White Knuckle Ride 'Making Of' video

Added on Friday 08 October 2010, 19:14 (UTC)

You've seen the video, now here's the 'Making Of'. have put online a 'Making Of' video for White Knuckle Ride which takes us behind the scenes during the video shoot.  There's plenty of action footage and also Jay talking about the video...

"I mean for me, the basic premise of it is just, such an unusual thing.  How many people sing the song and fly the aircraft in the video.  It's a groovy thing to do."

Head over to to watch the video.

Credit: Dominik at

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"Ow...That's why they call it [email protected]#*ing-pear..."

Yeah, Jay, it's usually not advisable to touch a cactus with your bare hands.

Not the same definition of "Groovy" I have.

JK smoking again :(

Alex, you need to be wealthy to feel that groove. Us paupers just can't relate. 'Fuel for your 'copter, sir?'

Loved it. Jay looks so happy :D

'And to top it all off, there's a beautiful moon'.

thanks for sharing!, i love watching the video's making of :D

"I love watching behind the scenes videos." Thanks for always sharing. :-)

LOL!! at jay touching the cactus

@Holli were u correcting me? did i write it wrong? if i did, sorry my english isn't very good :/ but everyday i try to write it better :D thanx anyway :)

LOVE seeing the behind the scenes footage - looks like lovely Jay had a fabbo time - lucky sot!!!!



I was responding to the article.

I don't know why I see myself as blue skies or white knuckle ride or the helicopter or the porshe or anything related with the latest album.Silly. :) Peace People.

it looked like jay did parts of riding his helicopter and also parts driving his porsche

In this making of I see Jay have fun doing the video ... He loves riding! cars .. motorbike ..'s the same! .. J you are great!
The cactus is fantastic! is like little children who know they should not touch things but they touch the same! :) Brilliant Jay! ahahahha

I hope he will be happier with his chosen and confirmed Blue Skies and White Knuckle Ride,that's what matters most.

hey anyone on facebook please show support to get this band to Bonnaroo... its a fabulous music festival 10 yrs strong. I am DYING to get them here... Please go to this page and "LIKE" it... raise as much awareness as possible...
MUCH appreciation. I know we all would love to see them live so lets help make it happen!!!

If only i could give Jay a Big GIANT Hug.:-)

people of universal
please, release now the HD versions oof the videos WKR and BS¡¡¡

is not that hard, many bands release videos in HD
give HD a chance

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