyd
Two completely different things
Goodbye to my dancer
Hang it over

Great job! "I can't wait to listen to the album in its entirety." :)

I couldn't contain myself, like a little boy walking around holding his pee...
Mocha!!!!! I just listened to the clip of Never gonna be another!!!! Check out Clint's 'Dirty Harry'... Hear the influence??? It's got Lalo Schifrin written all over it. Listen to the keys. Brilliant music.

I agree with mike.

I'd just like to add that if we'd have heard "She's A Fast Persuader" first, instead of RDLS, and then "Hey Floyd" instead of "Blue Skies", there wuld be no haters. Seriously.

Anyway, that's the band/management's fault. Seriously, Blue Skies doesn't belong in this album, and seems really, havind listened to those samples, the worst choice for a first single.

Let's go, lovers, bash Mike and I.
GO !!!

Right Alex, it goes back to what was previously stated -- if you want to generate positive outlook, put out positive work. Translation: good music. I'm not interested in clinging to bands for their name sake or image. A consumer speaks with money. If you want it, produce quality music.

It's impressive that many of the "true fans" who dissed the opinions of the "haters" are now with them hailing She's a Fast Persuader and Two Completely Different Things. Say what you will, good music is good music, and these two are far superior to the 4 first songs we were exposed to.

"Mike is entitled to post his opinions, negative, positive or indifferent. If you don't agree with them, that's your prerogative, but it seems some people want him to post comments to fit in with theirs - why?"

If anything it's the other way round, Mike would love some support for his point of view as the majority disagree. Obviously Blow your Mind and Space Cowboy are classics but these samples are decent songs and in a couple of months they will fall right into place with the Jamiroquai discography. the album sounds promising.

Falco, other way around. You're just looking for affirmation from the loyalists who want to trample over anyone who's opinion doesn't fit in with your mold.

My mold? Read the 100 comments that say they enjoy the album sample. You're in the minority.

Stop it! How dare you guys try to turn this into a negative discussion.Can't we just celebrate what sounds like an awesome new album?? I'm tired of all the bickering.I'm ecstatic right now,don't rain on my parade!

Sorry people but i must say this:

Shut mouths and open ears.

Just before the release of Sgt. Pepper, having a sound clip for each track would have been out of the question. I'm sure those fans, all those years ago, had to sit tight, albeit with great anticipation of what was to come. Saying this, I truly believe that the hardcore Beatle fan knew, from previous albums, that Sgt. Pepper would go on to be a winner. Fast forward to this day and age, the so called 'fans' now attack the band, and almost demand sound clips in order for their decisions to be made in whether to buy the album or not. Someone wrote earlier 'Blind Faith', and never have two words rung so true. Mike, I never want to give you one reason to be positive, you have firmly established post after post after post the complete opposite.

anon, utter nonsense. The Beatles had proved their consistency well before Sgt. Pepper. Jamiroquai has been anything except consistent in the past decade. Perhaps you're angry that not every fan is a blind loyalist?

"All Good In The Hood" is my favorite,so far ;)

@ Mike

So wat if the promotion campaign s***ed?! :s

For me I really dont care if this album will debut at n.1 or n.168 on the charts...The album and the music in it is all that matters

Ha !!! In Poland first november is national holiday so we will have premiere of album on friday, 29 October :D

So what? Let's put it this way: if they released the samples back when they released WKR and BS, all of the negativity would've dissipated.

I don't care where it charts either. As you said, all that's important is the music.

I have a feeling that She's a Fast Persuader is going to be one of my favorite tracks ever. I just can't stop listening to the sample.

I would deeply question "like it always did," and therein lies the difference. AFO was their weakest effort IMO. They promised old-school with Dynamite and instead produced electronic pop stuff. I still like the choice cuts from both albums, but they're nowhere near consistent with previous efforts. Therefore, if they wanted good faith in their current effort, they could've simply put up the soundclips and/or had a better choice of singles.

[email protected] those fans who thought that this would be a rock album.Jamiroquai will never abandon the funk!

Was it not Jay Kay who said on the radio that this was more "rocky" sounding? Releasing 'I've Been Hurting' didn't help percetion.


Well, there you have it Mike, 'therein lies the difference'.
We'll both have our headphones on soon, listening to some damn good music. Hopefully one day our paths will cross, and we can laugh about this, until then, we're stuck with forums.
My girlfreind will be home anytime soon, and our paths will cross with regards to where my cheescake went.

