Jamiroquai to perform concert for BBC Radio 2

Added on Tuesday 12 October 2010, 22:24 (UTC)

As part of a press release for some of the upcoming musical specials for BBC Radio 2 (UK), they have announced that Jamiroquai will be performing a show/concert on 4 November.  The part of the press release referring to Jamiroquai is as follows:

"Jamiroquai will present a set of new and much loved tracks on 4 November for Radio 2 In Concert."

To read the complete press release please visit the BBC website.  Hopefully over the coming days we'll get an official announcement from Jamiroquai with more information on the gig.

Credit: Dom

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Good in the hood!...

Yes zuuurr!

Looking forward to it!

Any one on twitter please tweet that you want Jamiroquai at BOnnaroo 2011 and tag it with #broo11lineup
also don't forget to visit the Facebook page please click on page and LIKE to show your support!
I will do whatever it takes to get this happening. I am a firm believer in that the fans have the power!
Please help.

Just heard this advertised on Radio 2, it's to be hosted by Jo Whiley and you have to apply for tickets by calling a number (which I didn't catch, next time) or online at

And just as I leave the office...

03700 100 200

Good luck Folks!

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