Blue Skies on Later with Jools Holland TV show

Added on Saturday 02 October 2010, 06:27 (UTC)

On Friday night BBC television broadcast the complete music show Later with Jools Holland which was recorded earlier in the week.  In addition to Rock Dust Light Star to open the show and Deeper Underground at the end they also performed Blue Skies.  The full show can now be watched online at the BBC iPlayer website for the next seven days.

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youtube linkkk pleasee :)

where are the fans who wanted the horns and stuff ? are they satisfied now finally ??

great performance (of a still boring/bad song)

Yeah, brass section spiced it up a bit but still the same syrupy track that should only be a filling track and not a lead single:(

@ gfaga
no we are still not happy..its a very booring song, u can add millions of horn and brass its still a mediocre robbie williams pop cheesy song

"In your opinion" Those words are often forgotten when either praising or complaining.

Honestly, This live performance of Blue Skies is Amazing.

You must be deaf to say other wise.

It's amazing the difference a brass section and a nice little trumpet solo makes. Love it!

Yes love it too !!!!
The first time i heard BS I was dissapointed but this live with the brass section... just amazing !!!

Wow, they should release this version!

Starting to like it really much to be honest!

All the performances were great on Jools Holland last night, Blue Skies is a beautiful song and am disapointed it's not getting more airplay in the UK.

I'm starting to get really sick of the people who want the band to be 'the same as they used to be''s not gonna happen. Jay is 41 this year and it's nearly 20 years since EOPE..he's matured and tastes change with age which happens to everybody at some point. Just accept the changes that he's made to the band to move with the times, if EOPE, ROTSC or TWM were released now they'd probably bomb as music isn't the same as it was in the start to mid 90's.

I really can't wait for RDLS to be released, i'm in love with White Knuckle Ride as a funky house tune and Blue Skies as a fantastic little acoustic number.

If people keep on complaining about the sound of the band, Jay's more likely to finish the band than change the style back to 94.

I wish this version (with brass and without strings) was the classic one! Not the best song of the band but far better the original radio one!

RDLS- my favorite new song so far. lyrics are interesting. JK sounds a little jaded. Please announce America tour dates soon. I am loyal no matter if I like this new album. Old school Jamiroquai will live on forever. We all mellow w/ age.

IMO no one expected the same sound that the first 3 albums had. We (let's say the complainers) all agree that Jamiroquai is still a group of wonderfully talented musicians and they're still a KILLER act in live but they're off the track with the recently released/leaked songs (I have less and less hope that the album would be different). I need to admit that RDLS grew on me and so did WKR but I've Been Hurtin and especially Blue Skies are too monotones to be a Jamiroquai song, I just watched Starchild from CDUK after Blue Skies on Jools and the contrast is huge... I'm not worried about JK quitting the business due to the recent critics by the oldschool fans, most probably he doesn't give a sh*t about it but for me it's sad to see the band turning into a mainstream band.

And now I'm off to watch Just Another Story from Paleo this year to convince myself that they still know the winning formula...

I find it interesting that they're avoiding showing anything else from the album. The only song that we heard which we weren't supposed to (I've Been Hurtin') caused a huge backlash, so I'm suspicious about the other material, though still hopeful that there will be a couple of good tracks. No matter what way they sugar-coat it, Blue Skies is a bland song. They could play with a full-blown orchestra with Tower of Power on brass and it still wouldn't salvage this song.

James: "I'm starting to get really sick of the people who want the band to be 'the same as they used to be''s not gonna happen. ...If people keep on complaining about the sound of the band, Jay's more likely to finish the band than change the style back to 94."

Most people aren't complaining that we're not getting that '94 sound; we're complaining about the (rather apparent) lack of quality in songwriting and the signature groove being all but absent. "Jay's more likely to finish the band..." Cry me a river. He's got nobody to blame but himself if and when this album bombs in the charts. Nobody complains that you enjoy it -- I mean good for you. But who are you to act like we're obligated to share your view?

Interested: "'In your opinion' Those words are often forgotten when either praising or complaining."

Maybe because people are operating off the presumption that others aren't oblivious to the obvious?

Completly agree with Mike. But there's another thing- we are dissapointed because they promised us funky, organic sound and the summer tour was confirming it.

Yes, that's true as well. So many broken promises thus far.

I think that the promise of organic sound is similar to Jay's "back to the oldschool" sentence from the Jazz Cafe, we're just not on the same page with him. He meant organic in a way that they get back to the roots by recording the album without usage of ProTools or similar other stuff to polish the sound a bit and I think (from what we've heard from the album yet) still stands.

Then explain the bridge & chorus to WKR. That is totally the work of a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Okay, I heard Blue Skies live just now and I'm impressed with the addition of the horns. It's still a good tune to me so....

on youtube :D

yay for the horns!!

Beautiful! much better the addition of horns (would saxophone be an idea?) ... its almost got a jazz vibe to it now!