Suits me.

WOW!! I almost jumped outta my skin when i heard each n every clip...amazing!!!

MAN, never thought I would ever behold a new Jamiroquai album polarizing so much of the new and old members of the Jamily both happily and negatively. Anyway, having been following Jamiroquai for nearly 19+ years, both physically/digitally in the Online Jamily here in the States, I can safely say and suggest that is a GREAT beginning new album with their new contract with Universal Music/Mercury Records. Nearly every song has at least one audible aspect of previous Jamiroquai material, but done not as a 'plastic facsimile', but purely in a careful and respective manner than pretty much both main veins of Jamiroquai fans, old and new, can at least find something to latch onto as a favorite song. Now, those whose hopes or fears still seem to be unjustified by what they have beholden, give RDLS at least 2 listens when you have the full album, if you still negate/hate it, then you hate it. As for my favorite tracks of the snippets, quite simply starting from 'She's A Fast Persuader' all the way to 'Hey Floyd' is one of BEST 'blocks of Jamiroquai music' I have heard since probably the 2nd 1/2 of "A Funk Odyssey". And most importantly, I HONESTLY think RDLS has a GREAT chance of making a return to the U.S. Music charts, the new is rife full of possible hit songs for our mainstream, the last great chance for Jamiroquai in the states was 'Synkronized', this time, mostly definitely they got a SHOT! There are my thoughts, thanks to everyone for their reviews, be negative/happy/indifferent, they have been good reads. Cheers & ROLL ON NOVEMBER 2010! ~JamiroFan2000~

Comes on guys you've hijacked this thread and turned it into a personal slanging match, cant we just talk about the music?!

JamiroFan2000, I agree that this sounds like a return to form, certainly the best since Synkronized. It's puzzling why they're not doing ANY promotion for this in the US.

Beautiful...I knew it. Jay was messing with everybody...that's what he has done on previous albums. The single is purposefully different then the rest of the album. On Dynamite, "Feel Just Like It Should" was the single, yet it did not resemble the rest of the album in anyway. Jay sounds awesome, he has taken elements from all of his previous albums and combined them here for a really good album.

@Mike Well, look at it like this, Best Buy stores JUST reduced their Music/DVD/Blu-ray sales aisles by 60%, Apple Itunes just passed 20 billion music pay downloads, technology continues to fly by at a quantum speed, more in 'Smartphone' development than PC/laptop/tablet computers. What I am basically saying is that the consumer HAS the power to pay download, create their own DVDs/CDs at a whim and the industry is trying to acclamate itself to the new consumer model, that is, they aren't buying physcial copies of media anymore and are more used to pay downloading/purchasing online and creating their own media variations. So I think the most we'll see for Jamiroquai, especially in the States, is maybe ALOT of online album promotions on pay download sites and maybe a well-placed commercial or two. But the most important thing Jamiroquai's fans can do to help RDLS be a hit in the states is 'word of mouth', call your radio stations, request Jamiroquai whenever and whereever you can, hype Jamiroquai to your friends digitally/physically. Just some suggestions, cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

JamiroFan2000, while the record stores have dwindled in numbers in recent years, there will always be a market for physical copies of music/movies. There's just something about having a tangible item in your possession which downloading cannot replicate.

As for the US distribution, whatever route they choose, all they've got to rely on thus far is, as you said, their fan-base (myself included) and word of mouth promotion, which is sad. Songs like She's A Fast Persuader & Two Completely Different Things are BEGGING for airplay. People in the US love this sort of funky sound. Who knows what they're thinking?

all is calm and well..
she just brought home another slice of pie!
Love prevailed, and she is a fast persuader.

Peace and love my friends, it's gonna be a funky Christmas now we know the album isn't gonna be a rocker.
Two Completely Different Things - that's how this saga appears to me, from last month to now.

Seriously now guys, lets leave this comment section get filled with praise for the amazing clips.

