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Added on Wednesday 13 October 2010, 17:13 (UTC)

The official website at has been updated with a new design, including the ability to change the colour scheme of the site and some great questions and answers with the band members.

A new store is also about to open (hopefully in the next day or so) so expect to see some funky new merchandise for sale.

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Looks so much better.

I can't see it :P Will try later.

Niether can I:(

I can see it! Where to I claim my prize? :D

Looks much better indeed. I'm looking forward to see what they have to offer in the store.

Clicking the basket leads us here:

Jamiroquai is not on the site yet. But if you click around the existing artists and see what kind of merchandise they sell you'll get an idea what to expect I guess.

can't see it :-(

is anybody else having trouble registering on the new site?

i cant see it

I cant understand why some can see it and others cant? It keeps saying page not found :[email protected]

I'm having some troubles as well. I think that some can see and others no is because a DNS problem.
But the website registering I don't know. (I think is the webmaster fall)

A nice and neat comeback. I like the page re-spray too. Just tried to listen to WKR in music player but it doesn't work for me. Blue skies does though :)

I'm feelin the purple Lambo skin!

I'm not having any problems at all.I can see the page and it looks fantastic.

LOVE IT! Cut to the chase. Everything all in one place. Makes life easier. ;-) All it needs is a black background, which, evidently I change myself
at some point. :-) Alas, I can't get back onto the site tonight. Heavy traffic on the superhighway, I presume... Peace.

The feature of the re-spray is nice!
The best design is the TWM one...

HEAPS better - there's lots more content in it as well - definitely an improvement :)


Much better! Cleaner, straightforward, fabulous!
Take care!

works better
look great
finaly new colors and more info, modern style
is good to see it after the long wait

I don't care for the new design. It looks like a direct rip-off of Facebook. Also, I noticed that they deleted some of the comments and now you have to register to post. It's a less-functional site than before and it loads slower to boot. Whoopite-doo. Amusing that they have the time to renovate the site but STILL refuse to let people sample the tracks.

I can imagine how it all went down.

"How should we promote our new album? Should we do like everybody else and let people sample it?"

"No way. You kiddin'? We want to sucker as many of them into preordering it before they've had a chance to have second thoughts about it..."

"I've got it! Let's conceal it from public inspection! We'll keep pimping White Kunckle Ride and Blue Skies ad nausea!"

"Yeah, that's, um, that's what I was thinking. Hmm... We'll make it seem like... it's this 'mysterious' album (ooh!) filled with wonderful cuts. I'll have a talk with our manager about setting up an interview..."


"...So that we tout it as being, you know, a throwback and stuff."

"When it's really nothing of the sort."


"And then we'll do a video where I'll be flying in a helicopter and stuff. Just flying -- BRRRRR! -- over a desert in Spain."

"Sounds cool."

"Yeah, maybe we can set up a contest on our website where the winner will fly with yours truly in my new helicopter."

"Holy s***, you serious man?"

"Nah, I'm off my bum! Ha ha! Pass me a smoke -- I've gotta get my voice in shape for 'I've Been Hurting,' y'know? Wait 'till they hear my Lenny Kravitz impersonation!"

We're two weeks away from what is either a surprisingly good album or a disappointment of epic proportions. But we have no idea what we're getting worked up for since, well, you know. :I

You. Not 'We', you! I am two weeks away from what will be a mindblowing album! Please keep 'me' out of 'we'!

Uh, right. Ever the optimist, aren't you?

A forum member named Tlum over at Jamirotalk forums had a listen to the album and said that he did not feel like istening to it again. Also, not once did he describe any of the tracks as being funky or jazzy.

Maybe you could care less but I know a lot of people who are anxious, thinking about whether there will be a few tracks that hit that sweet spot, but unfortunately it's not looking so uphill from down here. You can smear as much make-up on it as you want but this story is not looking pretty.

Optimist? I walk through life this way.

So now my taste has to be judged on a person named Tlum?

And now my taste has been attributed to funky and Jazzy, when I actually want more rock from this band.

I could care less??? This band has never let me down.

Makeup? What makeup have I smeared? that I used two words?????????? 'Mindblowing album'????????