Wonder what it would be pared down with just an accoustic guitar and vocals?

Looking forward to hearing it, and the other tracks of RDLS in London soon..

Take care everyone!

:-( don't like it

I agree with you,James! I'm sick of all the whining complainers who are living in the past.If you like the "old Jamiroquai sound",simply listen to the old albums!! Jay and the guys have clearly grown and evolved and are now into different sounds/styles and if you can't keep up,it's time for you to move on.Find another band to listen to.The release of a new album is supposed to be a fun time for fans,but the complainers seem intent on raining on everyone's parade,just because Jamiroquai isn't doing exactly what *THEY* want them to.

I love this song, it is already one of my favorites. I like both versions - live with horns - and video version. I love the feelings it takes me through; reflection is a key component to one's wisdom. What a beautiful song.

@Mocha...I agree,it's a beautiful song.Great lyrics and a wonderful arrangement.I like where this song takes me.Jay seems to be refelcting on his life,where he's been and where's he's at right now.That's something that we all need to do,from time to time.

Go ahead and tell us to "move on" but we're not going anywhere. We are no less fans than you zombies who fall in line with whatever crap that's being served your way. The difference is, we don't rank you for posting your positive comments, whereas the reverse isn't true. Nobody cares to "spoil your enjoyment." You love the new stuff, good for you, but you cannot shut us up.

I recommend David should also buy the following domain name especially for the new album: doesn't make really sense anymore (so far). Hope it will!

Love the horns on this track! Excellent performnance.

@Mike....yeah,we know you're not going anywhere.You're just gonna spend the next three months,coming here to whine like a baby.It's OK,I'll be too busy listening to the new CD.While you're filled with all that negativity,I'll be too busy having fun with the new music.Knock yourself out,mister!

Awesome performance!

So very true very true.

I think its a catchy ballad...which is typical of Jamiroquai albums. They ALWAYS have one or two singable ballads. I do like the horns at the end the song an "ending". With Jay K..scatting around the horns. We will all see whats going on...soon..when the rest of the songs are heard.

Gino, I don't need to waste my time posting for three months. The new album is out in a month and the remaining tracks have yet to be assessed. We can only judge what's been shown which has been a letdown, not just for me but for many others.

It's ridiculous that they expect people to preorder an album when they don't even have samples of all the tracks available. Other groups have samples up around this time for people to assess whether or not it's worth the down payment, but not Jamiroquai. Indeed, they've done more to conceal the album than to reveal it. They avoided performing anything new on the Jools Holland show and didn't even have a snippet on the behind the scenes video -- instead it was, yet again, WKR and an outtake which didn't make it on the final cut. The early leak of I've Been Hurting really hurt a lot of people's perception of how the album will sound and are hesitant to preorder it as a direct result.

Everything the band does -- new songs revealed, showing the album cover, misleading the fans with unreasonable delays and false announcements, etc. -- is having a backlash effect. I'm still one of the hold-outs on whether or not RDLS is worth purchasing, but I have every right to voice my displeasure with both the singles and the disaster of a promotional campaign. I don't believe that any of the fans go out of heir way to be negative, to 'spoil the fun' for the rest of the people who enjoy the new music. We want to be rewarded for our dedication to the band, having waited five long years for the new album, with more great music so that the good times can continue. But if they insist on ruining a winning formula then count me out. As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

@Mike....OK,you just said to "count you out".Then why are you still here?? Do you really think that if you whine and complain enough,Jay and the guys will listen to you? If I were them,I would ignore the whiny,intolerable fans altogether.

No, I said "...if they insist on ruining a winning formula then count me out," which means, obviously, that if the album is ruined by their new 'artistic direction' then I'm not going to bother with it. Do you know how to read? What did I say? What were all those other fans who voiced their displeasure (how dare they, right?) expecting after five years, after people from Jamiroquai came out and threw around terms like "back to our roots," "an organic sound," etc. and then kept stalling the release of the album?

You want to classify that as whining, go ahead. It's wrong to simply accept everything that happens. If you feel like you're being short-changed, you can state your reasons why. Is that ok with you, automaton, or must we wait for your permission?

I thought I'd just throw in a bit of trivia to calm the flames a little. I've just finished watching 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly', and sure enough at 0:35 in the Blue Skies video, is where Clint Eastwood was talking to Eli Wallach. The scenery is identical 44 years later. Absolutely wonderful! The place is called 'Rambla Alfaro'. Peace, Zed.

@Mike - Blah, Blah,Blah...
Yaaaawwwwnnnn! Stick to the subject title. That's why there is one. I knew you needed a hug but
now I am beginning to think it is way more serious than that. I said it before - hang in there dude, everything will be okay.

@Mike....Hopefully,you will hate the album so much that you'll never wanna come here again.