@Mike very very true, but at least, in regards to record stores, there's a STRONG network of 'independent record stores' in the States that will continue to bring everyone seeking music to purchase and slowly the industry will smarten up and support indie record stores (But given the recent court ruling, especially here in Virginia where I live, used video games/music are now considering record/video game stores as 'pawn shops', since they are reselling old and current media, a company COULD have the right to stop sales of specific owned media.). In regards to the industry's way of thinking in lazy music promotions, you can't really blame them, they wait INCREDIBLY too long to sign, release and promote the next generation of new music, I mean, come on, when the hell is 'indie music' going to get it's own Grammy Award and at least a 'smidgen of class' back to the Pop Mainstream languishing waferthin talent pool of the Grammys award ceremony? Not for a long time, if they continue to have a 20th Century way of thinking as 21st Century forward thinking indie music continues to outsell them. ~JamiroFan2000~

That would be nice. (Also, if anyone doesn't like them, they are free to express why without turning this into another flame war.)

JamiroFan2000, that's all very true. Because of the internet broadening the market, the record labels lost their stranglehold over the buying public -- suddenly people were able to investigate all sorts of great music which otherwise would've remained obscure. However, I stand by the widespread opinion that the music which the major labels have been shoveling out in recent years has been, put simply, crap for the most part. And for the longest time they had the audacity to overcharge for it, too.

As well, now that anyone with a little know-how can produce their own material and sell it without much hassle, the industry is left wide open. As long as the major labels have good artists like Jamiroquai, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, et al. they'll continue to generate big bucks.

@Mike Whoa there buddy, what we don't need is more 'flaming' (though it seems most of young people live on this practice like a 'lifeforce' or reasoning to go online in the first place!, just more good vibes and less whimpering whines of unrequited high hopes of RDLS. ~JamiroFan2000~

Well that's what I'm saying. If somebody doesn't like the samples, that's their opinion and they're free to express their reasons. This is an open fan forum and, I'm sure, the people that come here are doing so only because they like this band in the first place.

P.S. I like most of the samples.

@Mike Well, the whole current art of 'music self-promotion' was really started by Prince, started in 2001 with his album 'Musicology', gave nearly 2 million copies of it away at his tours. He still does it today, just signs 'distribution deals' with several labels to get physical copies of albums into stores, though his current new album '20Ten' was given away for FREE in European Newspapers. Though a part of me would have LOVED to see Jamiroquai go INDEPENDENT, in very much the style bands like Radiohead/Prince have, produce the album, be it either CDs/Gategolds(Vinyls), and mail them out themselves to maximize their profits and sell all their wares on their long tours. But I'm fine with them being on a 2nd large record label, I can easily forgive Mercury/Universal Records first few promotion foibles (I.E. The Debut Gig Pre-announcement debacle) and it seems everything is working out well. I also another thing....BADLY...6 words: 2011 United States Small Venue Tour! HEHE! ~JamiroFan2000~

Good luck with that. They've said nothing about touring here. They bypassed us and went to South America instead even though we're right next door. Again, who knows?

GTG for now. Later.

@Mike Later Mike, been a hearty great chat, stop by JamiroTalk International Fan Forums, great place for Jamiroquai discussion : Cheers Bro! ~JamiroFan2000~

It's very nice to be able to hear samples of the other songs, although it wasn't necessary for me personally. I can't wait until the 1st- so my copy can ship. I am very happy with all I have heard thus far, and I am looking forward to exploring each song when my copy arrives.

Best Jamiroquai album so far after Travelling Without Moving!
Jay Kays is visionary. Jamiroquai is a MASTERPIECE.

Thank you Jay Kay you are INSANE!! Just from preview its clearly that is a MASTERPIECE.

Can't stop listen to "She is a fast persuader"...
BEST Jamiroquai ALBUM after Travelling WIthout Moving.

it never felt so good to say I TOLD YOU SO

Like it, lots of slow songs but a few funky ones with a new, fresh, groovy styke

What can I say that hasn´t been said yet..I am totally thrilled..Thanks so much Jamiroquai for THIS!!! This music excites me in a way no other music is this possible!???
Iistening the snippets on loop here! wohoo!
bring on 29th october!!!
happy listening and waiting everyone!!All good in the hood!

@Jammy....Indeed! :) I knew that Jay and the guys wouldn't let us down.

Hi Sandriche,
Hope all is well sweetheart. 'Lifeline' is doing it for me; I just can't help but think top hat and tails.
This whole feel has that of what Travelling Without Moving did. This is going big, this baby of an album is going big.

After hearing these songs, it makes me sad that we have to wait another two weeks to hear them in their entirety!Thank you Jay and the band for producing yet another seemingly masterpiece of an album.Must admit I was skeptical after 'Blue Skies', but I have happily been forced to eat humble pie today.Get in!!