Mike, I am, have been, and continue to be utterly lost at your posts. I'm sorry. First I read a love story, that you yourself could not believe you wrote, now I read a second post from you which depicts an imaginary satirical conversation????? Where and when will it end???? Is this all part of a trilogy????????

I am at an utter loss, again, for which I'm sorry.

Hey!!! Sad Mike is back or shall I say
Hooray! Never give up the fight Mike! Never! Never! Fight the power! LOL!

I can finally see it! Very nice!

@ Mike

When Morpheus asked you to take the red or blue pill...Which one did you take? Because I think you snatched both of them. "You greedy sucker." :)

"Hey, Why don't you go and drink a big tall glass of calm down juice, okay." :)

I like the new website. To be honest i come to this site for any news first and dont visit the official site much!
Ive read tlum's review of the new album and its not that indepth so i wont be reading too much into it. dont see how anyone can form an opinion on the album from that.
i understand people wanting to hear clips before they buy the album. would be nice to hear at least a couple but part of me just wants to wait until 1st nov!

I agree with every word that Mike says on this site...

I think that somebody who really like Jamiroquai music can't listen to new track without shade of dissapointment

Good that Jamiroquai is not the only band that I really love...

Nice to see them update the website. It's bland but better than the poor excuse for a site which the last one was.

But man...everytime I see the cover art for the new album, I cringe.

I really can't believe that's the cover of the album. It's honestly one of the worst album covers I've ever seen...Can't get over it!

I really like the new design..also the interviews are a great read! I would love to see some recent photographs of all the bandmembers!

hopefully there will be some cool merchendise this time! :D
not long to go people! YEAAAH

agree with phrase... okish website but seeing the album cover there still hurts the eyes.... i'd rather have no official site (as is still 1000 times better) and a decent cover artwort.... this one not only looks ugly but doesn't match the rockier sound at all with all the neon glows and the bad photoshopping...
(starting to get nervous... not much time till nov 1st... hope i will still like jamiroquai then, but not sure if that's gonna happen as i don't like any of the new songs (((some parts of wkn & hurtin are ok, but not the complete songs)))

It looks like a myspace page. May be easier to navigate but looks cheap. The shop is not working for me, but in the past it only works about haf of the time.

Oh yeah! the new website is nothing special in fact a very common stuff!but about that I dont care because im not listenning website pages LOL

The cover atwork still make me think if they are joking with us or with themselves, because is just f..kin horrible!

In the preorder japanese site what makes me thing is that the album is labed as SOUL/CLUB/RAP - RAP? and 3 extra tracks ;-) are they really extra (one track is extra the rest must be part of the album)!or just some crap type propaganda!

The new musics so far nothing special, not bad but not what I was expecting from them!this is just some cheap pop songs!

But anyway soon we will know what they have done, if I will like or not time will show!

I hope that a good soul put it in the some free download site - pi....bay is quite good! and if will sounds good I will go to buy it!

And Mike i'm with you!!I realy like your comments!

This conversation gets spicy again-I was a bit bored by
some comments,sorry for that:)
and i am another person who is not too much excited about the new design ..

@Mike....there you go again,with your pathetic whining and complaining.You've become the King of Negativity on these forums and it's really tiresome.If Jamiroquai upsets you this much,step aside and move on! No one if forcing you to hang around and listen to the new album or go to the new official website.

You keep mentioning that many other fans are disappointed too.BIG DEAL!! You should all move on and listen to other music.Jay and the guys are gonna continue to do what they wanna do and make the music that they want to make.Nothing you say is gonna change that.They're not gonna take career advice from a whiny,intolerable,miserable "fan" like yourself,so stop wasting your time.SAY YOUR GOODBYES,MOVE ON,AND DON'T LOOK BACK!


Haha here we go again! I wondered how long it would be before someone told mike to move on! Mikes comments do seem a little on the negative side about this album but that's how he feels about it so he's got as much right as everyone else to voice it! And alot of people feel the same.Nobody needs to "move on", let's respect each others opinions!