Just as ignorant as I expected. But it makes no difference now. Anybody who cares to can clearly see how divided people are over these new tracks on Youtube and elsewhere. I suppose that when the first album reviews come up on Amazon, etc. that aren't showering them with praises, those people aren't critical fans but rather negative trolls with a hidden vendetta against Jamiroquai. :D

@Mike- Waaaaaayyyy to serious man! It's only music! You have spent the majority of your time being miserable on every 'new music' topic. Take that energy and put it to something useful. It's just not takes more energy to be negative than to be positive... C'mon is there not one positive thing you feel reguarding the upcomind CD? Not one??? And if not -that's cool. But for your own sake give it a rest. Where is your 'Soul Education'?

Cool trivia Zed! Thanks! I love all Clint Eastwood's work. I am going to get out my copy and check it out.

I just watched this performance a few more times.It's excellent!! I'm so excited for the new CD.

Bunch of BS. Zsoma, CHEEBA and dfgdfh posted their thoughts and then James complained that if people kept posting "negative comments," i.e. what they honestly feel about the song(s), that Jamiroquai might disband and that he was getting sick of it. This bullying by the Jamiroquai Defense Force (I'll have to think of a better name... how does The Jamiroquai Thought Police grab you?) has been constant and is the root cause of all the bitter arguing. After all, if people are critical of something, they have the right to express that without the need of being harassed by a bunch of blowhards who feel that this place should only be glowing with constant praise and try by all means to force the critics to go away, to "move on".

You can't tell people what to think, much less what they're allowed to post. If people like Zsoma don't like the new direction, they can express their views however they wish and shouldn't have to deal with your brand of forced Jamiroquai fanaticism.

off to bed Mike... we´re sick of u

Poor poor Mike! Let's ALL say it together...POOR, POOR Mike! He is soooooo unhappy:-( He now is spokes person for all who are dissatisfied. So,ofcourse, he feels it's his duty to come back ,day after day and repeat the same ol' statements again and again. He's the President Of Misery, so let's let the man do his job...he does it so well. And while he does his important work here on the boards, let's all just ignore him from now on. I think that will have a better impact...he seems to... desperately need and want and feed off the attention. I say...let's not give it to him anymore.

@ Mike: RELAX... You'll live longer



@ Mike. I 'm with you. There always has to be the right to say what one is thinking. Even if it's bad. I also very dissapointed from the new songs, album, cover art and marketing ways of mercury. Let's hope that the full record will have something for everyone.

Mike i'm also with you.I agree with your every word ;)

Thanks guys. It's really sad to see how forceful people are with their opinions. It smacks of desperation. This is the internet and they will try to force their views on everybody else.

Take a look at what people are saying on Youtube, etc. A lot of these people are avid Jamiroquai fans like you and I who are understandably upset and concerned about the 'new direction' of the band. They're not happy with this generic crap and, really, anybody who listens to something like Blue Skies or I've Been Hurting against their previous material will notice something has changed and not for the better.

Now we'll just have to wait in the faint hope that we'll dig at least a couple of the new tracks on RDLS. If they fill it with a bunch of filler like what we've heard thus far, they're going to lose a LOT of fans.

Jay seems very emotional. and song starts bit off key... this one is hurtin` for them I think.
Still then to have the guts to do such a thing on a televison program as live as hell...

@TheJamiroquaiProtectionBureau.....I agree!!! You're speaking the truth.

@Mike....I hope Jamiroquai loses *YOU* as a fan.I hope you hate all the songs on the new album,so you can get disgusted and leave.Your constant whining and negativity is childish,silly and unreasonable.I guess I'll have to keep telling you this over and over.Say it with me this time: IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE NEW SONGS OR THE NEW DIRECTION,MOVE ON AND LISTEN TO OTHER BANDS.IF YOU PREFER THE SOUND OF THE OLD ALBUMS,SIMPLY LISTEN TO THOSE ALBUMS! Let's see how many more times I will have to repeat this to you.

ahahahahahahahaha that´s it Gino!!!!!!!

Hey Gino, are you my mother? Do you think that you can tell me what to do?

Here's what I see whenever I read your posts:


Ooohhh nooo it doesn't work here,it's not available in France:/It's so unfaaiiirrrr:((((

You know that can view it on Youtube anytime.

gotta say Mike, you are coming off like a bit of an spoilt idiot. You gotta see that to some it'll be "generic crap" as mentioned by you, to others it'll sound like genius. You don't seem intent until everybody agrees with you. Why is that?
Every chance you get ,you take the opportunity to slag it off. Most people say they like it or hate it once or maybe twice. You keep banging on about it. Cheer up mate.Life is way too short.

Wasn't it Voltaire who said:

"I do not agree with a word you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Thank Goodness for free speech..each to his/her own!

Wrong. I would've stopped posting in this thread long ago but it was people with fanatical views who tried to impose their will upon the forum as a whole who changed my mind. The hostility is incredible. And intolerable. Nobody bothered any of them about liking the new material because, well, that's THEIR opinion, just as it's mine that I don't.