There's alot of humble pie being eaten today :)

ZED!!! I am good thaaanks! x
I tried to shoot you a mail the other day...I think you got a different now! if you have one pls drop me a line to [email protected]

and yes AGREED!!! I hope the upcoming tour includes lots of these new babies!!! hihi :)))

I'd really like to know the track times, and the whole album run time. I'm curius now...

I'm here:

[email protected]



Let's hope Lifeline runs for an hour itself, because I've never played a 30 second repeat like this ever.
Over and over...


I think most of the people here are over-reacting on this mainly because they were so disapointed with the singles and the cover, that they thought the album would be terrible. Well, "surprise", it isn´t terrible, but it isn´t brilliant as well. Most of it sounds like Amy Winehouse, or other commercial stuff. I am sorry to bring out negativism (I know I will be killed because of this) but I still think this album is very far from Jamiroquai sound. If you guys slow down the hype and listen things again carefully surely most of you will agree with me. It still is a big disapointment and just another commercial album.

KPeed - I understand what you mean. It's good and much better than I expected, but yeah, most of it is not quite the classic vibe. Similar sounds could be found in a Jamie Lidell/Amy Whitehouse/Mark Ronson/modern soul album, but look at it this way - it's a huge improvement over the last record, and a step toward the music we all love. Also, keep in mind we're basing everything off of 30 second clips and the songs could have a lot of unexpected twists packed in. And yes, it's commercial, but what did you expect? Jamiroquai has always aimed to get on the charts, and that means there will be a modern pop sensibility applied to the sound. To get a song on the radio you need to fit within the sonic qualities prevalent at the time, for better or worse.

Jamie Lidell,Amy Winehouse?????????????????? sorry..I can´t agree
But I guess everyone hears music different...
I just hear my beloved Jamiroquai through and through...

They're my favorite group too, I'm just being honest about the production style I hear with the new stuff. The feel/placement of sounds in the mix is much closer to the artists I listed than Jamiroquai's old albums..just my opinion. It's the direction the industry is moving in, the standard. Can't fight it too hard or you won't be on the radio.

Even better than I anticipated. AWESOME!!!

There's enough material on this forum for a track on the 'next' album...

Calm waters people, doesn't it feel good.

Lots of soul, just a little funk. I'll buy it cause it's Jamiroquai and they are a good band, but I hope Jay gets over growing up and starts bringing back the funk!

We are talking about a talented musician called Jason Kay. Visionary.
Lear about music first, please.

AMAZING! There are like 3 songs that sounds like from Funk oddysey era which also good but the other sounds fresh! I still think blue skies is the weakest track!

What most of the people here completely miss is that most of these COMPOSITIONS are not on par with what they've done before — and I inclue Runaway and Radio here. Of course, I am talking about the snippets, but judging by the snippets, only She's a Fast Persuader and Two Completely Different Things really stand out.

I like what I've heard so far, there are some clear standouts for me, but overall as many of you have already noted: souful and funky, cant wait to hear the rest!

;-) Now I can say this singles were just to put peolple talking about how bad they are ;-) but we had some luky the album sounds good!

*these singles!

Now we can all relax or get nervous untill 1st November!
They are back!

I am sorry guys this is not true jamiroquai. They are more of a pop band and they will never get that sound from the 1st three albums. You are supposed to grow not stay the same. This album sounds like a mish mash of the last two albums.

The strategy employed with the song and single selection is easy to spot: WKR and BS are two hypercommercial songs with a contemporary sound. They are designed to get the band back into the public eye and in the charts.

Rock Dust Light Star was played at the summer gigs to make the die hard fans happy ('It'll all make sense in November') and create awareness of the album titled with its strongly articulated title.

The end result seems to be an album where Jay subtly returns to his 'roots', but also seems to visit other JMQ era's, both appeasing the die hard fans and providing the people who bought the album because of WKR and BS an education about what JMQ is truly about.

Love it,love it,love it!!! These clips made my day.I've been listening to these sound snippets all day long,with a huge smile on my face.These songs have an Old School feel,with the classic Jamiroquai sound.Funky basslines,horns galore,Jay's great's all there! "Two Completely Different Things" already sounds like a classic to me.I haven't been this excited about a new album in YEARS!!!!

