Jamiroquai in South America

Added on Sunday 10 October 2010, 09:34 (BST)

Jamiroquai arrived in South America a couple of days ago and held a press conference in Mexico on Thursday (YouTube).  On Saturday night they performed in Bogota, Colombia.

If you know the set list, want to write a review or post links to photos/videos from the gig please do so as a comment to this news post. 

The band perform next in Sao Paulo, Brazil next Saturday (16th) and been travelling they will no doubt be doing lots of album promotional work (interviews etc.) for South American media.

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Cant wait for the 20th October!!!

Jkay with matt and rob either side of him and all they do is make jokes aha

To sad they aren't comming to Argentina

It kind of seems like Jay's high...

Which song is it that starts at 2:50?


Mike; It's Hooked Up

3rd time i see them and wow...the started playing revolution 1993 and ended with deeper underground...i can't remember the order of the songs but they played, alright, cosmic girl, rock dust light star,little l,when you gonna learn?, black capricorn day, if i like it i do it, light years,canned heat,high times,white knuckle ride,and love foolosophy. JK also said he would visit us again next year so lets wait for the next tour official dates. I'll post some vids and pics later

I bet 10 bucks Jays is up in smoke!

It's always nice to see them having fun. "If only i could give Jay a big hug." :)

'May they have a successful tour.' :)

So great to see Jay & his group buddies ( & musicians!)having fun ;))

WOOHOO, Jay said they'll be coming to Australia (at 2.00min)!!!! That has just made my day. Can't wait to see my favourite band live and bring on the new album!

hey guys thanks for coming, the show was glorious god bless you all Jamiroquai, From bogotá Colombia THANKS!!!!!
deeper underground!! last night!! :D

I was at the press conference, I´m a fan and it was amazing, very good sense of humor in the band, in Mexico we were lucky to have this opportunity. Guys! Thank you for your time in Mexico City!
Hope to see you soon!

WOO HOO Australia - it's been 5 years guys - way to long - just make sure you don't come here in December, my beautiful baby boy is due then lol :)


Jay's Hat, thanks. Last night I was going through EOPE again and, lo and behold, there it was on track #3. This is one of those songs I never really cared to notice before but must admit that the live version is kick-you-in-the-face awesome. So... I've become reacquainted with it. It's just like when I got Dynamite and didn't care to notice songs like Electric Mistress until a couple of years later when I pulled it out and it suddenly dawned on me. It's happened before with other groups as well. First time I heard Glamour Profession by Steely Dan, I was all like blah and stuff. Sometime later, after adjusting to the sound of the Gaucho album, I was hooked.

Sorry for diverging from the thread topic. Please resume. "Everybody, please disperse! There's nothing to see here!"

what about USA? i hope the band didn't forget they have American fans waiting to see them live ; )

Please, Please, Please!
Come to Rio, please! I've missed the last show here... I promiss I'd not miss other one! Please, come to Rio! =)

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