@NoName, Mike is complaining about their latest material because he is a genuine fan.Those people who wish to disregard negative messages such as yourself,show a large amount of disrespect by saying 'Goodbye' to them. I like Mike,am tinged with disappointment from the latest releases and it is only right we express our disappointment here. This is not solely a 'Praise Jamiroquai' website.It is a platform for various opinions to be shared. I loved the album 'Dynamite' because they delivered funk and soul, for which they are renowned for. But I won't like a song just because it is Jamiroquai.I am not and never will be a poodle.

There's nothing wrong with disliking something.But why spend so much time complaining?? If you don't like something,simply don't buy it.End of story.I don't see the point in wasting so much time being negative.Mike doesn't like the new songs.We get it.He's told us a hundred times already.

This discussion is supposed to be about the new website anyway.But as usual,Mike turned it into a bitter complain-a-thon.That's the problem I have with him.We can't even have normal discussions anymore without a bunch of negativity to spoil the fun.

@NoName - at least mike comments the topics - it's not his fault the new official website looks random / cheap.
i hate all this picking on other people and telling them what they should do, in my opinion thats childish and shows 1000 times more negativity (nagative attitude) than all comments by mike and others together, who simply express their feelings towards the new material and promotion without hurting other people.

@NoName - if you lost your fun - move on and get a life ;-)

@Jamalgerie...Mike is not a "genuine" fan of Jamiroquai.He's a bitter,intolerable fan who longs for the music that they used to make and can't accept change and evolution.A "genuine" fan respects a band's need to grow and evolve.A "genuine" fan understands that every album can't sound the same.A "genuine" fan understands that Jamiroquai is not their personal jukebox and that they don't owe us anything.

@ NoName

What fun!? if everything seems to be crap!Fun we would have if the musics were good, but they aren't!at least these which are known!

I just hope that this is propaganda to put people talking, and I hope to listen the new album and say f..k they are back and on the top of it as they said! the thing is that is becoming dificult to keep beling on that, but I still hope!

Mike express yourself as you want beacuse you make this discussions interesting not just: I love jay kay and what he does is good!

Beliving instead of beling!!

@NoName - you are a bitter person - and a former genious band putting out crappy music is not evolution, it's just sad.
if you start the "good fans / bad fans" crap again - i prefer fans like mike and others who seem to analyze and enjoy whats good and citicize whats bad instead of some stupid people swallowing everything thats been served no matter how good or bad it is and even defending the crap... people like you made things like hitler possible with all that blind following.


How you wrote it so write: "a former genious band putting out crappy music is not evolution, it's just sad"

and put sadness on that!

Love the new website.I chose purple for the color theme :)

I would prefer to listen some good music instead of having a multicolored website but!I tought that jamiroquai was about music and not about webpages design!but they keep trowing sand into my eyes!

Yes, look have many webpage versions we had since dynamite... Weppages without new music ;)

*webpages ;)

Clacky...Every band has a webpage nowadays , doesn´t mean it´s not about the music anymore...
what did you mean to say ? :S

@kjh...Like I said before,there's nothing wrong with disliking something.I don't like everything that Jamiroquai does.I don't like "Runaway","King For A Day" and some other songs by Jamiroquai.But I don't spend all my time whining and complaining about those songs.I simply don't listen to those songs.I don't need to tell you a hundred times that I don't like something.So don't you dare mistake me for one of those fans who likes everything that Jamiroquai does.I simply don't feel the need to dwell on negativity,it's a waste of time.Jamiroquai is releasing a new album.We can't tell them how it's supposed to sound! "Moving on" is really your only option if you don't like it.

kjh mentioned the dreaded 'H' word a few comments above. According to Godwin's Law of internet forums, when you mention Hitler or compare someone to the Nazis, you negate all previous arguement and the thread is finished. May I suggest you all adhere to this law? Ta!

Sandbox level...