OMG it's so hard, I don't want to hear the samples now...
I want to discover the full album on 1er november but it'is very difficult to me to reading all this comments, I m so exciting !!! Jamiroquai is back !!!

@Arnhemland....Don't torture yourself,listen to these samples now!! :) I really think that this could become one of my favorite Jamiroquai albums.So many great tunes!!!

@Calypso... I try to resist !!! When Synkronised, AFO and Dynamite was published I found some samples of tracks and heard it. And each time I say to myself : "Next time no !!! Don't hear samples and listen to the full album !!" LOL
When i read all the comments I think it could be one of my favorite too !!!

Unbelievable! Could well turn out to be, and only from these samples I know, the third best album. Reminds me of a Synkronized....just out there, different, whilst keeping the old sound alive! Can't wait to see them Wednesday again. Travelling was amazing granted, but had too many naff songs. 2/3, and thats a hell of a lot for a Jamiroquai album! Jay's done it again people. Listened to this when I was high, and then normal and it was great both times.


I listen the samples yesterday. After the panic for RDLD, BS & H tunes... I can say ¡JAMIROQUAI is come back!!! A good mix of styles.

Word tour yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Falco, we love cheeba!

Definitely sounds great!

It's been interesting in the past few weeks to read all the speculations and judgements based on a few songs from an album no one had yet listened to. All those negative comments, accusations and their counterarguments have shown me that no matter what, people at least care. I commented this same phrase then and I quote myself again: "If the band is happy, I am happy."

I am happy.

I only hope that the band members are also aware of the huge positive reception based on these snippets compared to the not-so-positive time before these snippets...

Only a couple of weeks more and I - correction: We - can listen to the whole album :)

Respect to the people who are resisting listening to the clips! i wish i could of done but i gave in!

@Harry....agree with everything you said.I can't believe how much negativity there was on these forums in the past few weeks.I think many of the negative fans now realize that they should *WAIT* until they actually hear the tracks before they write Jamiroquai off.Just a few days ago,some fans were saying crap like "Jamiroquai is dead","they're doing rock now","They need to get back to the funk","they don't have their classic sound anymore",etc.Many of those fans feel silly now :)

I always had faith.I knew that they would deliver.

well said harry! totally agree with you.

@KPeed...I really don't hear any similarities to Amy Winehouse.Most of these tracks seem to have the classic Jamiroquai sound and I would argue that Jamiroquai's sound has always been "commercial" to an extent.There's nothing wrong with that.The positive comments are not because fans are overreacting.These sound clips clearly show that Jamiroquai has re-captured elements of their classic sound and that's why fans are happy.Some fans were scared that this album would be a commercial,rock/pop effort with very little horns and funk but thankfully,the album is a return to form.

Fair play, the snippets sound great. It does further emphasise though, my first instinct that Rock Dust Light Star and Blue Skies weren't/aren't the greatest tracks to have promoted the album with. They're probably the 2 weakest tracks on the album based on the 30 second clips.

I wonder if we can reach the 400 comments on this one :)

J-Dogg and Falco, Cheeba Cheeba!!

This forum thread was going so well until someone mentioned Amy Winehouse.You simply cannot compare her music to that of Jamiroquai's.I have a sense that Jamiroquai have reverted to their classic sound,and that is a great credit to them, bearing in mind the numerous band member changes over the years. Jamiroquai are unique.No person/band can ever replicate their style

@jamalgerie...yeah,the Amy Winehouse comparison is ridiculous.Jamiroquai was doing the whole retro funk/R&B thing long before Amy came on the scene.So it's crazy for anyone to suggest that they are stealing her sound.

The Amy Winehouse comparison is nothing - on the Guardian website a music critic put Jamiroquai and Michael Bolton in the same bracket!? He deemed both to be "unfashionable". I'm baffled as to why music critics dislike Jamiroquai so much, but they really seem to.

KPeed, I showed a friend and longtime Jam fan these soundclips and he responded that it was horrible and doesn't grab him in any way. It was pretty surprising to hear; I thought he'd at least like SAFP or TCDT or maybe Angeline (he really liked Dynamite) but no.

Conversely, showed my cousin (also a Jam fan) and he said that it sounded much better than WKR and BS did.

To each his own.

Will the album as a whole be as good as TWM? No, probably not, but some tracks will be keepers. That's the way I see it. As long as there's more good music being put out, even if I only end up liking 3 or 4 songs in the end, that's better than 0 good songs.

