Behind the scenes album recording video

Added on Friday 01 October 2010, 16:06 (UTC) have posted online a behind the scenes video showing some of the recording process of the new Rock Dust Light Star album.

The video features footage from Hook End Manor studios and includes talk with producers Charlie Russell and Brad Spencer and clips of an as yet unheard song.  During the video a number of track names are revealed.

  • Never Gonna Be Another
  • I've Been Workin
  • Fast Persuader
  • All Mixed Up In You
  • Super Highway

Never Gonna Be Another and (She's A) Fast Persuader are tracks on the announced album track list.  The others I guess just didn't get selected.  Maybe they'll become B-sides, or destined to never be heard in public...

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anyone else having problems accessing the content even after signing in with facebook? the page just refreshes over and over for me.

awesome, soo nice to see the magic behind the music! hopefully they will use the "super highway" track they're singing/playing in the clip! also to see other possible track names on the board like "I've been workin" and "fast persuader (girls crazy)"

Yeah, Super Highway and I've Been Workin'.
She's a Fast Persuader IS on the album.

I just updated the news item with the track names that are on the 'board' in the video.

yeah just noticed that, must off been the original working name for it! lmao, just noticed another one was "all mixed up in you"

You have to have either a Twitter and/or Facebook account in order to access this video. How lame is that? Hope somebody posts this on YouTube or elsewhere.

multiupload please.

Mike: yeah, its kinda sneaky of them. If you go via facebook it posts a message on your wall, and if you do it via twitter it posts a tweet for you.

I'll no doubt be on YouTube shortly and some kind soul will post a link here!

Nevermind. Here it is on Youtube (attach the appendix):

You don't get to hear much. It's too little to base valid opinion on but if anything it sounds like more material for Dynamite.

I have a Facebook account, but when I tried accessing the link it asked if I allow them to look at all my details and settings. That's something I never do, I never allow any games or applications that require such information, and this is no exception. so I can't see it...

Thanx Mike! Just saw your coment after I posted...

As always JK and ciggies...

With each passing day,I'm getting more and more excited for this new CD! Bring it on!! Can't wait ;)

Maybe I've Been Workin' became (I've Been) Hurtin'?

Super Highway is rocky and even though I'm no big fan of rock I must admit that I like the riff and the vocal melody. It's not "my Jamiroquai" but it's good rock. And I think it sounds much more interesting than Hurtin'. But that's just my personal opinion. Maybe it'll turn up on the album with a different names. Working titles are known to change during progress and upon release.

Too bad the video wouldn't reveal more inside info on the actual songs in question.

Sometimes the title of a song make me think 'damn, this gotta be good' (just based on the title). And I get an association making me believe it sounds in a certain way. For me Fast Persuader sounds like a up tempo disco tune. And Super Highway sound like it would be Travelling Without Moving Pt. II. I guess I was wrong about that one, lol. Time will tell what Fast Persuader sounds like. :)

In 2010 they should be streaming videos with kick-arse quality instead of this low bitrate stuff (this one and the two promo vids on YouTube). It's not a big deal, but does appear a little symptomatic of the overall effort being not quite top-notch with the whole Jamiroquai thing this time round. I really think they need to look at their PR or something, it's totally not good enough. Wish things would be awesome...

when will the official site go back to normal?? besides that, i enjoyed watching the mini documentary on the band..really interesting stuff, one of the things that caught my eye was at the beginning when jay is entering in the studio..did he had on a "man purse"??

I could heard just one song, guess is Super Highway, sounds not, i think this album will had a more Rocky Direction, after listening I've Been Hurtin', sounds that there will be more like Black Devil Car songs, less disco and LESS "brass sections, flutes, and Jay said, organic" so let's hope there'll be a nice Rocky Direction Jamiroquai thing

Thanks a lot David for this making-of it's very interesting to see Jay and bands cith producers, to discover an other side of next album is very exciting.
A big thanks to a jkay management, cheers, Olivier Piquemal

Yeah, I know what you mean. I think 'Smoke & Mirrors' sounds like an awesome track...just because of the title!

Just finished watching the video. Super Highway huh?
Sounds like good times are coming again! Be cool and let's just wait and see, family!

Super Highway seems wicked... it really would be a waste if we would never get to hear this.. I think, Jamiroquai is still a perfect band, it just seems that they make weird choices..

Super Highway sounds like it's a rock tune.

If someone came up to me and said, "Here you go, take your pick: you can either have: 1) RDLS, Blue Skies, Hurting, WKR and Super Highway, or 2) Midnight Funk." I'd take the latter, no question.

Midnight Funk!

Rock?? are you out of your mind?

No. That's what it sounds like to me. As was said before, I cannot make a substantial judgement based on a few snippets of audio but it sounds like material that could've been from Dynamite.

OK, why the fark couldn't they record at Jay's place?! Sounds like a no-brainer to me. It's probably set up just so; the guy spent years on it, right? The logic doesn't make sense to me.

This leads me to wonder how much music HAS been recorded at his home studio, and when we will get to hear it all? :-)

The RDLS music is, so far...interesting. It really sounds like Jay has been listening to lots of bluesy, classic rock. (Funny, I spent my life running from this It's played to death in NY!! I miss the funky groove, but I welcome the addition of a new element into their music. Hopefully the end result is good, lol.

A few more weeks...

Denise, you've got a good point about the home studio. That should've consolidated his expenses, as well as made the music-making very convenient from his end. However, each studio is different: different equipment and capabilities, different acoustics and space (recording environment), different location, etc. We can only speculate as to what extent Jay used his new home studio, if at all.

"We can only speculate as to what extent Jay used his new home studio, if at all."

I suppose... But then why have a home studio at all? Do others record at his place, I wonder?

Whatever it is, it must be nice to have the kind of money where you can arbitrarily add things like recording studios to your mansion at will! lol

Probably uses it for recording song ideas, creating demos and a practice space for the band. They're saying he uses commercial studios because it creates an element of pressure..otherwise you could spend all day tweaking things and losing the flavor of the initial recording.

Wasn't Synkronized done there?

Who knows? Studio time is expensive. That's why so many working musicians with a lot of denero have their own. It's a matter of convenience. If you want to use a professional recording studio, you need to schedule time and have the money. Also, you need to prepare ahead of time for whatever it is you're going to do. Otherwise, you're paying the studio for nothing and wasting everyone's time.

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