Blue Skies BBC Radio 2 'Record Of The Week'

Added on Sunday 03 October 2010, 12:46 (UTC)

Blue Skies has been chosen by BBC Radio 2 as their Record Of The Week for this coming week - meaning that the track will be played at least twice a day on the station.

Have you heard the song on the radio?  If so, which station and in which country did you hear it?

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Wooo! Blue Skies, great track. Deserves more airtime than its getting.


Heard it about an hour ago on BBC London radio. Thumbs up!

Fantastic news! Hooray!

Haven't heard Jamiroquai on a french radio since... 2002 I think... They're forgotten here, & "Blue Skies" won't change it, unfortunately!

On the plus side, at least they should fit in all snug with the other cheesy syrup-pop.

Why don't you go and put the first album on Mike...?

Great news.

@Mike....Here you go again,ruining another 'new music' thread with your negativity and whining.I guess I'll have to keep telling you this over and over.Say it with me this time: IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE NEW SONGS OR THE NEW DIRECTION,LISTEN TO ANOTHER BAND.IF YOU PREFER THE SOUND OF THE OLD ALBUMS,SIMPLY LISTEN TO THOSE ALBUMS.Let's see how many more times I will have to repeat this to you.

Yeah, bull. You keep trying to tell me to move on and get lost, but since you have an issue with my posts (more like a vendetta), maybe it's you who should learn how to move on. You simply can't tolerate an opinion that's incompatible with yours. I hope you don't have a mental breakdown because you simply can't ignore it and post your lovey-dovey crud...

Maybe I, along with the others who aren't pleased, should start harassing you every time you post one of your lame "Fantastic! WOO HOO! I LOVE this song!" posts and see how well you take it.

Has everyone pre-ordered the CD yet? What's the best site to order it from?

I think this site is one of brilliance; for its simplicity, constant update of news, and a voice for fans to say whatever they deem neccessary. I really enjoy coming here; I'm not too hot on the idea of complex forums with many posts, but Funkin is headline news for me each and every time. First off, hats off to David for all this, and for being the humble bloke that he is.
I just hope we can keep this place for its wonderful debates, and passionate point of views, and get rid of some of the slaggin' that's appearing on every news item.
I love this band to death, and it's been the soundtrack to my life since Autumn 1993. I for one am enticed by the build up to every new Jamiroquai album that comes out. Talk about the buzz that this one is creating, both for good and bad.
Peace, sincerely, Zed.

here in lebanon White knuckle ride is being played alot on Light Fm (N.1 radio station here) ;)

Totally agree with zed, couldnt of put it better myself! i like reading all the opinions (good and bad) but all the personal insults are needless and boring.People should be allowed to express an opinion without being abused.
ive loved jamiroquai since 1993 aswell when i heard too young to die on a smash hits cd i got for christmas! Really looking forward to the new album and seeing what it brings!

@Gino - I've pre-ordered mine through

Hi Zed! I really enjoyed reading your message. I agree with you 110% on every single word you have written and hope that every person who reads this news item, reads your comment!

Well done Zed. I agree!

@Mocha...thanks,I guess I'm gonna pre-order my copy now.Does anyone have any news about a special edition?

gone is jamiroquai...

Well,I live in America so I will have to order this CD as an import which means it will cost a litle more :(

Amazon (US) has it for $37.98.
CDUniverse has it for a little cheaper ($30.39) but they won't have it until a week later (November 9).

Are there any other American fans here? How are you obtaining the CD?

Whenever CDs cost $30+ it's because they're imports. If their label isn't releasing RDLS domestically in the US then the price won't come down on sites like Amazon (which would seem to hint that they're not thinking of touring in the US, but that's another story). I was going to say "write the label and ask them if they're releasing domestic" but then I realized that they'd take your e-mail address and spam the sh** out of it. People should have it up on sites like eBay brand new within the first day or two at a more reasonable price. And there are stores besides Amazon which specialize in rare/import goods. Shop around when the time is right.

Sirius XM satellite radio plays short snipits of Jamiroquai songs all the time for their bumper music on certain channels. has it for £8.95 with the slipcase to cover up that artwork ;-)

amazon has 3 formats from regular,deluxe with DVD I think & vinyl (coming soon). also has it at a low price. But unless you purchase it from a foreign country, it's not currently available at a low price.

@Gino i'm from America too, but i'll wait untill i't can be available in my country, 'couse we want them to come and visit us, so, maybe if there're more albums sold i think there could be more posibilities they come... :)

I am from America. I want to order the deluxe with DVD at whatever cost. I've been waiting 4 years (1+ year of being content with Dynamite), so $30+ is well worth it.

Mark my words they will tour the U.S. I have no doubt about it.

it sucks to be a US fan, amazon and couple of other sites have it for $30 something...i wonder if there is someother way to get it for a decent price..i really do hope the band comes to US once the album is released, it wouldn't be fair if they skipped us because they toured when dynamite, AFO and TWM was released, so why not RDLS?

try ebay nearer the time?

here in argentina Rock & Pop radio plays the song.
also, this times they are playing alot of jamiroquai tunes.

@Gino- I am in California but I don't want to wait so I am going through AmazonUK for my copy. When the box set is released over here I will by that copy through AmazonUS. As far as a tour info...when I asked...I was told they would be coming to the US. So I will be ready when they get here...can't wait!

@Mocha...I'm in California,too! :) Bay Area,to be exact.

I'm a US fan also (from Oregon). I'll probably just get it off of ebay.

@Gino and JamFan- Hey that's cool...I am in Sacramento! Hiya neighbors!:-)



Bad Caps Lock and too many exclamation marks.

So what? At least he didn't write a paragraph in caps.

We have Radio 2 on all day at work, every time I leave the office to do something, the other guys tell me they've played BS while I was out! Still haven't heard it on the radio.

Heard it on Tuesday on Ken Bruce's show and yesterday it was playing on Magic which was cool. Love the song more the more I hear it.

Great news:

We'll have a deluxe version that includes 2 more new songs and it's already available for pre-sale on amazon UK.

Total of 15 new songs to be released (including "That's not the funk..").

Rock Dust Light Star - Deluxe

1. Rock Dust Light Star
2. White Knuckle Ride
3. Smoke and Mirrors
4. All Good In The Hood
5. Hurtin'
6. Blue Skies
7. Lifeline
8. She's A Fast Persuader
9. Two Completely Different Things
10. Goodbye To My Dancer
11. Never Gonna Be Another
12. Hey Floyd
13. Angeline
14. Hang It Over
15. All Good In The Hood (Acoustic Version)
16. Rock Dust Light Star (Live at Paleo)
17. White Knuckle Ride (Alan Braxe Remix)
18. Blue Skies (Fred Falke Remix)


This is the one I want!! Gonna pre-order it right now.Thanks for the info.

It's the same with all musics as more as you listen as more as get used to it and maybe you start to think you like it!

ahhhhhh tooo bad we cant hear samples from the cd yet on that japanese site :p

That's what I'm waiting for.

I'm in NY, USA, and I have not heard "Blue Skies" on the "Radio" yet, nor do I expect to. Two reasons: A) They hardly ever play Jamiroquai, and perhaps because of this, B) I hardly ever listen to terrestrial radio.

BUT - While watching VH1-Classic last night, I caught a brief glimpse of Jay in a commercial. It was light a lightning bolt from the heavens! Apparently, tonight and tomorrow, they will be broadcasting this year's Hard Rock Calling show. Here's hoping beyond hope that they show Jamiroquai! (Even though you can see this on youtube, it'ss really cool that it might be on regular TV too. In the US, that's rare!!

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