Bob Fleming, because it's easy to brush off people by saying they're rip-offs of this or that artist. Just because you can hear influences in the music doesn't mean that the artist is bad. In fact, can anyone name a new group in the past decade who isn't influenced by someone? I don't think so. Every musician is also a music fan and takes influence from others. The difference is that the critics are told what to promote and what not to promote by the labels -- otherwise it's bye-bye early exclusives.

Talking of Amy Winehouse and influences, I was interested to read recently Mark Ronson's top 100 musical influences. Jamiroquai weren't one of them, which I find ironic seeing as it sounds like they're one of his biggest influences. Maybe they're not considered to be fashionable enough?

WOOOOOOWW this is a GREAT new!!!!! i love this new album!!! smoke and mirrors is great! and goodbye to my dancer and just all of them... well i still have problems with BS, but anyway i'm so happy to hear this and can't wait to buy this new album!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

yeah,and didn't Stuart Zender work with Mark Ronson.The main thing is they are more than fashionable for us.

@People getting bent out of shape at the Winehouse comparisons.. guys, the album production is almost identical in a lot of aspects. Not the composition, but the qualities of the sound, the mixing, the way the drums hit, the way the horns sit with the rest of the sounds etc.. It's a modern pop touch mixed with a bit of the Jamiroquai magic. Get over it, Jamiroquai does not stand alone in the industry. They have to be part of the same things other soul artists are doing..just the name of the game.

Two Zero one! Where Do I Belong? :-)

I imagine the numbers of posts to come when the album will be released!
Thruth will be there the November the 1st (ot 2th for me). But be positive!


It's interesting how in this new digital/internet driven world that nothing just comes out of the blue anymore. Nothing is a surprise anymore.

And the downside is that our expectations for everything tend to get magnified because we sit on our hands impatiently waiting for something new from our favorite bands, filmmakers, etc.

I remember the day when I just walked into the record store and just happened to see Traveling Without Moving on the shelf without any prior knowledge that it was coming. Then I would just buy it on the spot and enjoy it. No leaks, no news on when it was coming, studio schedules, nothing. Sadly, that's not possible these days, and I think it taints our ability to judge a project fairly and enjoy something for what it is, as we've been exposed to information of it's production to early on in the process. Just my opinion.

It's a decent album overall, and the change in direction is definitely a shock to the system for an old fan like myself, but I'll give it a chance. I think they're missing the dynamic quality of the melodies they are known for from the past, but I accept that this is a different diction.

My favorites so far:

She's a fast Persuader (wicked tune)
Rock Dust Light Star
Two Completely Different Things

Angeline has really grew on me. It's 80s vibe is wicked. It's now on my top 3 snippets (sic), along SAFP & HF.

Those 3 songs will be the first I'll hear when I'll got the album between my digital hands. Just to see if I'll be disappointed. Cos' don't forget, those are snippets. Havn"t you already been disappointed by a movie you liked the trailer ?

Anyway, @ Fan 1993. I understand your arguments. I actually lived this for TWM, Synk, & AFO. I learned there was an album just by listening the new single on the radio. (imagine my disappointment during Deeper Underground era). And I can tell you that Virtual Insanity, Canned Heat and Little L are perfect first singles.

The fact that we couldn't criticize (in good or bad) those albums before we had them in our hands doesn't make them better. The music itself does.

I really need to find some synonym for "disappointed" :p

i know they are 30 second clips but what is it with these mushy love songs like lifeline, goodbye to my dancer and never gonna be another? is jay still singing about denise? its been 10 years, i believe there is more to JMQ's songs than just about an ex-girlfriend

I was one of the haters, but now I like what I'm hearing, but I still stick by the fact that Hurtin' is the wosrt Jamiroquai song ever! Some really promising stuff otherwise. I hope I don't have to change my mind again when I hear it in full...

I like what I hear, but I don't know if this is going to be their worst album or not. I hate the fact that almost all music is declining in quality and I am really hoping that Jamiroquai aren't an example of that.

At the moment I can't hear anything as exciting as 'Too Young To Die', as psychadelic as 'Space Cowboy', as genius as 'Virtual Insanity', as meaningful as 'King For A Day', as catchy as 'Little L' or as edgy as 'Feels Just Like It Should'.

These are only my thoughts on 30 second snippets and hopefully these aren't even the best bits of the songs - there's still a lot of room for all that to come.

