Blue Skies gets remixed

Added on Monday 18 October 2010, 14:15 (UTC)

A promo CDR of Blue Skies remixes recently appeared with remixes by Linus Loves, Flux Pavilion and Fred Falke.

BBC Radio DJ MistaJam broadcast a 'Dubstep Guest Mix Special' on his show this weekend and one of the mixes was by Flux Pavilion.  The Blue Skies remix was played on the show and can be heard from around 34 minutes if you listen to it using the BBC iPlayer.

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Flux Pavillion remix is an insult. If I was Jay I'd be offended. I listened to it and I feel offended.

SIDstation/C64 sound chip masturbation running wild... don't like it at all.

Yeah not so good to be honest. I would say it was more of a sampling than a remix.

:O didn't like it at all....

this flux pavilion remix is really bad... dubstep is not bad style of music but this is just bad... what Jamiroquai needs to get great soulful/jackin house producers /DJs to remix their songs such as Richard Earnshaw or Sonny Fodera or even DJ Spen & The Muthafunkaz....
who agrees? i know i do....

I can't listen to this right now, but on the radio interview, Jay said there was a terrible remix of the song which made his voice sound like a chipmunk. Please can someone confirm whether this remix is it?

Didn't even bother to listen as i don't enjoy remixes or covers of jamiroquai tracks.

that was awful. dubstep sucks. jamiroquai should be remixed by spirit catcher or someone similarly talented. this is painful!

This remix has nothing to do with the song! Ok, about 1% maybe...

ER, good post. I am a huge fan of house music (it was a natural progression from AFO), and loved the Knee Deep remixes - For more of their work, check out their mix of Afro Medusa's 'Pasilda'. Also, Roger Sanchez on Deeper Underground is EPIC. It was around that time that I got into club music, and after Jamiroquai, there's nothing like a good house track, accompanied by some percussion!!

Seamus Haji has a mix of White Knuckle Ride, but to retain a disco/funk element, he would have to look again at his mix of Tweet's 'Boogie Tonight'. I fear that he's moved away from that sound towards full-on electro since around 2006.

Of producers and DJs, I could list loads I'd love to see, in some cases again:
Masters At Work
Knee Deep
Moto Blanco
Junior Jack
Sandy Rivera (Kings Of Tomorrow)
Eric Prydz (Loved this guy until Call On Me and Pjanoo)
Ian Carey
Raul Rincon
Bini and Martini
Grant Nelson
Joey Negro

Most of all, Rasmus Faber - If you can, listen to the tracks 'Get Over Here', 'Ever After', then his mix of Dubtribe Sound System's Autosoul. I would love it, if he was on the production team for a future album.

I recommend 'Get Over Here' to Jamiroquai fans especially.

to One Winged Angel, Knee Deep are great, got quite a few their earlier remixes & their remixes have that great driven house grooves (even though their stuff now is a lil techy, its still soulful at the same time)...

yeah that list of DJs u put up are great too... i'm really really surprised that Jamiroquai hasn't got Joey Negro to do any remixes yet?!! i mean, his stuff has always been funky, so I cant see why that can happened...

Sandy Rivera & Copyright are great producers who i think JMQ can ask them to do a remix...
Rasmus Faber - yeah this dude is talented, got his album 'So Far' that got released on BBE label... mixture of his tunes & remixes... great album!!

now, what about the SOLE Channel music crew - Mr V, Alix Alvarez & Reelsoul??... these guys are awesome... i do wanna see a SOLE Channel remix on a JMQ song in the future... they are good
even Osunlade... seriously this guy with his Yoruba Soul remixes are FANTASTIC!!

hope JMQ can read this & will consider to get these producers a shot...

Spirit Catcher
Reel People
Marc de Clive-Lowe
Bugz in the Attic

all of these artists could've done a great job.

Oh Dear.

Yep, mainstream dubstep. Groove Assassin where are you?!?
Time to enlist some love back into Jamiroquai remixology!

Oh God-They're ruined the song.

fred falke and alan braxe are gr8 ... listen to they re song HORIZON its so cosmicc

One Winged Angel.....come on.....pjanoo was one of Prydz' best tracks! And since we're talking house, some of you should check out Japanese House. It's really really Jazzy and has that funk to it. Shapeshifters are God's in this field. Try checking out Danny Byrd's early stuff too, really house/DnB but not hardcord DnB. Sme great stuff. Still.....nothing touches Jamiroquai........

J-Dogg, for me, Slammin' was Prydz's best track. I can't help but feel underwhelmed when I hear Pjanoo. Saying that, it's better than anything Bob Sinclar has done in the last five years, and David Guetta now.

Glad there are a few house enthusiasts on here :). I'll have to listen so some of these mentions. For Japanese music, I don't know much house, but I have a few tracks by Kyoto Jazz Massive (Eclipse and Substream).

Has anyone been able to confirm whether this Blue Skies is the remix with the chipmunk voice? I still can't listen to it. Thanks in advance.

The very little Jay vocals you can hear sounds very Chipmunkish, I reckon this is the tune he mentioned in that Radio interview.

If anybody wants to risk ruining their day, here it is:

I stopped it after 12 seconds...

LLOOLL wat was that an old sega game theme ? hehe

Electro. nu breaks and dubstep aren't for everybody. It's whats being heard at the moment. We want the soulful house mixes, maybe even a classic jungle mix like M-Beat did back in the day...

Sorry guys but I have to say this - where you have been last ten years? wake up:) This Blue Skies Dubstep remix rocks, it's just different to what u r usually listen to but that doesn't mean it's bad...

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