Like I said, I'm just waiting to hear clips from the album, whenever that is, to decide if I want to purchase it. I've been hyped up about the new Jamiroquai since early last year when Derrick came out and said that they were recording new material and have been thrown on a roller coaster ride ever since. More and more it looks like this roller coaster is derailing and I sincerely hope that it doesn't because lose another great group to the throes of mediocrity would be a tragedy, especially today when good music is such a rarity.

@ mike. im sure it'll be ok mike,they normally come up with the goods! just a question and in no way am i trying to start an argument with you coz i respect your opinions but how will you decide if to buy the album by listening to clips? sometimes albums can take a few listens before they grow on you. like i said its not a dig or anything, i was just wondering?!

Even if the album dosnt turn out that great, we've still got the tours to look forward to, where we'll hear all the classics!

Well for instance when Steely Dan was set to release Two Against Nature (an album which needed a few listens before it settled in) they put up soundclips from all of the songs on their main site like any "normal" group would do, not obfuscate it like Jamiroquai is doing, although one has to wonder whether that new front page is their response to all the rampant criticism, i.e. their way of 'silencing' the fans. I mean when a group releases a new album, it ought to be a time of great joy for everyone involved, band members and fans alike, but I digress.

When you get to hear soundclips you get a good sense of how well-rounded the album is, including what kind of material is covered, much like when you go onto Amazon or any other music store with soundclips and check out an album before you purchase it. After all, would you just throw money away on an album which, after listening to a few tracks, doesn't satisfy you? At least with soundclips you have some idea what's in store.

You'd think from their peculiar behavior that they're going out of their way to hide the material from inspection. Why? It's less than a month away.

let the pilots do their work


Yeh I get what you're saying mike. I don't think I'd be too keen on buying an album if the tracks I'd heard didn't satisfy me. I'd wanna hear clips of the rest just to get me to buy it.
To be fair other bands keep their stuff secret until the last minute. Linkin park did it recently with their new album then a couple of weeks before release they started leaking songs. Maybe jamiroquai will do the same?
I'm waiting to hear if theres gonna be any special editions of the album, wasn't a box set mentioned back along?? And what will the cover for the blue skies single be like? That's if there will be a hard copy.

now...why cant that be the radio/album version? the new albums looking alright not spectular but long as "all good in the hood" isn't a gansta rap experiment i'll still be keeping tabbs on developments for RDLS....loved Jamiroquai for years although the new direction is worrying.

@mike...I'm with you mate. Also getting frustrated by the JTP (jam thought police). Fight the power!

I can't wait until November,after the CD has been released. And all the 'nay sayers' have to eat crow.
Bet they won't spend as much time in here eating their words as they did bashing what they have yet to hear. So the count down begins...

Mike, you're right. Don't let these people get you down (not that they really could, just offering some solidarity). Thank you for standing up for what you and a lot of us think about the new stuff. We're not trying to rain on parades, we're just expressing what we think about the new stuff.

Thanks Gear!

Jase, it's still pretty funny how they basically shut down the main page to their site. It makes no sense to put a link to preorder the album by posting a video with a clip of WKR and a track which isn't even on the final cut.

James, there may well be some good stuff on RDLS (hence why people like myself are still waiting). Since they haven't revealed the album yet, we can only go by what's been shown thus far. Therefore, nobody will be "eating crow" because, regardless if there are good songs on RDLS, those few that we've already heard will still be just as lame next month as they are today.

Cheeba1, thanks, of course I'm not down about it. It's all just internet spew after all. We're here because we love Jamiroquai and it's hard to tolerate what they're doing.

James, I'd be so happy to eat crow! I want to think people like me and Mike are totally off, and the album is going to rock..not in a rock 'n roll sense, but that there will be some gems out of the tracks we haven't heard. It's something I'm looking forward to, but with a lot of hesitation. I don't want to feel like I did the day Dynamite came out..good grief, that was depressing.

Or maybe worse. Dynamite did have songs like SDISJ and Electric Mistress. So far RDLS has... well...

Yes, to clarify, I didn't mean to say the whole thing was depressing. SDISJ, TWW, Starchild were okay. A saving grace was the Sa-Ra Remix of FJLIS - simply ridiculous!


Mike, I agree with you on the website comment. Does seem a little strange. Keep up the good work mike. I can see you're a very passionate fan who cares a great deal and some of the personal insults aimed your way are unfair. People need to respect other peoples opinions!

Mike you had me at steely dan!... kinda disappointed to see a Dan fan get dragged in to a forum slanging match such as this one but at least referencing two against nature explains your rational, balanced comments here.

@Mike well matey, it seems we are playing on the same league, and we have been called the same way by those "Jamiroquai-accept-everything-they-do" people.! It is just an opinion, if some of you guys like it, OUR COMMENTS won't make you stop buying this new rock/pop!