What bit rate do you think these snippets are sampled at? 64K?
Sounds a bit muffled and woolly on my headphones...

I've just worked out what Lifeline reminds me of... Julian Peretta's song Wonder Why has that same bounciness, which incidentally I think Rob and Matt worked on?

This is really amazing, totally pulled it out of the bag... The 30 second clips sound better with every listen. It's like the album that never came after Travellling Without Moving... almost a more mature natural progression, without sounding like all the stuff before. Can't wait to hear it in full.

I thought Jamiroquai at the Hyde Park (Stevie) gig were the best I've ever head them - clearly with this album they are bang on form again. I like the fact it feels like a band too rather then lots of computer edits.

Top marks

just saw the (official?) cd description an amazon --->
"Rock Dust Light Star features the single 'Blue Skies', a Take That-esque uplifting pop song - a departure from tracks such as 'Space Cowboy'." ;-)

@ dom! I had the exact same thought...It made me think of julian perretta ... I really dig Lifeline btw..!
Hey FLoyd is so powerful! can´t wait to hear the full version of that one!

The more I listen to these samples the more I think that this is going to be my favorite Jamiroquai album... yes Blue Skies and Hurtin' aren't the strongest of tracks, but the rest sound incredible. Everyone is going to snap out of their Bieber/Gaga trance and realize what real music is...

OK. So this is clearly for all the haters who were whining, saying, er... what was it... "Jamiroquai is dead" I think it was. Intersting really - This sounds like a fantastic album (granted they're only 30 second clips)one of the best they've come out with for a long time. Now, I've been given every reason to pre-order because there's quality on there worth playing out. Boom.

This might of been discussed already, but does anyone know if blue skies is gonna come out on cd or is it just gonna be a download? Can't find anything about it. I know alot of people are not keen on it but I do actually like it and another cd would be cool to add to the collection!

Thank God the funk is back some serious tuneeeeeeeessssss. So looking forward to the concert tomorrow :D

I really really love it!

So has everyone pre-ordered the CD yet? I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition but isn't there supposed to be some kind of vinyl box set too?

I just cant believe that the cover atwork is really this one!

Fancy some other 30 secs snippets ?

@Alex...thanks for that link!!

Nice one Alex!! All Good in the Hood sounds amazing

Here are the new samples on youtube
I'm really excited about this new album, sounds funkin' awesome.

I don't know why but the atmosphere of TCDT reminds me of Falling

And i really like the arrangement of Hey Floyd -who is FLOYD anyway?

The pink one... he? then the cool thing is we dont need to listen
to ˇanother brick in the HALLˇ - by JMQ - tune,haha

Here's a Not The Funk I Want sample, it's in their more recent style

Behind as always! Just listened to the clips. Have to agree with many others above, the songs we heard before now are the poor fillers compared to some of the (apparent) gems we have coming. And, Two Completely Different Things???? THAT was the 'WOW' I wanted! That's my boys in action!! Looking forward to tomorrow and many good nights to come. Bring on the 1st!

+1 She´s a fast persuader - great TWM energy

rock dust light star, white knuckle ride, blue skies - what a big mistake to choose them as singles.

check out amazon! rock dust light star at number 3 and high times a couple below in the top 50!!!

I think this new album will be EPIC! And for people who think the old Jay is's the normal evolution of an we have a different Jay Kay, by miles better than 4 or 5 years ago.
My three favourite songs: All good in the hood, Fast persuader, Angeline.

Definitely "Two Completely Different Things" is the best song of this album. Period

TCDT brings a lot of ****ing memories back to me...

And Jay seems to been listening to Regatta de Blanc by
Police recently as well...

This is going to be their best album in years (the first three are just outstanding ones )

Wow... go on a cruise, and here's what I miss!! LOVE it! Would've been great listening material, instead of the cheesy cr*p they played, lol. It's classic, yet futuristic. Hearing hints of Marvin Gaye/Curtis Mayfield/Michael Jackson/Commodores/Radiohead/Floyd/MGMT, everything I love, everything that moves me... and best of all, lots and lots of Jamiroquai! VERY 70s soul... LOOOOOOOVE the dance tracks. I can totally vibe out to this.... In fact, I am doing that right now. :-) Peace. THANK YOU JAMIROQUAI, for sharing your genius with us! You love us, and we love you back.

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