First off, nobody tells me what to do. Who are you, the thought police? Second, call me whatever you want, I've been an avid listener and stuck with them all the way up to now. I don't care what you automatons THINK about me. Third, all the so-called "negativity" is well deserved. They release lackluster singles, then whore them on every late night TV show and radio program they can. To the point, I really don't care if they're performing WKR for the hundredth time or "upgrading" their site, whatever distraction they can manufacture to divert attention away from the album. You can say that Jamiroquai doesn't owe me anything and will do whatever they want, but I'll say this: Jamiroquai relies on a FANBASE OF SUPPORTERS to thrive in this cut-throat industry and if they think that it's wise to screw the people over who helped put them on the map and make them who they are, they're committing career suicide. Jay is, what, 40-years old? How is he going to get by in the coming years if he f***s over his loyal fanbase by releasing insipid crap?

anon, you claim you're clamoring for more of that "rocky" sound but I call bulls*** because NOBODY became a Jamiroquai fan because of their 'rock sound.' Every single person who's been listening to this group knows EXACTLY what it is that makes them want to keep listening: acid-jazz, soul, funk, disco. It's the way they groove, their penchant for creating 70's-style hamronies and hooks that won't quit.

The way I see it, after five years of putting up with their senseless delays, they owe me a damn good album. Anything less and I will not continue supporting them because I won't support shallow music backed by an egotist who disregards his core fanbase for the sake of "artistic development" nor any other excuse you can manufacture.

Hope you love the new site design because apparently that's all they have to offer anymore. What a waste of time.

Correction: *harmonies*

Wanna hear some soundclips....I hope they put those on the new site soon.

Mike is right, his detractors are full of crap. The website sucks (to be fair, it has always sucked!), the promotion of the new album is sub-par, the album cover is awful, Blue Skies is a strange, sleepy choice for a single, and White Knuckle Ride doesn't sound good live. People should be concerned! If you're not, you're not paying attention.

Soundclips are what I'm waiting for. That will help me determine whether or not RDLS was worth the wait. I have no reason to want to be negative but when I heard WKR, BS, Hurtin', etc. I can't feel positive.

Mike, I am speechless. I just don't have the energy. Again, I'm sorry. I cringe, and await for the third part in the final love story...

Some of the things claimed on here are just silly really! I think a lot of people forget to put 'in my opinion' or 'in my view' before writing things, and then it then comes across that the person is stating it like it's a fact and that everyone should go along with it.

'Releasing insipid crap?' What, insipid because you say so?

'Nobody became a Jamiroquai fan because of their rock sound?' - What so that means I am not allowed to like the newer material because it has a rockier sound? And because it is rockier that means it isn't as good?

'Every single person who's been listening to this group knows EXACTLY what it is that makes them want to keep listening' - so you're speaking for us all now?

Dear oh dear...

getting abit bored of these pointless arguements now

Sorry for the hijack...
33 miners released after two months in hell...
More to life than music people.
Peace, and Sincerely.

Daniel, "What, insipid because you say so?"

That's exactly what they've released thus far. If the album follows suit then...

"What so that means I am not allowed to like the newer material because it has a rockier sound? And because it is rockier that means it isn't as good?"

No, now you're trying to dictate what you're allowed to like. The simple fact is that Jamiroquai is known for the reasons already explained. If they change their sound then they risk alienating fans. Going from acid-jazz/funk to rock music isn't what most fans want. And yes, such a shift in style would mean sacrificing the sound, the essence of what Jamiroquai has been known for since their inception.

"so you're speaking for us all now?"

Every artist establishes themself with a distinct sound which characterizes their work. Same goes for artists, movie directors, game creators, etc. and everybody knows the reasons why they cling to particulars, because they satisfy us in a particular way. Jamiroquai is no exception to this. I'll say it again: they established themselves as being an acid-jazz/funk/soul disco band, not a rock band. That's not their sound and, if 'I've Been Hurting' is any indication, is definitely not their forte. Even something like 'Radio' which uses a rock riff in the verse reverts back to the more funky side of things come the chorus. Otherwise it wouldn't sound like Jamiroquai anymore. Therefore, yes, everybody knows why they love this group and what they're known for. I'm not implying that incorporating rock sound is a bad thing in and of itself but not to lose the sound. Even if you look at something like WKR, ok, here's this pop/dance song. They had been talking about how the album had the 'recorded live in the studio' sound, very natural, organic. Then you listen to the bridge/chorus to WKR and it sounds just as overproduced as any other cut filling the airwaves. To make matters owrse, the song is rather tame in comparison with singles from past albums. They set a standard which people will hold them to in that they represent quality above and beyond the norm. They used good judgement and taste, hence the fan base putting their trust in them to continue to represent that quality. Once you sacrifice that, all that's left is filler.

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