By the way, Stuart Zender said on his Facebook profile he's gonna release some "rehearsal" from the 1995 Jamiroquai. I think those old members/founders are protesting the "evolution sound of Jamiroquai" and they are now attacking releasing all those classics! It started with Nick Van Gelder with "Friends" and the other two tracks, and now Zender is coming with something!

the best people!

@Sherri....Yeah,I wish they would announce America tour dates! They played my area in 2005 (or early 2006?) but I wasn't able to go.The tickets sold out really fast.

Jase, everything's cool. We all know the story with Jamiroquai and want what's best for them. At the same time, us fans don't want to get shunned. I like some of the track names on the album and there's no reason to believe that they're going to completely bypass the jazz/funk stuff.

Craig, haha, thanks man. Steey Dan is one of my favorites. Actually, where it's relevant to the conversation, SD is a prime example of a group which evolved their sound over the years. Some preferred the classic rock sound from their early albums and others loved the more jazzy stuff from later on. There was a trade-off but, ultimately, they kept both fans.

FunkEducation, I didn't know about Stuart releasing older material. I would prefer that Jay Kay and him get over their ego trip and make nice. In the end it would benefit the fans if the original Symphonized material were available some day. And no, I'm not one of those people who goes around saying things like, "Rob (the guitarist) should leave the group" and "Bring Stuart back" because that's unrealistic.

@Mike agree with you, i've said the same before in these conversations...! The actual band are a bunch of great musicians, and I really like the way they fit together, but, come on!! I think they lost their vibe, as most people here think too..!

And I would like them to play new good material too, but, come on, are you telling me you don't l like old stuff to be released? OMG! I really would like to have both, since '95 Jamiroquai and 2010 Jamiroquai are different bands! And I'm really sure whatever I hear from the '95 will never dissapoint me! but the actual...

the best guys!

FunkEducation, I think that the vibe you speak of has to do with how well the different musicians gel together as well as their individual abilities. Are they locked in the pocket or are they more free-form? Are they sterile in their performance or more free improv? It has to do with how much breathing room is allocated per musician, when and where they can have their space.

Today's Jamiroquai isn't yesterday's -- that, nobody is denying, but what are the alternatives? Should Jay Kay just hang up the gloves and call it quits because of a falling out with a couple of the original band members? If he did, we would've never experienced Synkronized and afterwards. Jamiroquai would've died back around 1998-1999 and none of us would be here discussing it any further. At least with them still around there's a chance, even if only a slight chance, that there will be some great material on RDLS. That's why I'm still hanging around.

I love that some of you bring up Steely Dan, who are awesome. Jamiroquai has always reminded me of a younger version of Steely Dan -- in the sense that they combine various musical elements (rock, funk, jazz, soul, blues, etc.) to create sounds that are smooth and glossy on the surface, but in reality have complex arrangements and lyrical depth for those who listen closely. (Note to self: Check out Two Against Nature one day.) This is one of the reasons why I love Jamiroquai, and why I too have some faith that the new stuff as a whole will be as good or at least almost as good as anything else they've done.

I just hope that Jay & crew haven't turned into lobotomized, soulless versions of themselves. I've seen this happen to FAR too many great bands (and people, come to think of it) over the years. I don't want it to happen to THIS band too!

Thanks Mike ;)

Kinda on/off topic, just reading about Level 42 (suddenly have a fondness for them, they're like an 80s Jamiroquai!):

"Despite Guaranteed reaching #3 in the UK charts ... it was ultimately less commercially successful than previous efforts. Many of the band's jazz-funk-oriented fans, although they had accommodated the shift towards pop, apparently did not appreciate the album's more rock-oriented style."

Remind you of anyone?

Denise, I couldn't agree more. Steely Dan were the penultimate studio perfectionists. Their music is as relevant today as it was in the 70's. It's funny how after their first breakup in 1980 how much popular music began to suffer from a lack of sophistication cheapened all the more by those cheesy 80's synth sounds. The human element -- that organic, rich, soulful sound -- was all but absent. (If you ask some people, rock music evolved in that time with groups like Slayer and Metallica on the cutting edge, the latter writing good music and touring rather than suing people...).

Listen to a song like Manifest Destiny. It's all there: soulful music tinged with latin/Brazilian-jazz, a mellow, gorgeous arrangement, warm presence, and Jay delivers powerful lyrics without the pretentiousness that is so pervasive these days, including with his own Blue Skies. It doesn't feel forced or weak, despite its mellow, laid-back feeling, and there's a lot of depth to it.

Ezbe, yeah. I think that everyone's aware of how bands undergo changes over time which, often, is preempted by personnel changes (*hint hint*). What's important is that the songwriting remain intact and they don't use the change of style as a license to suck. You have to employ good taste in whatever you do and not sacrifice what got you to where you are.

Mike, you seem like a cool person who knows his music. I see it the same as you. You should head over to Jamirotalk if you're not there already.

