Rock Dust Light Star 'Deluxe Version' track list and Jamiroquai Chopsticks!

Added on Monday 11 October 2010, 15:34 (UTC)

In addition to the regular CD release of Rock Dust Light Star there will be a vinyl release and also a 'Deluxe Version' - which includes six additional tracks.  The track list of this deluxe version (which is listed an import version - so I believe is therefore the UK deluxe edition release) is shown on the Tower Records website in Japan:

  1. Rock Dust Light Star
  2. White Knuckle Ride
  3. Smoke and Mirrors
  4. All Good In The Hood
  5. Hurtin'
  6. Blue Skies
  7. Lifeline
  8. She's A Fast Persuader
  9. Two Completely Different Things
  10. Goodbye To My Dancer
  11. Never Gonna Be Another
  12. Hey Floyd
  13. All Good In The Hood (Acoustic Version) (Extra Track)
  14. Angeline (Extra Track)
  15. Hang It Over (Extra Track)
  16. Rock Dust Light Star (Live at Paleo) (Extra Track)
  17. White Knuckle Ride (Alan Braxe Remix) (Extra Track)
  18. Blue Skies (Fred Falke Remix) (Extra Track) 
The regular Japanese release of the album contains the regular 12 track album and another track 'That's Not The Funk I Want' as a bonus track.  Tower Records have also announced that they will be giving away a limited number of 'Jamiroquai Chopsticks' to the first in-store buyers of the album!
Credit: Yukito Inoue

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This is fantastic. Hopefully it gets released in the US.

It's fantastic. It's just a shame these japan-only releases. Worldwide fans deserve this too, not only the japs!! Deluxe version for everyone!!

... and free ketchup?
Am i a worse fan because i am not from JPN?

News no 4000, nice! ;)

What a crooked scheme. They're releasing this and another with 'That's Not The Funk I Want,' therefore you'd have to pay for both to get all the tracks. You'd have to be a sucker to pay for both just to grab that extra track.

I'll play it smart and weigh in on my options after the smoke clears. Enjoy your chopsticks.

Finally the first good news!!! Yeah!!! Hopefully there is funk in it!!!

Finally the first good news!!! Yeah!!! Hopefully there is funk in it!!!

I am so ready for this new album!! I already pre-ordered this.Gonna wait and see how I can get the Japanese bonus track.I don't wanna have to shell out alot of money just to get one bonus track! :)

This is I believe the UK Deluxe Edition of the album. It's just listed on Tower Records Japan and has a tracklist on it which i've not seen elsewhere (not that i've looked very hard!).

Kudos to them for one of the most confusing album release ever. Let's see... It's not slated for release domestically in the US as of yet (you'd have to pay top dollar to import it through Amazon). The UK version has 12 tracks, but the japanese issue will also receive a bonus track, there's also a box set with seperate bonus tracks which might also be on the UK deluxe edition.

And to top it off the official site always says something after the news leaked

I note the comment about the official site, but I cannot access it. All I get is the black screen with the house. How can I get back into the website?

Wheres the super highway track?

Any news on the vinyl release?

whenn is the album going to get leakeddd ??? cant waitt anymoree :D

Interesting stuff, I'll wait and see if any of this extra stuff is any better than what we've had so far...

Australia is getting this too :-) !!!

Saving up my monies up for the new stuff. Can't wait!


No free meal with the chopsticks??? WTF!!! I want some Ramen too!!

omg thats awsom but they betta do dis for adelaide south australia man da free chopstickx

Alan Braxe and Fred Falke!!! ,.....interesting:)

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