I AGREE with....Mike. In a nutshell, musical direction is going to happen and that's not a problem but the quality and standard now is awful when you compare it to the first 4 albums. Its difficult to understand that this actually the same JK! Dynamite and so far of what is on this album has come into a lot of criticism and i think it correlates with the lack of Zender & Smith.

Oh yes and steel dans PEG is a seriously good tune by the way.

part of the problem is that jay is trying to be a one man show when he has heavily relied on other peoples' talent in the past. he has to have some guilt taking credit for everything when it's so obvious everyone made their own contribution to the sound. it's all coming out now that he doesn't have the same winning formula in the band and doesn't have the voice to carry the melody alone anymore. trying to compensate with a more produced sound isn't gonna make the problems go away. truth is, rob and matt and paul are great players but can't hold it down the same as the older members in terms of songwriting, overall composition and feel. their session musician background is showing up here and things are getting more generic. also, being rich can't be helpful for your inspiration..what problems does jay have outside of relationships with women? your life will influence your tunes and now it seems like he's struggling to come up with good material. hoping for the best but so far it's coming up dynamite.

Totally agree with you Ezbe about Level 42. Loved their early stuff though i jumped ship way before 'Running In The Family', and the more 'commercial' and 'hits' aspect to the band. Still though Mark King has always been a bass genius, going to see them next week.

Thanks Cheeba1. No, I've never posted on the Jamirotalk forums but I've read up on many of the posts recently because there seems to be a lot of informed people with interesting opinions. I'll have to think about joining.

What have you been listening to recently? I've been going back through stuff like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, etc. and becoming reacquainted with Dynamite (and to a lesser extent A Funk Odyssey) in expectation of RDLS.

Discodave, Smith and Zender added a lot of personal touches, a distinctive sound which won't be mimicked by anyone currently involved. However, I don't believe that if RDLS is a stale album that it's because of their absence but rather a lack of creativity on the part of Jay Kay & Co. I think that Jamiroquai has produced some great music, including up to Dynamite, even if the original sound hasn't been maintained. You can only do so much with the tools and talent available to you. That said, we expect Jay to maintain some standard for excellence and hope for the best.

problem, remember two things: the original Jamiroquai had a lot of time to adjust to each other's sound, and yes, while I agree that Jay has become sort of ego-centric, it is, in the end, his band. It's not easy to maintain a high level of quality output over the course of almost two decades, to keep that burning passion alive. As a consequence of his falling out with Sony, we are being given pretentious material like WKR and self-indulgence with Blue Skies, hence why us longtime fans have a problem relating. We're not here to cater to Jay's personal afflictions; we're here because we want more music that we can relate to.

Aside from that, if you condemn Jamiroquai on the basis that it's not the original group, you're always going to come up short because it's never going to be like it once was.

they've had the current line-up for at least five years, which is longer than the original band was together when they recorded the first 3 albums.

i'm not condemning them for not being the original band, i'm saying the same thing as you..the quality has fallen off. i think after a funk odyssey, it was over. the paleo gig gave me a lot of hope and now it's being dashed.

@problem, with regards to your comment:

"also, being rich can't be helpful for your inspiration..what problems does jay have outside of relationships with women? your life will influence your tunes and now it seems like he's struggling to come up with good material..."

My boyfriend said something similar to me about The Roots. He and his friends are massive fans and have been into them for years. Apparently the last couple of albums were not well received by the fans, not because of personnel changes but because they took a different musical direction and it was unexpected. He said it's because 'they're not hungry anymore... they've made music about everything in life and they don't have personal pain to draw from anymore...'

I believe there's still a lot of material left in Jamiroquai, but Jay is obviously in a pensive and reflective state so maybe musically that will come across as either raw, simple or quiet. And there is a ton of talent in that band, so no more jibes about people leaving/coming back! I would agree (to a point) with Mike's comment that we want music we can relate to. We can relate to the 'old' Jamiroquai style. 9 times out of 10, people grew up with it, so we can all identify areas of our life that have been formed by our love for this band.


We have grown up and changed. Jamiroquai have grown up and changed. I remember telling people when I was younger I was never going to get married because I didn't see the point! Now I feel different. Doesn't mean I lied, just meant I had different ideals at the time. I am disappointed by what has been played to us so far (my feeling is the Jamiroquai 'stamp' is not there), and I still hold out hope for the album (and 2 weeks til Kentish Town, yay!), but I realistic enough to understand that people change, your need for things and idealism is expanded by knowledge and experience, and life likes to throw in the odd curve ball. I bet if you'd asked Jay 10 years ago if he'd write something like IBH, he would've hesitated. Just like if someone had put a Tenacious D album in front of me 10 years ago, I would've wrinkled up my nose!

Mike is a damn passionate fan, I love this guy! But remember, some people may not understand English so well or not get the gist of what you're saying because this is the internet and words on a screen are little cold. Stay real, peeps!

Nice comments Ezbe; I'd be interested to know certain peoples age, as I feel it plays a part, an ism at that, but a part all the same. I turn 40 next year, and with reference to my previous post on another news item, I have grown with the sounds of this band since the release of EOPE. I'm at a time in my life now where I'd be happy as a pig in s**t sitting on a cliff edge on the South Coast of England looking out, having a smoke, listening to Blue Skies and reflecting on certain aspects of my life. I'm enticed by the fact that I need it. I'm enticed by the fact that it will happen.
With reference to Space Cowboy, Travelling Without Moving, Canned Heat etc, all playing a phenomenal role in my life at the times they were released and at the age that I was, I really want to hear a sublime track, that inflicts, and erupts an emotion within me. I've danced, boogied my way through those tracks mentioned, but as a middle aged (young souled) man, I appreciate a daunting melody and lyrical content which is that of Blue Skies. Somewhat ironic, as I hardly listen to White Knuckle Ride at all...
Hurtin' is another track that pulled the carpet right from under me; that dirty twangy sound, for me, now, and as a Stones lover, just resinates in my ears. Bloody brilliant. My only wanting with this track is that 'when' it's played live, I hope Rob is unleashed from his reigns, and just gives it to us in all his glory. The album track sounds a little restricted, held back, but blistering all the same. From what I've heard so far, I'm in anticipation with this album more than any other. I'm gonna' be blown away, and can't wait. This is Jamiroquai.
Peace, and Sincerely.

Ezbe, while you're right that people change in ways as time goes by, listening to music is an effortless experience to all but the most discriminating ear, the tactile mind which wants to delve into all the nuances and techniques involved (or perceived as being). Even for a musician, most listen to music because they want to hear something that sounds good and that they can relate to in some fashion. While time may broaden certain people's tastes, mine tend to shorten up -- I know exactly what I want to hear: interesting melodies, engaging, creative harmonies, with inspired but proper rhythmic permutations, a well-rounded arrangement wherever possible... It doesn't matter if it's a pop group accompanied by an orchestra/brass section or something as seemingly generic as a MIDI. It must be beautiful and/or interesting to listen to. This is what it means when people differentiate between casual listeners, who will consume practically anything without discerning quality, and experienced (avid) listeners, who hold different groups to different standards and have particular tastes.

As the time went by and Jamiroquai released more albums, I knew what their sound was and, whether consciously or subconsciously --perhaps both, developed and held them to a standard for excellence, a standard which they themselves worked hard to create and which I've come to expect from them. Same as anything else, be it art, movies, games, manufacturers, i.e. what brand of car you trust, etc., you associate certain names and brands with different levels of quality. I associate Jamiroquai with creative, funky, soulful music of a higher level than your average funk group. I know that they sound 'this way' because they combined specific genres and styles in a funk/disco/soul context which was more than a cut above the other music that I'm accustomed to listening to. The only way I could tolerate a song like Blue Skies from a high-calibur group such as Jamiroquai is by lowering my expectations which means intentionally lying to myself because I've been a devoted fan for this long and waited with extreme patience for almost five years for them to put out new material.

So, in closing, no, I won't compromise my view that WKR and BS are acceptable as change or under any other circumstances. They're cheap material, like a quick fix, to appease the non-discriminating listener who doesn't have a sense of standards which they hold this group to.

Mike, I get you. We all have standards. It also seems to me like the music we have heard so far has been created to interest a new set of fans, thus there will be a shift in creativity (if you're not doing something to be true to yourself, you're not really 'doing' anything worthwhile, IMO). Maybe it's the current economic situation and the record company pressure to sell records to keep a deal. Maybe Jay is just somewhere else spiritually. Maybe, as some people have been fiercely pointing out, other band members have more influence now than when it was 'Jay Kay and his rag-tag of merry session musicians'. What I do know is that all will be revealed to each fan once the album is released and we can all see the full picture.

Sorry, just saw this and it made me laugh. I've not read the Wikipedia page before. Who the hell is writing this? Sarcasm, much?

"On 1 October 2010, Jamiroquai appeared on UK television's Later...with Jools Holland. Rock Dust Light Star was the first performance of the show, and was well received, adopting the template that Jay has utilised to achieve material wealth for over a decade. As well as recycling the same clothing used in the early days, presumably as a nod to his environmental credentials. They also performed Deeper Underground and Blue Skies."

'True to yourself'?

Let's try to imagine an analogous story here:

One day, you meet a girl. She's a nice, pretty girl who comes from a good upbringing, is well-mannered and has great personality. She dresses really nice, even classy (nothing too showy or anything -- she has high self-esteem and confidence), and, you find, both of you share tastes in a great deal of things. You like a lot of things about her. You hit things off well and she becomes your friend.

Several years pass by and, like a fine wine, she becomes even more radiant. She's now a few years older and even more mature, more beautiful, causing you to refect upon how much you've matured with her as you've both shared so many experiences together. You realize you've fallen in love with her and, perhaps, this could be something special. You express your feelings and she confesses that she feels the same way, but she must prepare for her future. "I must go away for a few years to study abroad," she confides, "Would it be alright? Will you still be waiting for me?" You reassure her that you trust her and to do her best. After all, you've known her for this many years and you 'know' her well enough to trust her judgement. Or at least you think you do...

After a couple of years, one day, she calls you. "I'm doing really good. Everything's fine. I'll be done here in about a year." "Oh, that's good." You feel relieved. You think, "Just one more year. I really miss her. Wow, she sounds so much more mature and responsible!"

A year passes. You get a call. She tells you that due to unforseeable circumstances that she would like to invest yet one more year to her studies. "Oh, I'm really sorry." "That's alright. I really miss you but do what you've gotta do, right?" "Mm-hmm. I suppose. I'll visit you soon, sugar. All my love and best wishes." Hmm, you wonder. She came off as maybe a little tacky?

Finally, the wait is over. You've waited very patiently and, now, you feel a great sense of relief. "Today's the day." You imagine what a fine adult she has grown up to be. You pull up to the airport to pick her up. What a day this is going to be!

She arrives on schedule. But you don't recognize her at first. You hear a voice. "Hey there baby! How ya doing!? I missed you soooo much!" You turn and stare. There she is, standing before you, but you don't recognize her. The girl who you used to know had an affinity for good taste: beautiful yet conservative clothing (e.g. floral dresses), very polite, never rude or loud-mouthed, etc. The girl you see standing before you couldn't POSSIBLY be the same person. She's dressed in a cheap, revealing blouse and mini-skirt, she's uncharacteristically loud, and comes off as fake. Thinking this cannot be the same person, you shrug her off. "Sorry, you've made a mistake." "Oh, no! I'm -----, remember? I'm back and you're going to MARRY me and we're gonna have NATURAL children!" (Try not to laugh.) This cannot be happening, you try to assure yourself. You know it's her ...except she's NOT the same person you grew up with. Since when was she this cheap, this loud, this demanding, this FAKE?

"You've changed," you tell her, "You're not the same person." She quips back, "I'm the SAME person, I've just broadened my horizons! It's YOU who has changed! I can't help it if you're so stuck-up! People change! Get over it and accept it!"

Anyway, that's kind of what the new Jamiroquai sounds like to me: a cheap knock-off of a formerly high-quality music group. Jeez, I feel stupid just for having written that. +1 courage points for me for posting it anyhow.

Nice analogy there mike

@ Mike


Actually, I'm ashamed of myself for writing such garbage. :X

It's pretty similar to what Space Clav wrote on Jamirotalk. He described Jamiroquai as a dish - a paella that has turned into a're not alone in writing quirky extended metaphors that actually do make sense!

Agree with you being ashamed. You're posts are just spiralling out of control.

It would've been easier to simply say the new songs don't live up to potential (which I've already done), but of course my convoluted mind has to draw up a long, drawn-out, poorly written analogy.

Right. I'll sit tight and wait to hear soundclips from RDLS as the discussion over the released songs has become about as boring as a broken record. We need something new to dissect. How many different ways can you say "this song is horrible" or "I really love this tune"?

I think a lot of people are failing to realize that Jamiroquai's sound is not a sound of any particular genre of music. Their sound is their own sound. It has been from day one. They created the sound of Jamiroquai and therefor no matter what, whatever music they put out will be their own sound with their own stamp on it. It is impossible for it not to be. As long as Jason is singing the sound is Jamiroquai. It's music. It's not jazz, funk, acid jazz, disco or whatever. It's just music. Jamiroquai music. I bet more than half of the people who dumped on Dynamite can now go back after hearing these new songs and admit that it is one funky ass album with none other than the trademark Jamiroquai sound. If they are honest.

I'm sticking with Dynamite being the worst thing they've done. The funk was Pro-Tool'd out of it for the most part. I've really tried to like that album, but just can't.

Wow. How can any Jamiroquai fan not like Starchild or Time Won't Wait?

i am listening RDLS on jools holland
and i feel the same the first time ive ever heard this track live:

has sould, is truely deep
for some reason- i am near my 30's-my music taste has changed, maybe, or the fact that i feel like everything is not what you wanna have, near the 30's you feel different, and this track, the totle track really growns on me, i feel the deep of the music and the lyrics.

also, i like the last 3 tunes besides RDLS that we already know. it was really easy to me to relate with.

somedays i feel like i cants stand the world and jamiroquai is one of the bands that saves me from all this chaos inside my mind and outside the world.

so, i have faith
in fact i loved Dynamite
i loved TWM
and i love the first 3 albums

this is what i feel about
and i hope soon the WKR and BS videos are available on HD or HQ at leats, because i enjoy so much both videos.

i am not the average fan, maybe because i feel always related to the music, because i feel always some tune can say what i felt or what i wanna say and i dont have enough words.

you dont need the ''biggest song of all'' to feel related.

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